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ARDIS, Beverley Donn Flying Officer, No.428 Squadron, J26495 Distinguished Flying Cross RCAF Personnel Awards 1939-1949
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ARDIS, F/O Beverley Donn (J26495) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.428 Squadron - Award effective 13 June 1944 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 1660/44 dated 4 August 1944. Born in Ottawa, 23 January 1922; home in Friendship, New York although a British subject; enlisted in Toronto, 20 July 1942 when posted to No.5 Manning Depot. To No.6 BGS (guard duty), 19 September 1942. To Mountain View, date uncertain. To No.9 BGS, 21 February 1943; graduated and commissioned 14 May 1943. To “Y” Depot, 28 May 1943. To RAF overseas, 15 June 1943. Promoted Flying Officer, 14 November 1943. Injured in a Halifax crash, 21 April 1944. Repatriated 25 November 1944. To No.1 Training Command, 21 December 1944. To Moncton, 16 February 1945. To No.168 (Transport) Squadron, 4 April 1945. To No.165 (Transport) Squadron, 1 July 1945. To No.1 Air Command, 25 August 1945. Retired 3 October 1945. Award sent by registered mail 23 November 1949. Died in Richardson (Dallas County), Texas, 6 May 1997. Obituary stated, “As direct result of head injuries suffered during the crash of his Halifax bomber on 21 April 1944, ‘B.D.’ was a victim of early onset dementia.” As air gunner, this officer has taken part in many attacks on targets in Germany including several on the capital. He is a keen, vigilant and resolute member of aircraft crew and has played a worthy part in the successes obtained.