This year’s Biennial General Meeting 2022 will be a hybrid – in-person and on-line event. All accredited and fraternal delegates are encouraged to submit a completed registration form along with the required payment (for in-person delegates only) to the RCAF Association, PO Box 2460 Stn D Ottawa ON K1P 5W6

Registration Form

You can download a registration form here:

BGM Hamilton Registration Form


You are cordially invited to the Biennial General Meeting of the RCAF Association to be held in Hamilton, Ontario from 14 to 16 October 2022

Dear Fellow Member,

Like all non-profit associations, fraternities and social community-focused organizations, the RCAF Association looks forward to our general meeting. We do so, because we look forward to seeing you, our members. We write to you, to seek your active participation in shaping your association, as we move toward the 75th anniversary of the RCAF Association in 2023, and the 100th anniversary of the creation of Canada’s air force, in 2024.
Participating in the affairs of your association is not difficult, nor does it require much of your time. Rather, all we ask is for you to be aware of what other members are thinking and for you to weigh in with your ideas, where you feel the need.

We are a diverse organization – not all of us have served in the air force, for example. Some of our members devote themselves toward important community-supporting activities. Others also give of themselves to help local cadet squadrons, devoting countless hours, days, weeks, months and years to young Canadians who one day may pursue an aerospace career – civilian or military – for the betterment of Canada. And, still others contribute a great deal to our efforts to advocate in support of their country’s air force. These and other aspects of our multi-function association are depicted in the images on the other side of this registration form, and are the subject of information found in our most recent pocket information booklet.

Our General Meeting this year takes place in Hamilton, Ontario. Events will be held at the Courtyard by Marriott Hamilton, 1224 Upper James Street. On Saturday evening, 15 October 2022, we will hold our annual Awards Banquet, and present a number of awards to association members, wings and organizations. The weekend’s activities open in a formal way, with the Presidents’ Reception on Friday night, 14 October 2022. We are pleased to confirm the support of a group of dedicated volunteers from the local RCAF Association 447 Wing, near Mount Hope. The Courtyard by Marriott is a very short drive from Mount Hope and the Hamilton Airport.

When considering the decision to join us in Hamilton, please keep in mind the need to elect one or more members of the Board of Directors. Electing fellow members to their association’s board is perhaps the single most important decision or vote bestowed upon members like you. Members of the RCAF Association may nominate and elect any other member who agrees to the nomination; any member of the RCAF Association may step forward on their own, in the absence of a nomination. We have room for nine elected board members, and an additional three appointees. Currently, there is at least one vacancy on the board of directors.

Thank you for considering joining us in Hamilton. If you cannot make it in person, please give serious consideration to joining us on-line. Via Zoom.

Colonel (Ret) Terry Chester, CD
National President and Chairman


Venue – The Courtyard by Marriott Hamilton

The Courtyard by Marriott Hamilton, 1224 Upper James Street, Hamilton, ON, L9C 3B1, is holding a limited number of rooms at a rate of $159* per night, for RCAF Association delegates and guests. The cut-off date is 14 September 2022, after which unused rooms will be released for general sale. Rooms may be reserved by calling into the Reservation Line at 1-800-960-2608. Please identify yourself as a member of the RCAF Association when calling. *Check subsidy eligibility rates

Accredited delegates may be eligible to apply for reimbursement of their Courtyard by Marriott Hamilton accommodation costs by up to $50 per night for a maximum of two nights. A travel order claim must be submitted to the RCAF Association for actual and reasonable costs accompanied by original receipts (not photocopied) which have not been the subject of reimbursement by any other party or organization. The first fifty (50) accredited delegates to submit a bona fide travel claim as described above may be eligible for remuneration; thereafter, fraternal delegates such as members-at-large and who attend the BGM may be considered eligible, subject to submission of valid receipts and a travel claim.


To be detailed



More details regarding activities planned for the period 14 to 16 October 2022 can be found on the registration form, and additional details may be added to this webpage over the next few weeks.


Host Committee

Supporting Wing – 447 Hamilton Wing

A dedicated team of volunteers from 447 Hamilton Wing has agreed to provide support and assistance to the delegates planning to attend this year’s Biennial General Meeting.


Notes on Registration and other Activities

1. Only Regular members-in-good-standing qualify as delegates. Wing Presidents, certain Group executive members, members of the National Executive Council (Board of Directors) and past presidents constitute Accredited Delegates. All other Regular members-in-good-standing, unless acting as proxy, constitute Fraternal delegates. Members-at-Large are Regular members. Only Regular members may vote at the General Meeting. Regular members affiliated with a Wing are expected to vote on General Meeting issues at a meeting of their Wing, before sending their delegate to vote on their behalf at the meeting of the Association. This is what is referred to as a pooling agreement, where those with the power to vote (all Regular members) create a voting trust by pooling their voting rights and transferring them to a trustee. When it comes to Wings, Regular members leverage the Wing’s charter as the voting trust, and the duly elected Wing’s delegate, most often the President, is the trustee in question, for the purposes of conveying the majority opinion of the Wing’s members at the appropriate time at the general meeting. Regular members-at-large who are affilated with the headquarters may cast a vote at the general meeting and their vote will be carried by their proxy (Vice-President MAL Policy or the National President, or the MAL proxy designated, as the case may be). Regular members-at-large are encouraged to create a voting trust at the general meeting by appointing one of their number to vote on their behalf. The individual Regular member-at-large who accepts such an appointment as voting trustee has the power to adjourn the meeting at any time, to consult with the other Regular members-at-large on any and all matters on which they may be expected to vote.

2. Members and delegates are not obligated to attend all events. The Presidents’ Reception on Friday night is optional. The banquet on Saturday night is optional. Anyone, especially Accredited delegates, wishing to attend the Business Sessions is/are required to pay the participation fee, which covers breakfast, mid-morning coffee break, lunch and mid-afternoon coffee break, venue (meeting space) rental, audio-video costs and other administrative costs are shared across the membership.

3. Registration fees must be paid in advance. We cannot accept any registrations or amendments after 1 October 2022. Payment will not be accepted at the door. All costs are per person. Registrants must use separate registration forms. If you require an additional form, you may photocopy it locally, or print another form, by downloading more forms from the link provided above.

4. The Business Session package cost covers breakfast, coffee breaks (morning and afternoon) and the Aviator’s lunch, on Saturday, 15 October 2022.

5. Wings unable to send a delegate are encouraged to employ a proxy form, and have their Regional Vice-president and/or Group President carry their proxy to the meeting, on behalf of their Wing members. If the Wing membership holds a meeting and selects another elected member other than their Chairperson to act as proxy, then that person may carry the Wing’s proxy to the general meeting. Please note that the RCAF Association is a non-profit organization built on a direct-democracy foundation, meaning every member-in-good-standing has a vote. Wing Presidents are elected to ensure when they speak they speak with every one of their Wing members’ votes in mind. To this end, it is critical that Wing Presidents sound out all of their (RCAF Association) members on all of the issues for which information has been posted here on the General Meeting webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do board members of the RCAF Association Board of Directors have to register, by filling out the registration form?
    • Yes; completing a registration form is the only valid evidence of the member’s commitment to attend, and is therefore used to confirm attendance for the purposes of accommodation and meals. Anyone who attempts to show up without having registered will discover no meals, nor any space have been set aside or budgeted for them.
  • Are the registration fees reimbursable?
    • Not normally; since it is RCAF Association policy not to reimburse meals, and since the registration costs are normally and mostly to cover the cost of meals and snacks, they cannot be reimbursed, even for RCAF Association Board of Directors members.
  • Does the RCAF Association subsidize attendance of delegates at the BGM?
    • Normally, the costs of attending BGMs are borne by the individual members attending, unless the member is serving as an accredited delegate for a Wing that boasts of a supporting business entity (social club) and a budget to subsidize travel, accommodation and registration costs. In some cases, Wings with no business entity may hold fundraising events to help gather funds to provide financial support for their Wing’s delegate(s).
  • How many accredited delegates can my Wing send to the BGM?
    • Wings may send as many accredited delegates as they may like, and all of the accredited delegates may benefit from having their vote on any and all matters recorded and counted. However, since the RCAF Association conducts these meetings under the guise of a direct democracy, and since all Regular members everywhere (including members-at-large) have a vote on all matters, a pooling agreement is in force, guided by the exigencies of parliamentary procedures reflected in Robert’s Rules of Order, wherein the vote cast by any Wing’s accredited delegate(s) actually carries the numerical tally of all Regular members in-good-standing at the time of the vote in their particular Wing. For example, if the Wing accredited delegate for 413 Wing voted in favour of a motion, since there may be 312 Regular members-in-good-standing in the Wing at the time, the 413 Wing’s accredited delegate’s single vote counts for 312, and this tally is added to the others cast by each and every Wing’s accredited delegate, to determine the outcome of the motion. Of course, it is assumed since the 413 Wing accredited delegate votes in favour of a motion, that she or he is voting in a manner that is consistent with the votes that should have already been cast by the 413 members when the motion or issue was originally presented to them sometime before the general meeting itself.
  • What benefits are there by permitting Wings to send more than one accredited delegate?
    • The RCAF Association benefits immensely from the attendance of more accredited delegates whenever issues arise during the meeting which may not have come up before at the grassroots level of the association. In other words, a quorum of accredited delegates voting on issues in certain ways can later inform the entire association about the possible preferences one way or another. In today’s economy, marketing and testing are pivotal to the successful implementation or even introduction of innovations or just new ideas, and a quorum of accredited delegates is a perfect way to test new ideas and innovations before a wider if not more general consensus is needed.
  • As a member, how can I influence the formal agenda?
    • All Regular members of the RCAF Association are encouraged if not invited to help shape the future of their association, meaning all of us can offer up any ideas for further consideration and implementation. Whether a new idea survives to find a place on the agenda will depend on many things not the least important of which is the potential cost and the budget available during the time of implementation. Also, since the structure of the RCAF Association includes a component known as Groups and Wings, many leaders in important positions with the many Groups and Wings are installed to provide assistance and support to the many members who may have something interesting to pursue on the agenda. To this end, these members are encouraged to raise their ideas and issues through their local branch (Wing) and region (Group).