Prairie Group


Prairie Group consists of Royal Canadian Air Force Association Wings in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Prairie Group Board of Directors:

  • Chair:  Herb Harrison
  • 500 Wing Rep:  Stan Blady
  • 600 Wing Rep:  Bill Peake


  • NEW!  May 7, 2022:  Prairie Group AGM.  Unit 283 Anavets, Winnipeg, MB.  0900 – 1600hrs.  Supper to follow at Silver Heights Restaurant.  Contact Jason at RCAFA500@outlook.com for more information.  Registration form can be downloaded here.
  • June 21, 2022:  500 Wing AGM.  Unit 283 Anavets, Winnipeg, MB.  1330hrs.

500 (City of Winnipeg) Wing – Winnipeg, MB

  • 500 Wing meets the third Tuesday of the month at Unit 283 Anavets, 3584 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg at 1330 hours (1:30PM).
  • 500 Wing website
  • Contact 500 Wing via email

600 (Regina) Wing – Regina, SK

  • 600 Wing meets the third Wednesday of the month at Cabela’s (Board Room), 4901 Gordon Road, Regina at 0930 hours (9:30am).  Meetings temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.
  • 600 Wing website
  • Contact 600 Wing via email

602 (Lynx) Wing – Saskatoon, SK

  • You may learn more about 602 Wing by searching for their Facebook page. Alternatively, please contact the Executive Director of the RCAF Association at director@airforce.ca