Historical Aircraft

Centennial Committee Projects

  1. RCAF Memorials in Canada – We have shared a list you can find here, of all the air force themed memorials/monuments across the country. We are grateful to the Minister of Veterans Affairs for sharing this list with us. It is our hope that our Navigators might try and reach all of these memorials/monuments in their regions and document their status, shape and state of repair/disrepair, as the case may be. Photos navigators provide us will be uploaded to our website, for others to come and appreciate. We are especially interested in any and all stained-glass memorial windows that may be found in a church, or museum or other type of building in your communities. The collection of information on these RCAF and Air Command memorials may be just the kind of activity you might like to do, while we deal with the constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. RCAF Centenary Coin – if you would like to help create a coin design, suitable for the RCAF Centenary, we would love to hear from you. Share your design with director at airforce.ca and we will upload your design to the Centenary Navigator website for everyone to appreciate.
  3. RCAF Centenary Stamp – we would like to work with CanadaPost and design a suitable commemorative stamp or set of stamps helping to mark the RCAF centenary. Share your design ideas with director at airforce.ca and we will share your ideas on the Centenary Navigator website for everyone to appreciate.
  4. S.T.E.M. – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are key to innovative success, everywhere. Becoming really good at these things, takes discipline, motivation and study. When you think about it, our Air Cadet program aligns perfectly with these ideas – we seek to inculcate these important attributes at an early age, helping young Canadians succeed at whatever they choose to do. If you and your fellow RCAF Association members are active with air cadets in your community or your region, please consider sharing with us what kinds of S.T.E.M. focused support you like to provide – essay contests, match contests, poster contests, and more – activities that encourage in young Canadians developing an interest in our technological successes of the future