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Len Baldock Memorial Award


The Group Captain (Ret’d) Len Baldock Memorial Award for Association Member-of-the-Year

If you would like to nominate a member of the RCAF Association for this prestigious “Member of the Year” award, please consider completing and submitting the form found at the link, here.

Introduced in 1962 by the Chief of the Air Staff, this award honours the RCAF Association member-of-the-year whose skills in performance, inspiration, enthusiasm and leadership in Association activities has been well above the ordinary. This award acknowledges superior performance throughout not only the year of its presentation but also performance over the long term. The award became a Canadian Forces award following military forces integration in 1968. In 1991, following the passing of Leonard Noel Baldock, it was renamed the Len Baldock Memorial Award, in tribute to the Past President, and from that point on referred to as the Air Force Association’s “Member of the Year” award.


The purpose of the award, which shall be a plaque affixed with a Canadian Forces badge, inscribed to indicate the recipient as the “Member of the Year”, will honour the performance of one whose skill, enthusiasm, inspiration, direction or leadership in Association activities has been above the ordinary.  It will recognize the achievements of one whose influence has been beneficial, either directly or indirectly, to the national body of the Association. The award will acknowledge superior performance throughout the year in which the award is presented or continuous outstanding performance over a longer period.


William W. Church (252 Wing) – 2001 (Deceased)

CWO (Ret’d) Reginald Daws, MMM, CD – 2014 (Deceased)