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BING, Leslie Patrick Stanford Flying Officer, No. 89 Squadron, J15465 Distinguished Flying Cross - Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross RCAF Personnel Awards 1939-1949
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BING, F/O Leslie Patrick Stanford (J15465) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No. 89 Squadron - Award effective 20 July 1942 as per London Gazette dated 28 July 1942 and AFRO 1413/42 dated 4 September 1942. Born 28 July 1920 in Regina; home there or Winnipeg; enlisted Regina, 18 September 1939. Posted to No.1 WS, 24 May 1940. To No.2 BGS, 27 October 1940. Graduated 13 December 1940 and promoted Sergeant. To Eastern Air Command, 5 February 1941. To overseas, 24 January 1941 (this is how DHH card reads, although dates would make more sense if reversed). Commissioned 20 April 1942. Radar observer for Fumerton. Obituary says “Fumerton thought that Pat looked "pretty smart" and "he got to to the point. He wasn't jabbering all the time". Involved in the following successful actions: 1/2 September 1941, one Ju.88 destroyed; 7/8 September 1941, one He.111 damaged; 7 April 1942, two He.111s destroyed; 1/2 July 1942, one Ju.88 destroyed; 2/3 July 1942, one Ju.88 destroyed. They were shot down twice, once landing in the Mediterranean where they spent a couple of hours paddling a dinghy before being rescued. Repatriated to Canada, 21 December 1942. To No.15 EFTS for pilot training, 23 February 1943. To No.4 SFTS, 1 May 1943. Qualified as pilot, 20 August 1943. Did anti-submarine patrols on the East Coast. After the war he worked in Intelligence at Air Force HQ then, on exchange with USAF, at the Pentagon for a few years. Flew with No.445 Squadron. Promoted Squadron Leader, 1 January 1951. Commanded No.423 (All Weather) Squadron, 1 November 1954 to 14 August 1955. Then came Staff College and two tours in Comox, where he retired in 1968. Died 9 September 2011. For additional combat details see H.A. Halliday, The Tumbling Sky. Award presented with Bar, 10 April 1944. RCAF photo PL-4658 (ex UK-400) is captioned as follows: “Victory in the night skies over Britain. Flying Officer R.C. (Moose) Fumerton of Fort Coulonge, Quebec and Sergeant L.P.S. Bing of Regina use a piece of the wing section of a Ju.88 which they shot down over Britain on the night of September 1 as a background to their own ‘V’ for Victory sign.” RCAF photo PL-4808 (ex UK-582) shows Sergeant L.P.S. Bing and F/O R.C. Fumerton. // Flying Officer Bing has displayed courage and outstanding skill. He has taken part in the destruction of ten enemy aircraft at night. Flying Officer Bing has set a magnificent example to other observers. // BING, F/O Leslie Patrick, DFC (J15465) - Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross - No.89 Squadron - Award effective 4 February 1943 as per London Gazette dated 16 February 19423 and AFRO 410/43 dated 12 March 1943. // Since being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross this officer has continued to display great courage and skill. He has now taken part in the destruction of eleven enemy aircraft at night. On a recent occasion the aircraft in which he was flying was forced to descend on to the sea and it was two and a half hours before Flying Officer Bing and his pilot were rescued.