Sea King

Guiding Principles


The Association shall be democratic, non-sectarian and shall not be affiliated or connected directly or indirectly with any political party or organization.

The Association shall stand for loyalty to the reigning sovereign and the principles of democratic and ordered government, for a national and united spirit, and for strong and united comradeship among all who have served in military or civil aviation.

The Association shall be an all-ranks organization insofar as its military or ex-military members are concerned and no member shall be entitled to precedence for any reason other than by virtue of elected standing in the Association.

Mission Statement:

The Royal Canadian Air Force Association is a national aerospace and community service organization established to: commemorate the noble achievements of the men and women who have served as members of Canada’s air forces since its inception; advocate for a proficient and well-equipped air force; and, support the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program