Canadian Aviation Historical Society – Special Offer


Special Offer for RCAF Association Members

The Canadian Aviation Historical Society (CAHS) wishes to raise its profile amongst Canada’s aviation community (operators and history enthusiasts alike). As part of this effort, the CAHS is offering RCAF Association Members access to CAHS online membership (PDF  quarterly Journal) at the discounted rate of $10 (regular cost is $25) in recognition of your interest in, and contributions to, the RCAF community and Canada’s aviation history and heritage.

The CAHS was established in 1963 as an educational charity with the mandate of preserving and disseminating Canada’s aviation history. We do this through our quarterly CAHS Journal, a monthly electronic newsletter, our newly redeveloped website (https://www.cahs.com/), an annual convention, and ten chapters spread across Canada; CAHS Chapters (https://www.cahs.com/chapters.html) have their own meetings and newsletters.

The CAHS is providing two convenient ways for RCAF Association Members to sign up for the discounted CAHS membership. Firstly, we have attached a special membership form, which you can mail back with a cheque or credit card number for payment. You can also sign up online  (https://www.cahs.com/store/p415/cahs-national-membership-anywhere-online.html) and pay by credit card or PayPal using the discount code of AFAmember10 to get the $10 rate. For those who take advantage of this offer, we will not only apply your membership payment for the 2021 journals, but we will also provide you with copies of the 2018, 2019, and 2020 issues as well. If you would like to see a sample of the CAHS Journal, the Winter 2017 issue is available for free download and viewing in the Revue Air Force Magazine store when you log into iTunes (the Apple Store) or GooglePlay.

In addition to the quarterly Journal, the CAHS website store (https://www.cahs.com/shop.htm) offers some unique items for sale. Back issues of the CAHS Journal are available for all issues, right back to our beginning in1963. We have also put together compendia of serialized articles as instantly downloadable PDF files (CAHS Journal article series compendia – digital editions (instant-download PDFs). All Journals published since 2010 are also available in the instantly downloadable form (CAHS Journals – digital editions (instant-download PDFs). We also offer an annual aviation art 13-month  calendar, as well as discounted rates on select aviation books. Please check out https://www.cahs.com/store/c55/cahs-aviation-art-calendars-and-other-publications

We hope that a discounted $10 CAHS membership is of interest to many RCAF Association Members. On behalf of the CAHS Executive and Board of Directors, we look forward to welcoming many of you into our membership and to increasing the linkages between our two organizations which both have a passion for promoting aviation in Canada.

Simply download the following form, complete it and enclose a cheque or money order or credit card details and mail it to the address at the bottom of the form.

RCAFA Special Online Membership Offer 


If you would like to donate to the Canadian Aviation Historical Society please visit the Fundraising Campaign page, here, at this link: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/royal-canadian-air-force-association-trust/p2p/CAHS/