Sea King

Historical National or Dominion Executive Councils



  • Air Vice-Marshal F. G. Wait, C.B.E., C.D., a member of the executive council over the past seven years; president, 1958-60, grand president, 1960-62 and chairman. 1962-63.
  • Leonard N. Baldock, vice-president. 1954-60; president 1960-62; and past-president 1962-63.
  • John `Andy’ Cooper, vice-president, 1961-62-63.
  • Group Captain S. M. Sznuk, CBE. vice-president, 1956-58, 1958-59; vicechairman, 1959-63; and chairman of special committee on communist ideology.
  • Elsie Traill (Mrs.), W.D. Representative (Central), 1962-63.
  • Miss E. L. Frederickson, W.D. Representative (Western), 1962-63.

Group Executive Council

  • George Cattiny, DFC, president, Quebec group. 1962-63.
  • William H. Caverly, regional vicepresident, Quinte region, vice-president, Ontario Group; and president, Ontario Group, 1961-63.

Wing Members

  • Stephen T. Coote, president No. 500 (Winnipeg) Wing, 1959-60, 1962-63; and president, Manitoba N. W. Ontario Group, 1961-62.
  • Miss Loraine B. Currie, an executive member of 306 (Maple Leaf) Wing. Dyke D’Andrea, secretary 501 (Lake Head) Wing, 1963.
  • George Ellis, a Charter member of 306 (Maple Leaf) Wing, who served with distinction at Wing, Group and National levels.
  • James Gillespie. secretary, Ontario Group, 1961-63.
  • F/L D. Hindson, RCAF Liaison Officer. 1962-63. For his assistance to 503 (Flin Flon) Wing in its formative stages and money raising plans.
  • Milton Moffat, an executive member of 702 (Lethbridge) Wing, and president, Alberta Group.

November 1952

  • AVM A.L. Morfee, CB, CBE, CD National President
  • AVM A. Raymond, CBE 1st VP
  • Flight Lieutenant R.S. Godfrey 2nd VP
  • Flight Lieutenant P.E. Burden, DFC 3rd VP
  • AVM K.M. Guthrie, CB, CBE Chairman
  • Group Captain G, G. Morrow, OBE Legal Advisor
  • Mrs. E. A. Hall WD Rep (National)
  • Miss Hilda M, Thompson WD Rep (Eastern)
  • Miss Lillian E. Smith WD Rep (Central)
  • Miss Evelyn B. Halliday WD Rep (Western)
  • Mr. A.F. Wrigglesworth, BEM Pres Maritime Group
  • Flight Lieutenant J.B. Estey Maritime Group
  • Squadron Leader J. Rene Gauthier, QC Pres Quebec Group
  • Flight Lieutenant H. M. Feldman Quebec Group
  • Flying Officer H. C. Beaupre Pres Ontario Group
  • AVM G. E. Brookes, CB, CBE Ontario Group
  • Squadron Leader E. R. McGill Pres Manitoba-NW Ontario Group
  • Flying Officer J. N. Park Pres Saskatchewan Group
  • Squadron Leader R. D. White, QC Alberta Group
  • Flying Officer Ivan B. Quinn Pres BC Group
  • Mr. J. C. Gray, General Manager National HQ
  • Squadron Leader L. H. Jenkins National HQ
  • Mr. J.A. Emery National HQ
  • Mr. R.O. Dawson National HQ
  • Group Captain S, Olszweski, Rep Polish Air Force