Historical Aircraft

447 Squadron


No. 447 Squadron

Badge: In front of a red maple leaf a dagger per pale held by a dexter hand

Motto: Monjak ecowi (Algonquin: may be translated ‘Toujours pret” or “Always ready”)
Authority: Queen Elizabeth II, July 1966

The hand holding the dagger, the hilt of which is embellished by a fleur-de­ lis, indicates the unit’s location and its state of readiness. The maple leaf alludes to Canada.

Formed as a Surface-to-Air Missile unit at La Macaza, Quebec on 15 September 1962, the squadron was equipped with nuclear-armed Bomarc surface-to-air missiles for North American air defence. On 1 February 1968 the squadron was integrated into the Canadian Armed Forces.

Brief Chronology: Formed at La Macaza, Que. 15 Sep 62. Integrated into CAF 1 Feb 68.


  • W/C J.E.A. Laflamme, DFC 20 Sep 62 – 24 May 63.
  • W/C J.L.A. Roussell, DFC, CD 25 May 63 – 25 Jul 66.
  • W/C P.J. Roy, DFC, CD 26 Jul 66 – 31 Jan 68.

Higher Formations and Squadron Location

North American Air Defence Command,
RCAF Air Defence Command:

  • La Macaza, Que. 15 Sep 62 – 31 Jan 68.

Representative Weapon

Lockheed CIM-10B Bomarc