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Foreign Personnel in RCAF Units Overseas


NON-CANADIAN PERSONNEL DECORATED FOR SECOND WORLD WAR SERVICES WITH RCAF UNITS OVERSEAS compiled for No.1 Air Division by Hugh A. Halliday, 1594 Delia Crescent, Orleans, Ontario, K4A 1W9, (613) 830-8366. Acknowledgement: This data base has been prepared with generous assistance from Surgeon Commander (ex F/O) John Blatherwick, CM, CD, MD, New Westminster, British Columbia. Hugh Halliday welcomes written comments, additions or corrections sent to his home or through the internet (hughhall@attcanada.ca). British Commonwealth and Imperial personnel were mixed together throughout the Second World War. Canadians have been informed repeatedly that upwards of 60 percent of RCAF personnel served in British rather than Canadian squadrons. At the same time, however, many members of the Royal Air Force served in RCAF overseas units, as did smaller numbers of men and women wearing American, Australian and New Zealand uniforms. This data base records the honours and awards granted to these non-Canadians in recognition of their contributions to RCAF operations abroad. The data base is not comprehensive; in compiling it the researcher has almost certainly missed some personnel, particularly those Mentioned in Despatches, and it would be much appreciated if such oversights could be brought to my attention. In many cases there have been no citations or recommendations located as of November 2001. Nevertheless, a search for perfection would only delay the distribution of this material. There are some who might argue that this information is already several years overdue.

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