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Frank Goodell Wait


Air Vice Marshal F,G, Wait, CBE, CD, was born in August, 1902 at Ottawa. Educated there and at Royal Military College, Kingston, A/v/MWait joined the RCAF in 1924, He received his pilot’s training at Camp Borden, Ont,, and in 1926, took leave from the RCAF to enter McGill University where he graduated a year later with a degree in civil engineering, On return to aive duty he served at various RCAF formations across Canada in flying and senior staff positions, At the outbreak of the Second World War, A/V/M Wait was in Ottawa, serving as director of staff duties at Air Force Headquarters, In May, 1941, he was appointed Commanding Officer of the Bombing and Gunnery School at Mounta inview, Ont, In February, 1942, he was transferreci. to the RCAF1s wartime No, 3 Training Command, then at Montreal, before going overseas later the same year to become Director of Personnel at RCAF Overseas Headquarters in London, In May, 1944, A/v/M Wait was relected to command No, 61 Base in No, 6 RCAF Group of Bomber Command and three months later he was appointed staff officer in charge of administration, Repatriated to Canada in November, 1944, A/V/M Wait served at Training Command Headquarters, Trenton, and in l\!Tarch, 1945, was appointed Air Officer Commanding the wartime No, 1 Group, with headquarters at St. John1s, Nfld, In July, 1945, he went to Eastern (now Maritime) Air Command, as chief staff officer, and in April, 1947, took command of EAC when that organitation was re-designated No, 10 Group, He returned to Ottawa late in 1949 where he took up the appointment of Deputy Air Member for Personnel at AFHQ, In August, l95l, he was appointed Air Member for Personnel, a position he retained until his retirement in March, 1956, A/V/M Wait was appointed a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in June, 1945, for outstanding service rendered during the Second World War, In addition, for distinguished service in the European theatre of operations, he was Mentioned in Despatches,

Air Vice-Marshal FoGo Wait, CBE, CD, was born on August 31st, 1902 at Ottawa, where he received his early ed­ucation at the First Avenue School and Lisgar Collegiate be­fore attending Royal Military College in Kingston in 19200 He joined the R,C,A,Fo in 1924, upon graduation from RMC, and received his flying training at Camp Borden, He took leave from the R,C,A,F, in 1926 to enter McGill University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Civil Engineering) degree the following year, Upon return to active air force duty he served at various Ro C,A,F; stat­ions across Canada in flying and staff positions, During the Second World War, Air Vice-Marshal Wait served in a number of senior posts in Canada, Newfoundland and overseas, Immediately following VE Day, he went to East­ern Air Command in Halifax as Chief Staff Officer and later took over command of that organization, He returned to Ottawa late in 1949 to serve in the Per­sonnel Division at Air Force Headquarterso He became Air Member for Personnel with the rank of Air Vice-Marshal in 1951 and held that post until he retired from the service in 1955, Air Vice-Marshal Wait was appointed a Commander .of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in June 1945 for outstanding service rendered during the Second World War, In addition, for distinguished service in the European theatre of operations, he was mentioned in Dispatches, January 1957

WAIT, A/C Frank Goodell (C54) – Mention in Despatches – No.6 Group Headquarters – Award effective 1 January 1945 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 337/45 dated 23 February 1945. Born in Ottawa, 31 August 1902 as per RCAF Press Release reporting award of CBE. Attended RMC, joined RCAF in 1924; later received B.Sc. (Civil Engineering) from McGill. Attended RAF Staff College, 1935. At AFHQ at outbreak of war. Promoted Group Captain 25 February 1941. In May 1941 appointed CO of Bombing and Gunnery School, Mountain View. On 9 February 1942 transferred to No.3 Training Command. To RCAF Overseas Headquarters, 19 August 1942 to be Director of Personnel, RCAF Overseas Headquarters. Promoted Air Commodore, 1 March 1943. In May 1944 became CO of No.61 Base; later in 1944 appointed Staff Officer in charge of administration, No.6 Group Headquarters. Repatriated to Canada, 17 October 1944; to No.3 Training Command HQ, 25 November 1944. To No.1 Air Command, 15 January 1945. Appointed AOC No.1 Group, St.John’s, 21 March 1945. To Eastern Air Command HQ, 30 June 1945. Appointed AOC No.10 Group (ex-EAC), 1 April 1947. To AFHQ, 14 December 1949 to be Deputy Air Member for Personnel; in 1951 made Air Member for Personnel. Promoted Air Vice-Marshal, 1 August 1951. Retired in 1955. Died in Ottawa, 28 November 1976. RCAF photo PL-34886 shows Air Commodore F.G. Wait, Senior Staff Officer at No.1 Air Command, Trenton, presenting Coat of Arms of Station Uplands (approved by Chester Herald) to G/C W.I. Clements. // WAIT, A/C Frank Goodell (C54) – Commander, Order of the British Empire – No.1 Air Command Headquarters (now No.1 Group HQ) – Award effective 14 June 1945 as per Canada Gazette of that date and AFRO 1127/45 dated 6 July 1945. Following citation was found in Governor General’s Records, RG.7 Group 26, Volume 59, File 190-I (dossier 7). // This officer has served with distinction in the Royal Canadian Air Force for many years. During the war he has held a wide variety of appointments of responsibility both in Canada and overseas. He was largely responsible for organizing the various district headquarters in the Middle and Far East and for the repatriation machinery now in operation overseas. His devotion to duty has gone far beyond that which is normally expected. The zeal, loyalty, tact, resourcefulness and perspicacity that he possesses have made him a tower of strength to his senior officers and an unfailing source of inspiration and guidance to his juniors. By his splendid devotion to duty he has made an outstanding contribution to the war effort.