Sea King

Current National Executive Council


The RCAF Association Board of Directors (formerly National Executive Council) consists of nine elected non-executive directors, two appointed non-executive directors and one appointed executive director. The nine elected directors are solely responsible for electing form amongst themselves their chairperson, as well as appointing up to three appointed directors as described, and how ever many other (unfunded) appointees as they deem necessary to fulfill the mission of the RCAF Association.


Colonel (Ret) Terry Chester, CD

Deputy Chairman

Not designated at this time

Honorary National President (Appointed)

LGen (Ret) André Deschamps, CMM, CD

Non-Executive Directors

Serge De-Serres (Atlantic)* (Deputy Treasurer)

LCol (Ret) Henri Levasseur, CD (Quebec)*

Walter Peckham, CD (Ontario)*

Maj (Ret) Herb Harrison, CD (Prairie)*

CWO (Ret) Michael Roy, CD (Alberta)* (Ceremonial)

Maj (Ret) Don Hogan, CD (Pacific Region) (Membership)

David Sharp

Sandra Carter (Treasurer)

Thomas Morin-Cabana

Executive Director (Appointed)

LCol (Ret) Dean C. Black, CD, CAE, SMP, CVRM (Secretary)

*These five non-executive directors are first elected by RCAF Association members within their Groups, and their election serves as a nomination to the National Executive Council (Board of Directors) to be ratified via a general election of all RCAF Association members, at the first opportunity. Pacific Group dissolved circa 2019, but RCAF Association members throughout the region still retain the power to elect someone from their region to help represent the RCAF Association to all RCAF Association members in their region.