2020-2021 Membership Renewal Draw Prizes


We would like to offer our renewing members a chance to win one or more truly remarkable high-quality memorabilia items, as shown below. There are three William Avery “Billy” Bishop coins, up for grabs, from the Royal Canadian Mint – each valued at $99 +HST. There are also six superbly crafted .9999% silver coins, each in their own high-quality packaging that comes with a certificate of authenticity, from www.beaverworksmint.ca. Check out the images below, to learn more about: The Hurricane and The Battle of Britain; the AVRO Arrow; the Lancaster; the Hornet; and the Silver Dart. Some of these items are not likely to be produced in quantity. These are singularly unique keepsakes. Renew your membership right away, and your name is automatically entered in the draw – nine draws, for one of these extraordinary souvenirs. Help support the RCAF Association and its mission today! Renew through your Wing Membership Chairperson, or renew directly with the Ottawa office, at 866-351-2322 (toll-free); 613-232-2303; or 613-612-7223 (cell); or renew on-line through your own personal membership portal. You may also write to director at airforce.ca or accounts at airforce.ca if you have any questions about renewing. Life and multi-year up-to-date members automatically qualify for this draw. If you have already renewed this year, for next, you already qualify. Good luck everyone.