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RCAF Prisoners of War (PoW)



Prisoners of War

September, 1939 10 December, 1944.

This appendix contains the names of those airmen wearing the uniform of the RCAF who were taken Prisoner of War from September, 1939 through to the end of December, 1944.

Due to the vagaries of war there was no list of those who were taken P.O.W. during 1945. Some P.O.W.s were repatriated before the end of the war and their names were also excluded from official P.O.W. lists.

The format is: P.O.W. number – surname – initial – rank – service number – hometown. A list of abbreviations used can be found on the introduction page.

2011                Abbotts, J.E.               P/O      J17204.            From Dauphin, Manitoba.

8493                Abrahams, A.              F/O      J87651.

965                  Acheson, John Sidney              F/L      J13840.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba. An obituary for John Sidney Acheson can be found here, at this link.

248                  Achtim, J.                    P/O      J88492.

39622              Adams, F.G.W.           WO2   R78176.          From England.

94                    Adams, L.S.                F/L      41645.             From Smithville, Texas, U.S.A.

222567            Adelstein, J.J.              WO2   R154369.        From Montreal, Quebec.

Adolph, R.C.                           R78698.          From Chesley, Ontario.

Agnew, J.G.                F/O      J37206.

Aicken, J.M.                FS        R272564.        From Quebec.

Aikens, S.J.                 FS        R77762.

260767            Aimon, D.W.              F/L      J38650.            From Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Aitken, C.                   WO     541017.           From Vancouver, British Columbia.

367                  Aitken, G.E.                FS        R85492.          From Imperial, Saskatchewan.

7725                Aldridge, A.C.            F/L      J27724.            From Ottawa, Ontario.

54                    Allan, K.T.P.               FS        R73769.          From Westmount, Quebec.

43                    Alldrick, R.                 FS        R65645.          From Grimsby, Alberta.

2250                Allen, B.P.                  F/O      J21173.            From Kamloops, British Columbia.

270001            Allen, H.L.                  P/O      J86427.

1230                Allison, S.H.               WO1   R91346.          From Toronto, Ontario.

Althan, R.                   FS

3974                Altic, N.I.                    FL       J22101.

8222                Ames, W.E.                 F/O      J29997.

Anderson, A.P.           P/O      J93689.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

259844            Anderson, B.O.           Sgt       1R155939.      From Revelstoke, British Columbia.

789                  Anderson, F.W.           FS        1257266.         From Ottawa, Ontario.

27243              Anderson, G.B.           WO2   R106774.        From Vancouver, British Columbia.

2079                Anderson, J.L. F/O      J17006.                        From Pelly, Saskatchewan.

5976                Anderson, L.L.            F/O      J18158.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

6293                Anderson, L.M.           F/L      J16829.            From New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

4176                Anderson, R.A.           P/O      J92326.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Anderson, R.A.           Sgt                               From Brandon, Manitoba.

259845            Anderson, W.C.          Sgt       R70818.          From Arran, Saskatchewan.

24952              Andrews, W.H.           F/O      J40353.            From Minnedosa, Manitoba.

513                  Annand, G.R.              Sgt       R61049.          From Waterton Park, Alberta.

39323              Anthony, K.H.            F/L      J3744.              From Toronto, Ontario.

250                  Applegath, T.A.          FS        R192919.

Appleton, A.R.           Sgt       R69600.          From Toronto, Ontario.

24833              Appleyard, J.D.           FS        R68131.          From Aylmer, Quebec.

27338              Arbic, RC.                   WO1   R90583.          From Sudbury, Ontario.

2251                Archer, E.L.                F/L      J11465.            From Toronto, Ontario.

Argue, E.B.                             R82061.          From Aylmer, Quebec.

27423              Arklie, A.M.               WO1   R80104.          From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

724                  Armstrong, D.S.          F/O      J11108.            From Toronto, Ontario.

392909            Armstrong, G.             FS        R61781.          From Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

1618                Armstrong, G.C.         F/L      J16761.            From Ottawa, Ontario.

3433                Armstrong, HR.          WO1   R97338.

263644            Armstrong, J.A.          FS        R130481.        From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

7600                Armstrong, J.A.          F/O      J35029.            From Bayfield, Ontario.

2252                Armstrong, J.S.           F/L      J22478.            From Guelph, Ontario.

26804              Armstrong, L.J.           WO2   R83422.          From Plainview, Nebraska, U.S.A.

25648              Arnold, J.T.                 FS        R133259.        From San Fransisco, California, U.S.A.

9629                Arnsby, J.A.                WO2   R63675.          From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

542                  Arsenault, J.A.                        P/O      J89926.

263743            Arsenault, J.C.            Sgt       R194280.        From Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.A.

261413            Arsenault, J.D.H.        WO1   R73263.

6638                Ashdown, E.               F/L      J12093.

4610                Ashleigh, D.D.            F/L      J21257.

27629              Ashmore, J.Q.             WO2   R104752.        From Tallahasee, Florida, U.S.A.

757                  Ash, W.F.                    F/L      J4787.              From Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

53418              Aspinall, J.S.A.           WO1   R90453.          From Ontario.

1356                Aspinall, L.E.              F/L      J14507.            From Toronto, Ontario.

3753                Asselin, J.E.T.             F/L.     J4882.              From Westmount, Quebec.

39162              Aston, G.W.                WO     938895.           From Westmount, Quebec.

8075                Atkin, H.                     P/O      J90299.            From Leamington, Ontario.

27336              Atwell, K.J.                 WO1   R87365.          From Elrose, Saskatchewan.

7331                Atyeo, G.M.                F/O      J28179.

3805                Aubry, J.J.A.               FS        R154231.

27458              Aubry, J.S.A.              F/O      J18282.            From Ottawa, Ontario.

222622            Auld, G.S.                   FS        R140590.        From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

4085                Auld, J.B.                    F/O      J24026.            From Delaware, Ontario.

544                  Austin, R.W.               P/O      J89813.

1758                Avery, H.F.                 F/L.     J1315.              From St. Catharines, Ontario.

3237                Ayer, W.B.                  F/L.     J22136.

225671            Babiak, E.                   WO2   R68724.          From Edmonton, Alberta.

250694            Babington, F.G.          FS        R147399.        From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

24941              Bailey, M.G.               WO2   R83874.          From Hatiburlon, Ontario.

24805              Bailey, S.                    WO2   R54994.          From Westrinount, Quebec.

25                    Bainblatt, N.               WO2   R133514.        From Toronto, Ontario.

Baines, L.W.E.           F/O      J35083.

791                  Baird, R.H.                 WO2   R60568           From Calgary, Alberta.

250706            Baker, A.W.                Sgt       R112703.        From Toronto, Ontario.

6384                Baker, E.                     F/L      J14781.

2080                Baker, E.S.                  F/L      J4090.              From Calgary, Alberta.

1250                Baker, T.B.                  F/L      J8105.              From North Hollywood, California, U.S.A.

Baker, W.A.                F/O      J41858.

546                  Balchin, D.H.              P/O.     J89965.

4415                Baldwin, F.A.             F/O      J13058.

228294            Baldwin, R.I.              F/L      J9080.              From Charlton, Ontario.

1691                Ball, R.J.J.                   F/L.     J12326.

4702                Bamford, J.                 F/L      C22669.

593                  Bandeen, W.R.            F/O      J15591.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

2349                Banks, K.A.                F/L      J22091.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

204                  Banning, J.D.J.            F/O      J87192.

1256                Bannister, L.C.            F/O      J85911.            From Sarnia, Ontario.

3428                Bannister, R.H.           FS        R145314.

8362                Baribeau, J.M.A.         F/O      C25286.

Barlow, L.D.               FS        R83053.          From Burke, South Dakota, U.S.A.

269743            Barnes, A.G.               Sgt       R188668.        From Ottawa, Ontario.

Barnes, R.H.               F/O      J36285.

261501            Barnes, S.                    FS        R136089.        From Toronto, Ontario.

270003            Barnes, W.H.              F/O      J19769.            From Windsor, Ontario.

3415                Barr, J.J.                      P/O      J88190.

18391              Barr, R.B.                    F/L      41147.             From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

267433            Barrette, J.B.               F/O      J19461.            From Berthierville, Quebec.

7333                Barrett, W.C.              F/O      J35515.            From Toronto, Ontario.

270004            Barre, R.F.                  FS        R161102.

735                  Barry, F.W.                 FS        R132193.        From Edmonton, Alberta.

3209                Barry, J.C.G.B.R.       F/O      J87668.

269744            Barry, W.J.                  F/O      J87486.            From Toronto, Ontario.

1389                Bartlett, J.P.A.            P/O      J89948.            From Outremont, Quebec.

Bartlett, R.E.               Lt        FAA.               From Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan.

Bartley, L.L.               F/L      42182.             From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

1702                Barton, V.A.               FS        R181950.        From Wilcox, Saskatchewan.

8927                Bastable, H.D.            F/O      J27478.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

27139              Bastable, V.J.              WO2   R95313.          From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

222569            Bates, L.S.                  FS        R137852.        From Sydney, Nova Scotia.

6202                Bate, H.                       F/O      J24015.

Bazinet,10.                  P/O.     J93660.

3573                Beach, M.F.                FS        R170781.        From Barrie, Ontario.

484                  Beal, E.T.                    WO2   R82176.          From Toronto, Ontario.

3781                Beare, H.T.                  F/L      J4529.              From Calgary, Alberta.

259848            Bearnes, K.L.              WO1   R83259.          From Anterburg, Ontario.

7470                Beaton, E.M.               F/O      J25755.

263563            Beaton, M.A.  FS        R115897.        From Lake Lenore, Saskatchewan.

290      Beattie, J.W.    P/O      J90065.

8225    Beaune, R.G.  F/O      J85723.

Beauore, H.H.F.          F/L      J16378.            From Waterloo, Ontario.

924      Becker, R.B.   WO2   R152224.        From New Hamburg, Canada.

Beckett, A.G.  FS        R159331.

225709            Beckett, J.E.    WO2   R66276.          From Niagara Falls, Ontario.

52296  Bedard, J.R.A. P/O      J90141.

4611    Bedford, G.W. F/L      J20133

3293    Balwell, E.J.    F/O      J18866.

1169    Bees, N.G.      WO2   R124488.

1775    Beggs, J.R.      S/L      J4422.  From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

24938  Belcher, F.H.  WO2   R71258.          From Roblin, Manitoba.

Bell, B.E.        F/O      J19096.

4791    Bell, C.            F/O

3341    Bell, E.N.        F/ L.    J2458.  From Grand Forks, British Columbia.

25111  Bell, E.W.       F/L      J18683.            From Hanover, Ontario.

4131    Bell, J.W.        S/L      J7020.

143      Bell, T.            P/O      J89958.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

Bellisle, A.C.  FS        R271059.        From Toronto, Ontario.

3804    Beluse, P/O      J89458.

Belvea, D.G.   FL.      41655. From St. John, New Brunswick.

1938    Bemister, J.E. •           F/O      J17735.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Benitz, F.M.                J15035.            From Argentina.

Bennet, G.       WO     1063396.         From Victoria, British Columbia.

27676  Bennett, J.A.   WO1   R77405.          From Verdun, Quebec.

7336    Bennett, R.S.   F/O      J85517.

2992    Benson, P.W.  P/O      J88696.

70        Bergey, D.G.   FS        R139928.        From Guernsey, Saskatchewan.

Bergman, J.E. F/O      J29726.

6493    Berry, A.B.     F/O      J27466.            From Chalk River, Ontario.

3568    Berry, G.H.     P/O      J89915.

27137  Bertrand, H.L. WO     1077247.         From Grand Prairie, Alberta.

6639    Bertrand, J.N.  F/O      021287.           From Montreal, Quebec.

148      Bestel, E.G.R. WO2   R70458.

2256    Beswick, W.E.            F/L      J16954.            From Port Colbourne, Ontario.

8805    Bick, R.W.      F/O      J35067.

Biddle, F.H.    F/O      J28345.

Bilodeau, J.A.M.         F/O      J35006.

27119  Bind, E.D.                               From Toronto, Ontario.

Binne, G.A.Y. Sgt       R218666.        From St. Claude, Minnesota.

39159  Binnie, A.E.    WO     903772.           From Outremont, Quebec.

3046    Binns, M.R.     WO2   R116988.        From Claremont, Calgary.

Birchall, L.J.   S/L      0775.   From St. Catharines, Ontario.

871      Bishop, G.M.  F/L      J16885.            From Meaford, Ontario.

72        Bishop, J.H.W.            Sgt       R69969.

887      Bishop, M.W.  Sgt       R65139.          From New Westminster, Nova Scotia.

1075    Bisson, G.E.    F/L      J16354.            From Windsor, Ontario.

42685  Bist, A.C.        F/L      J15646.            From Montreal, Quebec.

222      Black, G.S.G.  WO2   R65165.          From Halifax, Nova Scotia.

4897    Black, J.H.      F/L      J12252.

170      Blackmore, A.N.         F/L      J38634.            From Moncton, New Brunswick.

73        Blewett, J.D.   Sgt       R91430.          From Kamsack, Saskatchewan.

2934    Blewett, W.C. F/L      J22401.            From St. Thomas, Ontario.

25084  Blatt, D.M.G.  F/O      J156601.          From Leader, Saskatchewan.

4898    Backus, A.W.  F/O      J26899.

Boddington,    F/L      J12391.            From Weston, Ontario.

3525    Bodnar, B.O.   F/L      J17669.

6935    Boehmer, G.A.           F/O      J86584.

1635    Boggild, C.C.  F/L      J22440.            From Lockeport, Nova Scotia.

3978    Boire, J.D.       Sgt       R188869.

Bond, A.T.      F/O      J87692.

Bond, T.R.      F/O      J1934/.

267147            Bondett, H.J.   Sgt       R188380.

1752    Bonet, J.C.      FL.      J20043.

222668            Bongard, E.N.B.         Sgt                   From Kingston, Ontario.

1173    Bonikowsky, A.          F/O      J19770.            From Janson, Saskatchewan.

27156  Banter, K.C.    WO2   R100209.        From Toronto, Ontario.

222804            Boos, R.E.       FS        R92719.

222669            Booth, R.E.     P/O      J18297.            From Quesnel, British Columbia.

Borland, R.A.A.         F/O      J37154.

222459            Borley, J.H.     F/O      J18209.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

5166    Botting, F.M.  F/O      J22043.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

3109    Boulter, F.C. , FS        R103971.        From Ayen, Alberta.

Boulton, C.     S/L      C1090. From Coleman, Alberta.

42722  Bourchier, B.J.            S/L      C245.  From Edmonton, Alberta.

4179    Bourcier, J.H.I.F.        F/O      J86241.

53120  Bourdat, W.L. WO1   R119837.        From Port Arthur, Ontario.

3344    Bourke, J.M.J. F/L      J20520.

Bourne, R.H.S.           P/O      J88378.

523      Bowden, E.E.  WO2   R115662.        From Kindersley, Saskatchewan.

Bowden, W.E. S/L      40502. From Ottawa, Ontario.

24383  Bowen, M.G.  FS        R56191.          From Verdun, Quebec.

53200  Bowlby, T.L.   FS        R131006.        From Waterford, Ontario.

270012            Bowman, A.M.           Sgt       R155285.        From Femdal, Michigan, U.S.A.

118006            Bowmaster, H.F.         P/O      J92229.            From Calgary, Alberta.

974      Bowskill, T.    FS        R161095.        From Windsor, Ontario.

24402  Boyd, H.R.      WO2   R59663.          From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Boyd, J.L.       WO2   R61778.          From Regina, Saskatchewan.

6936    Boyle, J.A.      S/L      J6226.

1413    Brackenbury, S.B.K.  FL.      J4917.  From Aylma, Ontario.

27214  Bradburn, C.M.           WO2   R91329.          From Janetville, Ontario.

1001    Bradley, E.      P/O      J90049.            From London, Ontario.

107      Bradley, J.W.  Sgt       11196176.

309      Bradley, N.W. WO2   R77252.          From St. Andrews, Quebec.

3442    Bradshaw, D.C.E.       Ft L.    J20401.            From Beverley, Alberta.

5852    Bradstock, J.W.           F/O      J24613.

27490  Bragg, J.P.       FL.      J16937.            From St. John’s, Newfoundland.

3297    Braid, R.W.     F/O      J22623.

555      Branch, H.J.    P/O      J90144.

27098  Brandon, T.S.  WO2   R94941.

52713  Brannagan, T.A.                      J10762.

24455  Brazier, P.V.   FS        R69731.          From Bracebridge, Ontario.

23595  Bredin, J.C.     FS        R73753.          From Farrow’s Point, Ontario.

8365    Brewer, D.L.   F/O      085292.

2985    Brewer, E.C.   P/O      C88209.          From Fort William, Ontario.

439      Brickenden, A.W.       FS        R160205.        From Toronto, Ontario.

27019  Bridgeman, P.J.           WO2   R92999.          From Calgary, Alberta.

25083  Bridgewater, C.B.       WO2   R65731.          From Uxbridge, Ontario.

3243    Bridgman, E.F.           F/L      J23583.

544      Briggs, A.N.   Ft L.    J15116.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Brimicombe, V.E.       F/O      J28631.

3799    Brine, J.E.       P/O      J88341.            From Bowmanville, Ontario.

Brittain, W.B. S/L      J28286.

Brock, T.C.     Lt Comm.        FAA.   From Red Deer, Alberta.

762      Brodrick, W.E.            F/L      J15163.            From Westmount, Quebec.

Brook, S.G.     FS        R85790.          From Peterborough, Ontario.

Brooks, H.       FS        R56265.          From Westmount, Quebec.

22805  Brooks, R.C.   FS        R147412.        From Decker, Manitoba.

261420            Brown, A.       WO2   R141409.        From Wesley Hill, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

888      Brown, A.W.  WO1   R104832.        From Westmount, Quebec.

1120    Brown, D.B.   FS        R98429.

5452    Brown, D.H.   F/L      J12102.

148      Brown, D.W.  P/O      J86785.            From Vermilion, Alberta.

441      Brown, F.M.   P/O      J92612.            From London, Ontario.

4899    Brown, G. Le R.         P/O      J18354.

348      Brown, G.G.C.           P/O      J90066.            From Lachine, Quebec.

222576            Brown, G.S.    FS        R140919.        From Brandon, Manitoba.

916      Brown, H.       WOR   WO2   R109941.        From Windsor, Ontario.

Brown, H.A.   F/O      J18028.            From Shevlin, Manitoba.

1672    Brown, H.M.   F/L      J13077.

8662    Brown, J.A.     F/O      J283760.

Brown, J.H.     Sgt                   From London, Ontario.

463      Brown, K.E.    FL.      C10037.          From West Jeddore, Nova Scotia.

25675  Brown, M.W.  WO2   R72283.          From New Toronto, Ontario.

27242  Brown, N.E.    WO2   R91269.          From Toronto, Ontario.

80828  Brown, R.C.J. F/O      J21048.

25077  Brown, R.G.   WO2   R84508.          From New Carlisle, Ontario.

39980  Brown, R.L.    FS        R197323.        From St. Thomas, Ontario.

3710    Brown, RW     P/O      J87375.

299      Brown, T.N.    P/O      C87177.          From Amherst, Nova Scotia.

27562  Browne, D.E.  F/O      J16846.            From Lashburn, Saskatchewan.

13087  Browne, D.V. WO     552452.           From Edmonton, Alberta.

Bruce, A.         F/O      J27531.

3798    Bruce, N.         P/O      J89122.

5167    Brunet, J.J.C.P.           F/O      J23357.

267150            Bruno, D.        Sgt       R112912.        From Toronto, Ontario.

1364    Bryan, J.R.      F/L      C1452. From Toronto, Ontario.

7604    Bryans, S.F.    F/O      J36321.            From Mitchell, Ontario.

649      Bryant, S.W.   WO1   R86689.          From Edmonton, Alberta.

222806            Buchak, T.       FS        R178563.        From Calmar, Alberta.

1253    Buchanan, G.R.          P/O      J88910.            From the United Kingdom.

263656            Bucholz, K.H. Sgt       R4377A.         From, Grahamdale, Manitoba.

1076    Buckham, R.M.           PL.      J16784.            From Toronto, Ontario.

2994    Buckler, O.K. FS        R176553.        From Morganville, Nova Scotia.

3299    Buckles, R.J.   F/O      J18081.

Budd, R.G.     WO2   R130665.        From Bashaw, Alberta.

1057    Bujold, P.L.    WO1   R107207.        From Debden, Saskatchewan.

4153    Bull, A.D.       F/O      J23233.

3789    Bull, G.           P/O      J8864.

3349    Bullis, H.L.     F/O      J18862.

1692    Bullock, C.H.  F/O      J17395.            From Lachine, Quebec.

8226    Bumstead, G.A.          Ft L.    J16248.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

917      Bundy, E.H.    WO2   R85948.          From Toronto, Ontario.

1017    Burgess, A.S.  WO1   R134254.

111      Burgoyne, L.G.           F/L      J15060.            From Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.

263657            Burke, J.R.A. D.F.M. WO1   R76052.          From Truro, Nova Scotia.

269831            Burleigh, D.W.           FS        R52829.

1285    Burns, H.F.     F/L      41551. From Halifax, Nova Scotia.

1342    Burns, J.A.      F/L      J14197.            From Westmount, Quebec.

5067    Burns, J.C.      PL.

505      Burns, J.D.      P/O      J87722.            From Toronto, Ontario.

263460            Burns, K.O.                 J92962.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

1995    Burns, W.C.    F/O      J21574.

1864    Burrows, W.J. F/L      J12043.

2007    Burton, G.R.   F/O      J16558.            From Edmonton, Alberta.

2040    Butchart, C.E. F/O      J24445.

Butler, A.H.    P/O                  From Parksville, British Columbia.

Butler, A.K.    FS        R278223.        From Parksville, Canada.

Butler, E.F.     FS        R88245.          From, Chester, Nova Scotia.

250720            Buttler, L.F.    Sgt       R158838.        From Port Carling, Ontario.

142      Bydwell, H.W.            WO2   R56197.          From Quebec.

444      Bzowy, M.A.  P/O      J86996.

Galles, L.H.    WO2   R71421.          From, Roblin, Manitoba.

Callaghan, P.A.           WO2   R174480.

766      Callingham,     P/O      J90377.            From Lambeth, Ontario.

5653    Cameron, A.A.           WO1   R11909.          From Fort Frances, Ontario.

6937    Cameron, A.L.            F/O      J29975.

42710  Cameron, J.G. WO2   R83636.          From Toronto, Ontario.

2595    Cameron, W.J.            FL.      J6487.  From Stoney Plain, Alberta.

1259    Campbell, B.A.G.       FL.      J13808.            From North Bay, Ontario.

1637    Campbell, B.D.           Ft L.    J3606.  From Point Claire, Quebec.

25693  Campbell, D.C.           WO1   R65303.          From Weymouth, Nova Scotia.

39635  Campbell, G.C.           S/ L.    41252. From Consort, Alberta.

52459  Campbell, G.D.           F/O      J28541,            From Weymouth, Nova Scotia.

Campbell, H.T.           FS        R252789.

Campbell, H.W.          F/O      J19138.            From Apple Hill, Ontario.

1293    Campbell, J.S. WO2   R82146.          From Renfrew, Ontario.

3655    Campbell-Bogers, F.L.           S/L      41253. From Ottawa, Ontario.

4456    Canter, W.       F/O      J17845.

Cantin, J.G.A.B.         P/O      J90871.

9024    Cantin, J.M.G. WO1   R55629.          From McCreary, Manitoba.

Cantin, R.R.M.           P/O      J93684.

4908    CantIon, W.L. P/O      J88195.

767      Capar, N.C.     FS        R172692.        From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

1581    Caplan, B.A.   FL.      J14391.            From Toronto, Ontario.

263569            Capreol, E.L.  FS        R150348.

27023  Carlson, R.      WO2   R106007.        From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Carling-Kelly, F.C.     W/C.    C173.

27701  Carlon, T.E.    F/O      J16815.            From Montreal, Quebec.

3350    Carlson, E.L.   F/L      J20357.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

1058    Carlton, J.M.   WO1   R103168.        From Grimsby, Ontario.

4716    Carmichael, JA.          F/O      J28975.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

807      Carmichael, J.D.         WO2   R92578.          From Calgary, Alberta.

1464    Carpenter, P.R.           WO1   R109913.        From Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

5102    Carr, D.W.J.    F/O      J23957,

7078    Carragher, W.A.J.       WO1   R111693.

1176    Carrier, J.A.R.M.        P/O      J92917,

269753            Carroll, A.S.    Sgt       R193150.

3351    Carson, R.A.   F/O      J22673.

4592    Carson, R.J.     F/O      J24230.

27410  Carswell, A.G.            WO2   R115291.        From Ottawa, Ontario.

8928    Carter-Edwards, Edward     P/O      J86736.            From Hamilton, Ontario.

1123    Carter, G.C.    Sgt       R119839.        From Fairfax, Manitoba.

3526    Carter, G.H.F. S/L      J11213.

1490    Carter, R.E.     Ft L.    J17002.

25075  Carter, W.F.    WO     650146.           From Willowdale, Ontario.

Cartier, J.L.L. F/O      J39257.

222579            Case, W.R.      Sgt       R184772.        From Aurora, Ontario.

3788    Cassidy, B.M. Sgt       R207884.        From Toronto, Ontario.

Castling, D.H. FS        R62127.          From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

3746    Cathels, E.C.   F/L      37905. From Victoria, British Columbia.

3529    Catt, H.R.A.    F/O      J87711.

3804    Cawson, C.A. F/L      J23132.            From Selkirk, Manitoba.

7605    Chalk, R.G.     F/O      J12305.

1003    Chalmers, D.R.           WO1   R73004.          From Regina, Saskatchewan.

1294    Chalmers, J.B.E.         WO2   R80750.          From Toronto, Ontario.

3613    Chamberlain, R.          P/O      C87714.

119      Chambers, L.E.           FL.      40289. From Vernon, British Columbia.

10        Chandler, W.P.           WO2   R160751.        From Calgary, Alberta.

Chapman, C.E.            F/O      J37750.

6294    Chapman, G.A.           F/O      J27389.

1295    Chapman, L.   FS        R160751.        From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Chappell, C.D.            P/O      J4693.  From Windsor, Ontario.

Charles, J.F.    FS        R265287.

808      Charlesworth, W.J.     WO2   R78416.          From Toronto, Ontario.

222942            Chartman, R.W.          FS        R138897.        From Gull Lake, Ssaskatchewan.

Chatwin, E.     FS        R184173.

6640    Chipman, P.G. F/L      J6271.

94        Chisholm, R.E.           WO2   R110251.        From Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

Chisik, M.       F/O      J36938.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

27702  Chiswell, D.R. WO2   R122801.        From Fort Erie, Ontario.

588      Chliszczyk, T. WO2   R130343.        From Kirkland Lake, Ontario.

5969    Chorley, G.W. F/O      J87799.

27706  Chretien, G.T. FL.      J16955.            From Penetanguishene, Ontario.

Christian, E.J. WO2   R92263.          From Vancouver, British Columbia.

1178    Christie, J.H.   FS        R251732.

3566    Christison, R.L.          FL.      J10969.            From Victoria, British Columbia.

222493            Christmas, L.G.          F/O      J18503.            From Hamilton, Ontario.

28        Chrysler, C.K. FS        R98909.          From Kerrobert, Saskatchewan.

156      Church, T.H.L.            F/O      J10062.            From St. Catharines, Ontario.

1235    Churchard, F.  FS        R108763.        From Toronto, Ontario.

596      Clancy, G.D.   FL.      39495. From Seimens, Saskatchewan.

3353    Clare, J.E.S.    F/O      J22620.            From Cooksville, Ontario.

8078    Clark, D.         WO1   R106192.        From Carman, Manitoba.

1673    Clark, D.A.     F/O      J22603.            From Carman, Manitoba.

157      Clark, H.P.      Fl L.    42106. From Brandon, Manitoba.

Clark, H.W.                            From Carboneuf, Newfoundland.

Clark, M.P.     F/L                  From Brandon, Manitoba.

27703  Clark, W.J.      WO2   R92367.          From Vancouver, British Columbia.

24453  Clarke, A.W.   FS        R65063.          From Perth, Ontario.

97        Clarke, D.A.   Sgt       R101355.        From Vancouver, British Columbia.

6474    Clarke, D.M.   F/L      J12952.            From Wapella, Saskatchewan.

83666  Clarke, H.W.   FS        R130684.        From Talbot, Alberta.

27220  Clarke, J.F.      WO2   R80891.          From Toronto, Ontario.

771      Clarke, K.W.   P/O      J90961.            From Victoria, British Columbia.

1491    Clarke, R.G.    F/L      J21825.            From Toronto, Ontario.

1298    Clee, H.A.Mcl.            P/O      C18157.          From Vancouver, British Columbia.

27409  Clemens, C.E. WO2   R116771.        From London, Ontario.

3984    Clendinneng, R.S.       P/O      J87282.

53693  Clew    G.C.    P/O      J87390.

292      Clinton, E.O.   Sgt       R220110.

6722    Clithero, C.W.H.        F/O      J35604.

546      Clough, W.J.   F/O      J8806.  From Perth Road, Ontario.

875      Clubb, G.W.    WO1   R80324.          From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Cockaday, A.J.            WO     R90414.          From Brantford, Ontario.

2936    Code, R.M.     P/O      J18166.            From Ottawa, Ontario.

1174    Coderre, W.H. WO1   R102171.        From Forget, Saskatchewan.

562      Coedy, H.J.W. WOI.   R131043.

6938    Coffey, S.D.    F/O      J28927.

269756            Cohen, M.       Sgt       R112829.

4458    Coleman, G.S. F/L      J22862.

Coleman, L.U. F/O      J38335.

1366    Coleman, W.C.           F.L.     J14189.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

3244    Coles, A.C.     FL.      J3463.

5378    Coles, M.W.    F/O      J16833.

269833            Colk, F.C.G.   FS        R162661.

27705  Collin, A.C.    Sgt       R60126.          From Calgary, Alberta.

39700  Collins, L.G.   F/L      J19934.            From Toronto, Ontario.

Collins, RA.    FS        R251076.

222679            Collins, R.L.               R65016.          From Halifax, Nova Scotia.

1060    Collopy, G.K. WO2   R102333.        From Frobisher, Saskatchewan.

157      Colquhoun, J.M.         F/O      J10181.            From Morrisburg, Ontario.

352      Columbus, G.P.          Sgt       R156898.        From Iroquois Falls, Ontario.

599      Colvin, J.A.     WO2   R127411.        From Port Arthur, Ontario.

973      Colwell, J.H.   Ft L.    J10418.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

31613  Comeau, A.J.  WO2   R65203.          From Metigham, Nova Scotia.

Comeau, J.A.  WO1   R64563.          From Edmonton, Alberta.

8079    Compton, C.A.E.        WO2   R124498.        From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

3607    Congdon, 0.W.            P/O      J87086.

263571            Conlon, W.C.  Sgt       R190855.        From London, Ontario.

5103    Connell, J.M.  F/L      C1456. From Toronto, Ontario.

Conner, N.      P/O      J38183.            From Westmount, Quebec.

27707  Cooke, G.H.    WO2   R122227.        From Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

2608    Coombs, J.R.   F/L      J22471.            From Toronto, Ontario.

1674    Cooper, D.T.   F/O      J25078.

39641  Cooper, G.L.   F/L      J8399.  From Powell River, British Columbia.

3462    Cooper, H.      F/O      J85935.

7607    Cooper, J.H.    F/L      J6642.

3463    Cooper, K.E.   F/O      J20213.            From Sheffield, Ontario.

Copeman, H.J. WO     R66356.          From Toronto, Ontario.

624      Corbett, A.B.  F/L      41666. From Merrickville, Ontario.

7608    Corbet, C.M.   P/O      J86489.            From Owen Sound, Ontario.

25649  Corbishley, H. WO2   R74697.          From Penticton, British Columbia.

23567  Corcoran, D.J. F/L      C4328. From Toronto, Ontario.

3301    Cormack, A.   F/L      J27779.

267445            Cormier, J.L    FS        R154772.        From Leger Corner, New Brunswick.

53308  Cornelius, C.B.           P/O      J88810.

304      Cornish, J.C.   Sgt       R156778.        From Brucefield, Ontario.

3388    Cossar, R.C.    P/O      J88148.            From Toronto, Ontario.

20        Coste, R.M.     FL.      40085. From Calgary, Alberta.

Cote, J.A.        FS        R94157.

8522    Cote, J.E.B.A. P/O      J89310.            From Lampman, Saskatchewan.

Cote, J.F.X.A. WO     R82474.          From Ottawa, Ontario.

579      Cote, P.E.        P/O      J18190.            From Montreal, Quebec.

381      Cottenden, M. FS        R139762.        From Springhill, Nova Scotia.

7          Coughlin, J.A. FS        R155989.        From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

80826  Court, G.L.      F/L      J5034.

22809  Cousineau, J.T.           Sgt       R126945.        From Windsor, Ontario.

104      Cowan, A.W.  WO2   R115366.        From Toronto, Ontario.

Cowan, S.F.    P/O      J16375.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Cowtan, T.H.  F/O      J29777.

270      Cox, A.B.        WO     550925.           From Halifax, Nova Scotia.

261230            Cox, J.R.T.      WO2   R156329.        From Toronto, Ontario.

353      Cox, L.E.        P/O      J86449.

7340    Cram, W.H.    F/O      J35808.

1061    Crandell, T.M. WO1   R85964.          From Erindale, Quebec.

4137    Crate, G.W.     F/O      J22053.

6075    Crawford, D.H.           F/L      J12105.

8080    Crawford, J.    P/O      J90567.            From Tacoma, Washington, U.S.A.

647      Crease, H.S.    F/L      J3194.  From Camborene, Ontario.

878      Creech, P.F.B. WO2   R98835.          From Lloydminster, Saskatchewan.

113      Crichton, J.M.S.          Ft L.    J5032.  From Chapleau, Ontario.

270021            Gridland, R.G. Sgt       R188090.

Crighton, A.B. F/L      J6217.  From Calgary, Alberta.

Crispin, J.P.     P/O      J89603.

8933    Crispin, J.P.     P/O      J89603.

3219    Cromb, L.D.    P/O      J18230.            From Regina, Saskatchewan.

Croslan, G.      WO     R82128.          From Brussels, Belgium.

Cross, G.W.    F/O      J36865.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

655      Crosswell, P.B.           P/O      J88362.

4145    Crot, R.J.         F/L      J5053.  From Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

894      Crouch, T.J.     WO1   R88517.          From Toronto, Ontario.

3572    Crowe, W.A.   P/O      J89046.

2470    Crozier, J.H.T. F/L      J9644.  From St. Thomas, Ontario.

Cuddy, K.       F/L                  From Sanford, Manitoba.

250713            Cudmore, L.R.            WO2   R117037.        From Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

508      Cuffe, G.L.     P/O      J88452.

2084    Cullum, A.T.L.           FL.      J22563.            From Paris, Ontario.

Cumming, G.S.           WC).   970185.           From York Factory, Manitoba.

27140  Cunning, E.W.            WO2   R102136.        From Regina, Saskatchewan.

919      Currier, W.E.  WO2   R73251.          From St. John, New Brunswick.

1100    Currie, J.M.     P/O      J91143.

384      Dabous, A.      WO2   R141458.        From Toronto, Ontario.

Dales, H.J.       F/O      J19865.            From Toronto, Ontario.

43257  Dales, J.W.      WO2   R110805.        From Sperling, Nova Scotia.

Dale, D.W.      F/O      J38245.

3810    Dalgleish, J.M.            P/O      J87557.

DaIlin, R.V.    P/O      J90507.

14        Dalseg,            Sgt       R205026.

1402    Dalton, L.S.P. F/O      J20264.            From Edmonton, Alberta.

403      Daly, H.J.W.   WO2   R77008.          From Westmount, Quebec.

577      Damboise, J.G.           FS        R119393.        From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

27709  Danes, A.E.     WO1   R91221.          From Toronto, Ontario.

1415    Daniel, G.C.    FO.      J15016.            From Strubb City, Kansas, U.S.A.

Daniel, LS.      FS        R54318.          From Pembroke, Ontario.

Daniel, R.S.

Daniel, T.K.    F/O      J40104.

225656            Dauphin, C.E. WO2   R68076.          From Ridgetown, Ontario.

24974  Davidner, D.H.           P/O      J16715.            From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

250716            Davidson, A.S.            WO2   R134223.

/23       Davidson, B.A.           F/L      42699. From Calgary, Alberta.

222404            Davidson, E.W.           F/O      J17733.            From Westmount, Quebec.

256      Davidson, J.E.L.         P/O      J88391.            From Hull, Quebec.

5785    Davidson, J.F. F/L      J22039.            From Bedford, Quebec.

657      Davidson, T.    P/O      J90317.            From Castlegar, British Columbia.

5280    David, B.A.     F/O      J26845.

Davies, D.M.   FS        R16445.

6625    Davies, F.C.    F/O      J85093.            From Toronto, Ontario.

3790    Davies, J.I.      PL.      J3767.  From Bangor, Saskatchewan.

699      Davis, C.G.G. P/O      J89774.

263465            Davis, F.A.      P/O      J92961.

2610    Davis, H.F.      F/L      J3723.  From Ottawa, Ontario.

3464    Davis, M.        F/O      J22080.

1238    Davis, S.A.H.  Sgt       R135103.        From St. Kitts, British West Indies.

27710  Dawkins, A.F.A.         WO2   R87686.          From Victoria, British Columbia.

Day, F.J.                                  From Calgary, Alberta.

6596    De Bloeme, T.P.         F/L      J7553.

1277    De Bourbon, P.L.M.D.           Sgt       R144970.        From New York, New York, U.S.A.

367      De Forest, H.G.          F/L      42846. From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

De Long, G.R. P/O      C93037.

838      De Luca, J.M. P/O      J89440.

465      Deacon, A.H.  PL.      41906. From Invermay, Saskatchewan.

3246    Deakin, E.       F/L      J22597.

3527    Dean, W.B.     F/L      J20219.            From Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

1851    Deans, K.D.    F/O      J23133.            From Dauphin, Manitoba.

263667            Dechambeau, M.O.     WO2   R122662.        From Welland, Ontario.

263467            Decorby, R.J.  WO2   R124460.        From St. Lazare, Manitoba.

75        Delaney, M.B.C.         FS        R55227.          From St. Patrick, Quebec.

27415  Dell, D.J.         WO1   R67066.          From Belleville, Ontario.

881      Delorme, J.A.  WO2   R101687.

Delorme, P.                             From Hamilton, Ontario.

1297    Derncoe, P.     WO2   R157401.        From Manitoba.

25129  Dennison, W.Y.          WO2   R82271.          From Ottawa, Ontario.

26979  Denver, J.        WO2   R84369.          From Brantford, Ontario.

2524    Dereniuk, H.   F/L      J16840.            From Wimrner, Saskatchewn.

Derick, E.R.    F/O      J6407.  From Dauphin, Manitoba.

1148    Des Jardins, R.            WO1   R79743.          From Channing, Manitoba.

5380    Desrosiers, J.Y.           F/O      J26848.            From Matane, Quebec.

920      Devine, R.McC.          WO2   R126866.        From Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

570      Devine, W.H.  P/O      J92351.

27418  Dewar, A.H.   Sgt       R105046.        From Toronto, Ontario.

385      Dewar, H.       WO2   R108804.        From Toronto, Ontario.

8229    Diamond, R.C.            F/O      J86836.

3304    Dickenson, J.E.           F/L      J16649.

222684            Diebel, H.M.   P/O      J92934.            From Copper Cliff, Ontario.

889      Dingman, R.B.            WO2   R13679.          From Calgary, Alberta.

3355    Dinning, J.B.   FL.      J3713.  From Calgary, Alberta.

2109    Dinsmore, G.T.           P/O      J88404.            From Brantford, Ontario.

1771    Ditchbum, F.H.           F/O      J11226.            From Montreal, Quebec.

269764            Dixon, R.W.    F/O      J19509.            From Edmonton, Alberta.

222590            Dixon, T.D.     FS        R69259.          From Souris, Manitoba.

120      Doan, E.V.      FS        R137269.        From Chatham, New Brunswick.

22503  Dobie, J.R.      WO2   R122633.        From Clifford, Ontario.

Dodge, J.S.H.  F/L      J13117,

212      Donaldson, K.J.          WO2   R130256.

336      Donaldson, M.W.        Ft L.    37389. From Lethbridge, Alberta.

Donaldson, R.G.         F/O      J19090.

388      Dougherty, J.H.           P/O      J89923.

263470            Doughty, R.B. FS        R144338.

897      Douglas, R.G. WO2   R106758.        From Vancouver, British Columbia.

3490    Douglas, R.G.S.          WO2   R99255.

6941    Dow, H.R.       W/C.    J4893.  From Toronto, Ontario.

7611    Dowbiggin, T.W.        P/O      J85321.

3646    Dowker, G.B. FS        R77018.

25095  Downes, J.B.   WO2   R85727.          From Guelph, Ontario.

Downey, W.C.            FS        R158163.

450      Downing, E.J. P/O      J87791.

5379    Downing, R.S. P/O      J87085.

2525    Downs, J.M.    F/O      J11018.            From Homewood, Manitoba.

3571    Draper, C.R.    WO2   R69143.          From North Bay, Ontario.

222686            Dressler, R.E.  Sgt       R59857.          From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

261235            Drinnan, R.K. FS        R147689.        From Regina, Saskatchewan.

Driscoll, C.J.   F/O      J29619.

1493    Drummond-Hay, A.B.            Fl L.    J21465.            Winnipeg, Manitoba.

3357    Drumm, W.C. F/O      J25535.            From Galt, Ontario.

1716    Dryden, I.M.   F/O      J85094.

5171    Dryden, R.P.   F/O      J24224.

555      Ducat, L.         WO1   R127869.

514      Ducharme,       Sgt       R221243.

7159    Dudley, W.G.  F/O      J22237.            From Toronto, Ontario.

25655  Duff, T.A.S.    FS        R89318.          From Cornith, Quebec.

1689    Duffy, P.J.       F/O      J24481.

25046  Dufour, H.V.   WO2   R79166.

1244    Dugas, J.M.D.J.          WO2   R172832.        From Inwood, Manitoba.

6363    Dugas, M.J.     F/L      J12555.

Dugdale, K.J.  P/O      J89299.

259865            Duggan, W.J.N.          Sgt       R88090.

42802  Dumond, J.W. FS        R108349.        From Ann Arbour, Michigan, U.S.A.

557      Dunbar, L.I.    WO2   R130646.        From Edmonton, Alberta.

9004    Duncan, J.L.    P/O      J90433.

572      Dunham, G.E. Sgt       R203997.

Dunleavy, Wm. A.      FS        R125230.        From Iroquois, Ontario.

4252    Dunn, EM.      F/O      J24540.            From Newmarket, Ontario.

124      Dunn, F.A.      WO2   R76929.          From Devine, Alberta.

Dunn, G.J.       Sgt       R78413.          From Toronto, Ontario.

9650    Dunn, R.J.       F/L      J38640.            From Niagara Falls, Ontario.

5459    Dunn, R.W.     F/O      J17788.

2015    Dunning, A.C. F/O      J10158.            From Westmount, Quebec.

1064    Dupont, L.J.    P/O      J9626.

573      Durdin, C.N.   F/O      J86122.

7729    Durfee, A.B.   F/O      J28938.

8808    Durk, K.I.       F/O      J36864.

562      Dutka, R.S.     FS        R150976.        From Slawan, Alberta.

Duval, H.P.                             From St. John’s Quebec.

3201    Dwyer, J.A.     F/O      J87500.            From London, Ontario.

126      Dywan, J.        FS        R84487.          From St. Catharines, Ontario.

Eager, H.R.     F/O      J40375.

25029  Earl, E.W.       WO2   R90049.          From London, Ontario.

Eddy, J.Q.       F/O      J38781.

27413  Edelson, J.A.M.                      J92121.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Eden, H.W.     WO     580404.           From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

5381    Edington, G.P. F/L      J11044.

3488    Edmunds, L.E.            P/O      J87093.

39237  Edwards, G.S. F/L      J38644.            From Toronto, Ontario.

452      Edwards, J.H. P/O      J17576.            From Cranbrook, British Columbia.

27172  Edwards, M.O.           WO2   R82189.

1301    Edwards, S.McC.        WO2   R85519.          From Southampton, Ontario.

3621    Edwards, W.S.            F/O      J23984.

2570    Edy, D.L.        F/L      J5034.  From London, Ontario.

732      Eggertson, E.  FL.      J10894.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

574      Egri, W.E.       F/O      J87632.

8809    Eilertson, F.H. F/L      J16229.

3818    Elder, E.          WO2   R161850.

8864    Elder, H.W.     F/O      J35888.

1239    Elford, R.O.    WO1   R103805.        From Calgary, Alberta.

Elkin, D.         F/O      J39299.

44644  Elko, P.F.        WO2   R130822.        From Edmonton, Alberta.

2360    Ellingstad, S.A.           PL.      J14524.            From Taylor, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Elliott, D.A.    FL.      J3758.

408      Elliott, H.J.      WO2   R8554. From Toronto, Ontario.

3247    Elliott, J.D.      FL.      J20710.            From Toronto, Ontario.

452      Elliott, K.E.     F/O      J88058.

5172    Ellis, G.R.       F/O      J36283.

263473            Ells, E.H.        F/O      J19025.            From Fort William, Ontario.

354      Elsliger, J.H.   P/O      J90762.

3909    Elvin, R.C.      F/O      J19636.            From Toronto, Ontario.

2424    Emerson, J.D. F/O      86601.

1772    Emery, J.A.     Ft L.    J15421.            From Moncton, New Brunswick.

English, H.R.L.           F/O      J37872.            From Nanaimo, British Columbia.

7730    Epstein, A.I.    F/O      J29386.            From Halifax, Nova Scotia.

263672            Erickson, S.G. FS        R133215.        From Armenia, Alberta.

1067    Etheridge, F.G.           P/O      J89745.

6455    Evans, D.L.     WO2   R71637.          From Toronto, Ontario.

3365    Evans, E.G.     P/O      J88387.

9663    Evans, G.T.     FS        R65407.          From Halifax, Nova Scotia.

269842            Evans, P.H.     FS        R149303.

Everard, H.J.   S/L      J6222.

259869            Ewanko, K.     Sgt       R140807.        From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

6281    Facey, H.G.     F/O      J23944.

131      Fadden, L.R.   WO1   R97650.          From Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

Falkestone, J.E.                                   From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

3130    Farnum, C.A.  F/O      J17442.            From Verdun, Quebec.

3820    Farrell, G.G.   P/O      J90083.

5461    Farrell, J.T.      F/O      J35587.

225702            Farrow, E.H.   WO2   R80536.          From Toronto, Ontario.

Faulkner, E.J.  Sgt       R184378.

991      Fawcett, C.D.  WO2   R115932.        From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

2670    Feast, A.M.     F/L      J16694.            From Toronto, Ontario.

24493  Featherstone, A.          F/L      J15495.            From Vineland, New Jersey, U.S.A.

1345    Featherstone, R.F.I.    F/L      J1615.

31        Featherstone, R.W.     WO1   R70890.          From Limberg, Saskatchewan.

1138    Federico, J.S.  –           P/O      J92915.

924      Fee, R.A.         WO2   R90718.          From Frood Mine, Ontario.

Fellner, A.M.  F/O      J16714.            From Weybum, Saskatchewan.

2200    Ferguson, D.C.           F/O      J86405.            From Port Washington, British Columbia.

3358    Ferguson, J.     F/L      J14634.            From Patricia Bay, British Columbia.

42776  Ferguson, J.A. F/O      J17623.            From Port Arthur, Ontario.

195      Ferguson, J.A.S.         F/L      J15271.            From South Port, Nova Scotia.

263581            Ferguson, J.H. FS        R176230.        From Moosomin, Saskatchewan.

1177    Ferguson, R.   Sgt       R141618.        From Long Island, New York, U.S.A.

1714    Ferrier, G.N.   P/O      C90814.          From Toronto, Ontario.

4096    Ferris, J.          FL.      J12123.

1098    Ferry, D.H.     FL.      J16838.            From Toronto, Ontario.

2089    Fewtrell, G.H. F/O      J26007.

2265    Field, J.T.        P/O      J17829.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

2110    G.F.     P/O      J89285.            From Nanaimo, British Columbia.

3569    Fielding, J.W.  FL.      J9216.

925      Fijal, A.           WO2   R117039.        From Middlechurch, Manitoba.

3833    Fillion, P.E.     F/O      J86272.            From Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

233      Filliter, B.F.    WO2   R26949.          From Moncton, New Brunswick.

39181  Fincham, W.E.            WO2   R77413.          From Verdun, Quebec.

4185    Findlater, H.A.            WO1   R97899.

82        Findlay, G.W. F/L      J15422.            From Red Deer, Alberta.

1544    Findlay, J.B.    F/L      J23524.            From Ottawa, Ontario.

2111    Findlow, R.G. WO2   R149308.

140694            Finlay, F.S.     WO2   R66618.          From Verdun, Quebec.

3369    Finn, R.J.         FS        R155394.

357      Finnie, J.E.      P/O      J90573.

43        Fisher, F.C.     F/L      J38654.            From Barrington, Nova Scotia.

1066    Fisher, H.R.    WO1   R95749.          From Halifax, Nova Scotia.

9619    Fisher, S.T.      FS        R58473.          From Victoria, British Columbia.

1711    Fitzgerald, B.McK.     F/L      J16773.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Fitzgerald, P.J.            P/O      J89601.

Fleming, J.P.   P/O                  From Chaffey’s Locks, Ontario.

4703    Fleming, J.W.  F/O      J25138.            From Markham, Ontario.

773      Fleming, S.A.  F/O      J26330.

Fleming, W.E. F/O      J38759.

113      Fletcher, L.R.  F/O      J86421.

577      Flintoft, G.H.  Sgt       R197596.

648      Floody, C.W.  F/L      J5481.  From Toronto, Ontario.

992      Floyd, W.A.A. WO2   R127528.        From Toronto, Ontario.

161      Ford, C.W.      P/O      J90037.

1184    Ford, R.E.       P/O      J93006.

30        Forest, J.R.      FS        R96860.          From Bonaventure, Quebec.

9670    Forman, C.W. WO2   R56586.          From Melita, Manitoba.

269844            Forster, F.W.   Sgt       R145460.        From Windsor, Ontario.

548      Foster, D.W.   Fl L.    120708.           From Tofield, Alberta.

3748    Foster, G.R.    F/L      J38651.            From St. Laurent, Quebec.

Foster, G.R.    FS        R77140.          From St. Catharines, Ontario.

5293    Foster, W.W.   F/L      J8788.  From Kingston, Ontario.

69        Foulser, J.D.    WO     614117.           From St. Catharines, Ontario.

261510            Fourse, R.G.   FS        R147546.        From Spalding, Saskatchewan.

3603    Fowler, I.H.    F/L      J20406.

235      Fox, C.R.        WO     650539.           From Vancouver, British Columbia.

269953            Fox, F.G.S.     FS        R65204.          From Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Fox, J.H.         F/L                  From Toronto, Ontario.

994      Fox, V.A.        WO2   R126002.        From St. John, New Brunswick.

Frair, H.K.      F/O      J38315.

358      Fraser, B.A.M.            Sgt       R192908.

3362    Fraser, C.G.    FS        R156791.

696      Fraser, H.N.    F/L      J4427.

995      Fraser, J.D.      WO2   R107078.        From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

270032            Fraser, J.H.      F/O      J87474.            From Victoria, British Columbia.

136      Fraser, J.W.     F/O      J17696.            From Nanaimo, British Columbia.

5173    Frauts, D.J.      F/L      J23642.

540      Frederickson, A.A.     WO2   R181041.        From Vancouver, British Columbia.

1675    Freeman, A.E. P/O      J23992.            From Victoria, British Columbia.

3571    Freiburger, RH.          F/L      J22699.

214      Friday, J.W.    P/O      J92337.

Friedman, J.A. Sgt       R219171.

2355    Friskey, R.      F/O      J86600.

222593            Froats, T.         FS        R96365.          From Dickinsons Landing, Ontario.

3656    Froehlich, T.B.            FS        R70809.

6721    Frombold, A.  F/O      J28761.

1697    Frost, R.J.        F/L      J13420.            From Toronto, Ontario.

2086    Frudd, F.W.    F/L      J16774.            From Toronto, Ontario.

1220    Fry, J.R.          F/L      J16934.            From Westmount, Quebec.

43151  Fulham, S.J.A. WO1   R116267.        From St. Lazare, Manitoba.

123      Fulkerson, J.E.            FS        R56904.          From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

270033            Fuller, R.         P/O      J88700.

43346  Fullum, J.E.M.            WO1   R108486.

53692  Fulrnore, P.A. P/O      J90936.

8089    Fulsher, P.H.   FS        R225050.        From MiddleChurch, Manitoba.

Furman, RM.  Sgt                   From Decatur, Illinois, U.S.A.

42815  Gaffney, J.      F/L      51499. From Selkirk, Manitoba.

263583            Gairns, R.H.    FS        R106897.

1186    Gale, L.J.         FS        R202678.

8369    Galipeau, J.     F/L      J36436.

3529    Gallagher, W.J.           F/L      J14780.            From Toronto, Ontario.

7734    Galloway, K.A.           P/O      J39855.

27194  Gammon, W.A.          WO2   R90421.          From Sarnia, Ontario.

501      Ganes, N.A.    WO2   R70836.          From Elbow, Saskatchewan.

771      Gardiner, G.P. F/L      J15252.            From Merlin, Ontario.

5068    Gardiner, G.W.           F/L      J9557.  From Westmount, Quebec.

3204    Gardiner, T.H. F/L      J5919.  From Powell River, British Columbia.

580      Garland, E.F.  P/O      J88157.

1081    Garland, H.E.  F/L      J13412.            From Toronto, Ontario.

6868    Garner, A.M.   F/O      J39325.            From Toronto, Ontario.

39725  Garnett, J.W.   WO     905930.           From Carman, Manitoba.

27476  Garnett, W.N. WO2   R97454.          From Toronto, Ontario.

267449            Garrett, C.H.J. WO2   R115415.        From Halifax, Nova Scotia.

39726  Garrity, J.J.      FS        R99659.          From Windsor, Ontario.

27143  Gartian, J.A.    WO2   R79372.          From Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.A.

48        Gaum, P.         WO2   R65399.          From Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Gaunt, D.B.     F/L      80466. From Pennant, Saskatchewan.

899      Gauthier, J.A.V.          WO1   R72626.          From St. Louis, Prince Edward Island.

373      Geddes, L.G.  F/L      J4773.  From Grenfeli, Saskatchewan.

Gelland, R.      P/O      J90462.

39226  Gemmill, R.I.  Sgt       R59103.          From Pilot Mound, Manitoba.

27048  Gershater, E.   WO2   R59445.          From Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.A.

410      Gibb, G.W.     WO2   R62677.          From Abbotsford, British Columbia.

706      Gibbens, G.N.P.          WO2   R157979.        From Londonderry, Nova Scotia.

3598    Gibson, G.T.   P/O      J89448.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

1180    Gibson, JD.     WO2   R75127.          From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

8090    Gibson, W.R.  P/O      J92348.            From Halifax, Nova Scotia.

49        Giddens, J.D.  WO2   R65332.          From North Bay, Ontario.

3768    Gifford, M.N. P/O      J5141.  From Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Gifford, R.M.                          From Sherbrooke, Quebec.

1863    Gilboe, N.E.    F/L      J8395.  From Windsor, Ontario.

388      Gilchrist, J.C.  WO2   E113729.         From Edmonton, Alberta.

22699  Gilham, R.G.  Sgt       R161649.

7735    Gill, E.P.         F/O      J35744.

5284    Gill, G.H.        F/O      J24553.            From Abbotsford, British Columbia.

587      Gilland, B.F.   P/O      J88516.            From Centerville, New Brunswick.

3044    Gillcash, E.F.  Sgt       R217771.

6297    Gillespie, M.G.           F/O      J21395.            From Victoria, British Columbia.

Gillespie, R.R. J2973.

4099    Gillespie, W.B.           F/L      J23361.            From Hamilton, Ontario.

626      Gillespie, W.C.C.       P/O      J18827.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

39275  Gillies, M.       WO2   R54575.          From Barvas, Saskatchewan.

Gillin, J.W.      FS                    From Richmond, Quebec.

389      Gillis, B.L.      F/O      J18039.

8810    Gillmeister, W.A.       F/O      J38323.

1737    Gilman, J,P.W.            FS        R153895.

27198  Gilmour, J.M.  WO2   R79678.          From Strathmore, Manitoba.

3603    Girard, H.N.    P/O      J89455.

27310  Glen, K.D.      WO2   R79353.          From Toronto, Ontario.

3360    Glen, W.R.      F/L      J21530.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

15185  Glenny, C.J.    P/O      C837956.

1406    Glover, E.A.    F/L      J16185.            From Toronto, Ontario.

510      Glover, J.T.     F/L      41843. From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

269773            Glydon, W.C.  P/O      J19353.            From Morse, Saskatchewan.

222594            Gnam, H.G.    Sgt       R131645.        From Calgary, Alberta.

26820  Goat, L.T.        WO2   R56435.          From Westmount, Quebec.

Gobel, L.         P/O      J91178.            From Calagary, Alberta.

90104  Godard, D.M. WO2   R64393.          From Hamilton, Ontario.

147      Godden, B.M. WO1   R99277.          From New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

3513    Godfrey, S.E.  WO2   R116108.

3455    Goeson, R.P.   P/O      J90915.

158      Gofton, J.P.     F/O      J9274.  From Dauphin, Manitoba.

Gohen, A.L.    P/O      J92957.

2530    Golds, J.D.,     F/L      J22536.            From Guelph, Ontario.

Golob, F.M.    Sgt                   From Brandon, Manitoba.

7736    Good, T.C.      F/L      J14642.            From Calgary, Alberta.

Goodfellow, J.R.         Sgt                   From London, Ontario.

Goodman, F.V.S.        FA..     42215. From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

334      Gordon, J.A.   WO2   R91186.          From Mimico, Ontario.

908      Gordon, J.A.   P/O      J90607.            From Mimico, Ontario.

18335  Gordon, J.R.    F/L      J38645.            From Niagara Falls, Ontario.

5384    Gordon, J.S.    F/L      J22418.            From Islington, Ontario.

4704    Gordon, K.W. F/O      J23480.

6364    Goreham, R.S. P/L.     J88475.

571      Goring, J.A.    F/L      J3765.  From the United Kingdom.

5634    Gorman, J.R.   F/O      J35902.            From Clarkson, Ontario.

260      Gorman, W.M.            FS        R84878.

Goudy, G.H.   P/O      J92634.

3815    Gourlay, J.L.   F/L      J21811.

1561    Gourlie, H.A.  F/L      J23587.            From Regina, Saskatchewan.

927      Graham, G.T.  WO1   R78129.          From Aurora, Ontario.

1023    Graham, H.J.   P/O      J90750.

225703            Graham, J.D.   FS        R65422           From Oldboro, U.S.A.

22423  Graham, J.H.   WO2   R92579.          From Fort MacLeod, Alberta.

27166  Graham, N.M. WO2   R93142.          From Toronto, Ontario.

3807    Graham, S.A.  F/L      J3707.  From London, Ontario.

Graham, W.A. WO2   R136023.        From South Nelson, New Brunswick.

11050  Graham, W.C. F/L      J22433.            From Toronto, Ontario.

1013    Granbois, A.B.            WO2   R102449.        From Halbute, Saskatchewan.

391      Granger, ED.   WO2   R133158.        From Vancouver, British Columbia.

1221    Grant, LC.       Ft L.    J15293.

263677            Grant, R.H.     Sgt       R76497.          From Maclntyre Lake, Nova Scotia.

108700            Grant, T.H.      F/O      J39861.

117117            Grant, WA.     F/O      J18813.            From Ft. William, Ontario.

884      Grant, W.D.    WO2   R129018.        From Daventry, Ontario.

250724            Gration, F.       P/O      J92921.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

5376    Gravel, T.G.A.J.         F/O      J24923.

Graves, F.T.    FS        R223805.        From Ottawa, Ontario.

9          Gray, D.L.       WO2   R110855.        From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

3361    Gray, H.L.       F/O      J35834.

10        Gray, J.D.        WO2   R141114.        From Port Credit, Ontario.

1188    Gray, R.W.S.  Sgt       R259653.

263476            Gray, W.G.     FS        R147966.        From Leney, Saskatchewan.

259875            Green, A.C.E. WO2   R127747.        From Toronto, Ontario.

465      Green, J.H.      F/L      42748. From Vancouver, British Columbia.

392      Green, W.H.    WO2   R157241.        From Portage La Prairie, Manitoba.

141      Greene, R.A.   WO1   R66340.          From Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.

512      Greensides, W.E.        FS        R176159.        From Regina, Saskatchewan.

7474    Greer, C.         F/O      J28972.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

270038            Gregor, N.E.   Sgt       R182397.        From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

8092    Gremon, L.T.  FS        R125304.        From Huntingdon, Quebec.

2428    Griep, B.V.     P/O      J86270.            From Hines Creek, Alberta.

3252    Griffin, W.F.   P/O      J18916.

154      Grigg, W.H.    WO2   R126538.        From Mount Brydges, Ontario.

3524    Grossutti, A.   FS        R187683.        From Windsor, Ontario.

Groves, G.H.   FS                    From Pine Falls, Manitoba.

8230    Grulkey, H.     Ft L.    J17033.

263587            Guertin, E.L.   FS        R130780.

249003            Guertin, W.N. WO1   R68183.          From Wallaceburg, Ontario.

2592    Guess, RD.      F/L      J10277.            From Westmount, Quebec.

86362  Guest, D.W.    WO1   R134604.

11047  Guignion, J.W.            F/L      J25586.

3689    Guluche, A.J.  FS        R188305.

6723    Guy, D.F.        F/O      J16126.

662      Guy, T.C.        Sgt       R213001.

Haacke, G.A.  P/O      J91305.

Haase, G.T.     FS        R185496.

27111  Habkirk, G.S.  WO2   R78929.          From Seaforth, Ontario.

818      Haddleton, W.D.        WO2   R94763.

1015    Haddock, W.H.E.       WO2   R106995.        From Vancouver, British Columbia.

1059    Hague, A.        P/O      J89405.            From Toronto, Ontario.

1843    Hairsine, J.E.   P/O      J87045.

299      Haldenby, F.J. P/O      J87396.

8366    Half night, R.J.            F/O      J37773.

3492    Hall, A.G.       WO2   R109942.        From Windsor, Ontario.

25074  Hall, D.A.       WO2   R92670.          From Okotoks, Alberta.

160      Hall, D.E.        F/O      J10263.            From North Bay, Ontario.

Hall, H.G.       FS        R193025.        From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

7          Hall, J.H.                                 From Summerside, Prince Edward Island.

156      Hall, R.M.       FS        R105379.        From Toronto, Ontario.

Halliday, N.M.                        R74967.          From Vancouver, British Columbia.

Halme, L.G.    F/O      J24490.            From Montreal, Quebec.

222707            Halverson, G.P.          WO2   R112403.        From Coniston, Ontario.

3448    Hamel, J.J.L.   WO2   R164784,

5501    Hamilton, H.K.           F/L      J9934.  From Toronto, Ontario.

Hamilton, P.C.            Ft L.    J11556.

Hamilton, R.E.                        J8644,  From Dawson Creek, Yukon, Canada.

158      Hamilton, R.J. Sgt       R71213.          From Brandon, Manitoba.

319      Hamilton, W.R.          WO2   R73772.          From Westmount, Quebec.

159      Hammett, R.H.           WO1   R90401.          From Sarnia, Ontario.

3255    Hammond, H.W.E.     F/L      J17229.

238      Hands, H.W.   WO2   R69150.          From Chapleau, Ontario,

260765            Hanes, A.L.     WO     901167.           From Ottawa, Ontario.

163      Hanlon, J.B.P. Ft L.    44269. From Nepean, Ontario.

2672    Hannah, A.E.  F/L      J8195.  From Weirdale, Saskatchewan.

Hanna, D.C.    F/O                  From Westmount, Quebec.

168      Harcus, S.        WO2   R59267.          From Birtle, Manitoba.

8231    Harding, M.A.B.         F/O      J18021.

1191    Hardy, N.D.    FS        R218193.

Hardy, J.C.                              From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Hare, C.E.                   J15232.            From Toronto, Ontario.

3308    Hare, H.E.       F/O      J18689.            From St. Catharines, Ontario.

25030  Harker, H.H.F.            WO2   R80380.          From Hamilton, Ontario.

Harlton, J.E.                J6188.  From Stony Beach, Saskatchewan.

3819    Harper, A.C.   F/O      J25585.

Harrigan, J.B.  Sgt       R195778.        From Windsor, Ontario.

1024    Harrington, M.A.        FS        R255124.

572      Harris, J.N.      PL.      39661. From Fort Francis, Oiltario.

2474    Harris, J.R.      F/L      J22475.            From Toronto, Ontario.

6641    Harris, P.H.     F/O      J38283.

52673  Harris, R.L.     F/O      J26786.

1000    Harrison, A.R. WO1   R105255.        From Toronto, Ontario.

395      Harrison, G.K. WO2   R114947.        From Wapella, Saskatchewan.

Harrison, S.A. F/O      J37837.

10522  Harsh, G.R.     F/L      J7795.  From Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

27180  Hart, H.G.P.    WO2   R87579.          From Vancouver, British Columbia.

225506            Hart, L.W.J.    FS        R66039.          From St. Catharines, Ontario.

1498    Harty, J.C.       FL.      J16995.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

1732    Harvey, A.G.  P/O      J86954.            From Bright, Ontario.

8234    Harvey, A.J.    F/O      J85545.

590      Harvey, E.G.   P/O      J89873.

517      Harvey, R.A.   P/O      J89811.

Harvey, R.A.   Sgt       R148411.

8049    Harvie, J.D.M. F/O      J27573.            From Montreal, Quebec.

39238  Haslam, W.J.   FS        R59363.          From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

6169    Hastie, W.A.   F/O      J85781.

2616    Hastings, G.V. P/O      J17665.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Hatfield, T.G.  WO2   R65366.          From Tuskett, Nova Scotia.

220      Hattey, D.H.   P/O      J90295.

2617    Haw, V.A.       F/L      J10355.            From Eganville, Ontario.

270041            Hawkes, V.L.  F/O      J87164.            From Calgary, Alberta.

270041            Hawkes, V.L.  FS        R131472.        From Calgary, Alberta.

2139    Hawkins, C.M.            P/O      J89712.            From Calgary, ALberta.

Hawthorne, C.R.         P/O      J92445.

1329    Hawtin, J.S.     F/O      J11941.            Bearston, Ontario.

361      Hayes, H.B.    P/O      J923345.          From Ottawa, Ontario.

222712            Hayes, J.C.A.  FS        R150287.        From Kingston, Ontario.

83678  Hayes, R.T.     Sgt       R225060.        From Niagara Falls, Ontario.

591      Hayes, T.E.     P/O      J89874.

39671  Hayward, A.H.           WO2   R52692.          From Toronto, Ontario.

204      Hayward, B.W.           F/L      39521. From Dugald, Manitoba.

8121    Head, L.F.       P/O      J89446,            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

Hector, F.A.    Sgt       R114679.

80153  Heddle, G.C.   Sgt       R163712.

Heggtvert, C.E.           F/O      J15379.            From Ottawa, Ontario.

27524  Hempseed, R.K.         WO1   R60714.          From Calgary, Alberta.

Henderson, R.R.         E/ L.    J3755.  From Vancouver, British Columbia.

166      Hendery, A.R.C.         P/O      J89074.            From Montreal, Quebec.

2673    Heney, F.E.     F/O      04220. From Ottawa, Ontario.

506      Henigman, C.F.          WO2   R5852. From Victoria, British Columbia.

117121            Henry, R.J.      FS        R709457.        From Regina, Saskatchewan.

5784    Henry, R.W.    F/L      J8407.  From London, Ontario.

6948    Heron, J.P.      F/O      J35184.

167      Herrick, V.R.  P/O      C92152.

1894    Herriot, C.R.   F/O      C87567.

3257    Hesketh, H.H. F/O      J106058.

2/31     Hetherington, E.A.S.  P/O      J88146.            From Newmarket, Ontario.

8050    Hetherington, S.G.      F/O      J29658.            From Toronto, Ontario.

90129  Hewitt, I.         WO2   R64413.          From Port Dover, Ontario.

5975    Hewson, G.W. F/O      J21152.

5975    Hickson, D.D. WO1   R83124.          From Wheatley, Ontario.

1547    Higgins, J.A.   F/O      J21193.            New Westminster, British Columbia.

2916    Higgins, W.B.L.         F/O      J22863.            From Toronto, Ontario.

8096    High, D.          P/O      J92346.            From Jarrud, Alberta.

885      Hill, A.G.        WO1   R75872.          From Middleport, Ontario.

5339    Hill, A.L.        F/L      J22938.

39182  Hill, C.C.        F/L      J16980.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

5858    Hill, G.U.        S/L      01075.

2983    Hillman, J.A.  P/O      J86199.            From Dutton, Ontario.

8868    Hoar, E.T.       F/O      035274.

1071    Hobbs, C.E.    WO1   R85545.          From Toronto, Ontario.

3446    Hockey, J.E.    S/L      J4562.  From Kentville, Nova Scotia.

979      Hoddinott, W.H.         F/O      J9848.  From Brandon, Manitoba.

90144  Hodgkinson, B.G.       F/O      J38649.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

228389            Hodgson, E.H. F/L      J5215.  From Westmount, Quebec.

1548    Hodgson, R.C.C.        F/L      J20916.            From Westmount, Quebec.

1193    Hodgson, R.Y. WO1   R128401.

8051    Hodgson, T.R. F/O      J23974.            From Toronto, Ontario.

1549    Hoe, E.R.        F/O      J20447.            From London, Ontario.

3398    Hoffberg, M.M.          F/O      J86914.            From Toronto, Ontario.

8052    Hoffman, C.R. F/O      J20963.            From Radner, British Columbia.

6282    Hoffos, P.C.    F/O      J24647.

1192    Hogan, J.R.     FS        R22354-4.

930      Hogg, W.N.    WO1   R82671.          From Picton, Ontario.

828      Holloway, R.O.           WO2   R79022.          From Westmount, Quebec.

270045            Honey, EC.     FS        R146294.

326      Honeychurch, C.L.     WO2   R83611.          From Toronto, Ontario.

Hood, R.F.      FS        R203134.

322      Hooley, J.R.    Sgt       R108426.        From St. Lambert, Quebec.

270046            Hopkins, I.V.  FS        R151588.

1138    Horn, C.L.       WO2   R119868.

43152  Hornung, B.    WO2   R94831.          From Regina, Saskatchewan.

Horton, Wm.G.           Sgt       R72050.          From Peterborough, Ontario.

8814    Hossie, L.J.     F/O      J24528.            From Port Credit, Ontario.

5502    Hough, T.H.    F/O      J18202.

Hodson, F.E.   F/O      J25529.            From Hamilton, Ontario.

1062    Houston, E.J.   F/O      J19665.            From Arnprior, Ontario.

2621    Hovey, C.Y.    F/L      J17106.            From Ottawa, Ontario.

3364    Hovison, F.E.  F/O      J25527.

3516    Howard, G.B. WO1   R96243.          From Albion, Ontario.

6460    Howard, J.H.G.           F/L      J19061.

Howard, Wm.R.          P/O                  From Milestone, Saskatchewan.

420      Howell, W.C.  FL.      J40352.            From Toronto, Ontario.

1183    Howell, W.J.   WO2   R112596.        From Toronto, Ontario.

1249    Howes, J.K.     WO2   R65437.          From Mountsevel, British West Indies.

225659            Howie, W.S.   WO1   R77489.          From Westmount, Quebec.

3310    Hubbs, F.H.    FL.      J21463.            From Sudbury, Ontario.

Huet, J.J.G.     P/O      J92704.

1729    Hughes, F.J.    WO2   F1165160.       From Toronto, Ontario.

652      Hughes, G.D.  F/L      J8805.  From Toronto, Ontario.

3454    Hughes, J.R.    P/O      J87374.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

Hughes, R.C.  Sgt       R78724.          From St. Mary’s, Ontario.

263591            Hukee, R.E.    FS        R62329.          From Semans, Sakatchewan.

Hull, F.G.        FS        R206554.

573      Humphries, H.F.C.     F/L      J15334.            From Ottawa, Ontario.

6091    Humphries, M.            F/O      J36029.

27034  Hunt, C.A.      WO2   R78615.          From London, Ontario.

421      Hunt, N.E.       F/L      40355. From Ottawa, Ontario.

80028  Hunt, P.R.       P/O      J87560.

5120    Hunt, S.G.       F/O      J28785.

510      Hunter, A.G.   FS        R101656.        From Sidney, Manitoba.

2018    Hunter, A.R.   F/O      J16645.            From Ft. William, Ontario.

1633    Hunter, R.C.A.            FL.      J3754.  From Toronto, Ontario.

1073    Hunter, W.S.   F/O      J17545.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Huntingdon, H.A.       Sgt                   From Nut Mountain, Saskatchewan.

288      Hurst, D.S.      F/L      J7006.  From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

1699    Huston, G.S.   F/O      J17316.            From Agincourt, Ontario.

Huston, H.T.   F/O                  From Vancouver, British Columbia.

399      Hutchings, J.F.            WO2   R131774.        From Calgary, Alberta.

655      Hutchinson, A.D.        P/O      J17981.            From Toronto, Ontario.

174      Hutchinson, D.H.        WO2   R137936.

Hutchinson, J.A.                     R75258.          From Toronto, Ontario.

Hutton, G.E.   P/O      J93462.            From Agincourt, Ontario.

6301    Huycke, A.H.S.          F/O      J23782.

1195    Hyde, E.H.      P/O      J93010.            From Sudbury, Ontario.

  1. Hyde, K.T. WO2 R60260.          From Calgary, Alberta.

Hymers, A.F.  Sgt       R110928.        From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

505      Imrie, I.G.       F/L      J16488.            From Toronto, Ontario.

829      Ender, H.A.     WO2   R76443.          From Grindstone, Quebec.

394      Inglis, E.R.      P/O      J90343.

27388  Ingram, A.G.   WO2   R103952.        From Wrentham, Alberta.

3608    Inverarity, W.  F/O      J21538.            From Toronto, Ontario.

2546    Irvine, R.J.      F/O      J866223.          From Hamilton, Ontario.

22520  Irving, G.N.    Sgt       R60913.          From Edmonton, Alberta.

Irwin, K.         P/O      J90572.            From London, Ontario.

1408    Irwin, T.R.C.               J22523.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

177      Ivor, W.A.       WO1   R87336.          From Macklin, Saskatchewan.

3573    Jackman, B.G.D.        F/L      J21204.

1267    Jackman, T.E. F/L      J16434.            From Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

24381  Jackson, D.C.  FS        R65533.          From St. George, Ontario.

2269    Jackson, D.J.G.           S/L      39989. From Plunkett, Saskatchewan.

4102    Jackson, W.R. FL.      J93463.

Jacobs, W.L.   FL.      J39638.

Jacob, D.L.      F/L

324      Jaffray, W.N.  WO2   R114232.        From Stoney Creek, Ontario.

23599  James, H.R.     FS        R63994.          From Toronto, Ontario.

261445            James, J.E.      Sgt       R225079.        From Vancouver, British Columbia.

5176    James, R.W.    F/O      J35061.

2534    James, S.E.      F/O      J16706.            From Toronto, Ontario.

980      Jamieson, J.H. FL.      J22559.            From Orillia, Ontario.

9006    Jamieson, L.S. F/O      J39942.

Janisse, J.L.L. Sgt                   From Tecumseh, Ontario.

76594  Jardine, A.E.   AC1.   R153782.        From Toronto, Ontario.

Jardine, A.M.  G/C.    37569. From Vancouver, British Columbia.

68        Jarrell, J.M.     WO2   R69626.          From Kincardine, Ontario.

1141    Jaynes, A.       Sgt       R18054.          From London, Ontario.

1347    Jay, R.H.         F/L      J16465.            From Westmount, Quebec.

263688            Jeffries, WE.   FS        R118612.        From Toronto, Ontario.

9568    Jenkin, D.W.   WO2   R56848.          From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

1197    Jennings, N.E.

1144    Jervis, I.H.      WO1   R103353.

3999    Jewel, L.G.      F/O      J87080.

5290    Jigurski, B.      Sgt       R185495.

268      Joel, W.V.       WO2   R180404.

Johnson, H.L.  WO     R118092.

Johnson, J.V.   F/O      J45712.

39260  Johnson, M.A. FS        R68074.          From London, Ontario.

261446            Johnson, 0.0.   P/O      J91088.            From Kamsack, Saskatchewan.

2501    Johnson, R.M. F/L      J5990.  From Westmount, Quebec.

22523  Johnson, R.T.  FS        R125812.        From Ottawa, Ontario.

90092  Johnson, W.L. WO2   R54415.          From New York, New York, U.S.A.

263484            Johnston, D.M.           FS        R188474.        From Toronto, Ontario.

85730  Johnston, G.N. P/O      J92609.

1020    Johnston, G.R. WO2   R122377.        From Vancouver, British Columbia.

Johnston, G.W.           WO1   R272572.        From Stratford, Ontario.

Johnston, J.D. F/L      J15430.

8563    Johnston, R.S. F/O      J35546.

9576    Johnston, T.V. FS        R61673.          From Horizon, Saskatchewan.

28        Johnstone, A.I.            P/O      J89474.

26824  Johnstone, G.E.           WO2   R101753.        From Portage La Prairie, Manitoba.

5177    Johnstone, G.L.           F/O      29667.

4794    Johnstone, M.M.         F/L      J15682.

1683    Jones, A.C.P.  F/L      J14779.            From Regina, Saskatchewan.

52715  Jones, G.L.      F/O      J35736.            From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

25139  Jones, H.C.     WO2   R66087.          From Thorold, Ontario.

52643  Jones, K.W.    F/L      J13827.

9551    Jones, N.S.      FS        R64109.          From Toronto, Ontario.

8869    Jones, RE.       F/O      J95820.            From Oakville, Ontario.

11        Jones, W.L.     F/O      J15052.            From Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.

27312  Jones, W.T.     WO2   R93413.          From Peterboro, Ontario.

2270    Joyce, F.C.      F/L      J18047.            From Longueuil, Quebec.

42759  Jupp, L.C.       WO1   R61663.          From Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Kanakas, T.J.   FS        R144074.        From Toronto, Ontario.

2918    Kanelakos, J.   P/O      J18792.            From Smith’s Falls, Ontario.

243      Keech, W.A.   F/L      J15360.            From North Bay, Ontario.

1463    Keighan, J.L    WO2   R131253.        From Niagara Falls, Ontario.

2357    Keiller, A.C.   F/O      J87661.            From Owen Sound, Ontario.

Keilty, J.R.      Sgt       R260204.        From Toronto, Ontario.

26999  Keith, G.A.     WO2   R70372.          From Edmonton, Alberta.

709      Kell, W.L.       F/L      J8800.  From Outlook, Saskatchewan.

9007    Kellond, J.C.   F/O      J18533.

90061  Kelly, C.         FS        R54380.          From Ottawa, Ontario.

25646  Kendall, R.G.  WO2   R70732.          From Regina, Saskatchewan.

7617    Kenny, J.H.F.  F/L      J20137.

6171    Kenny, R.A.    F/L      J20134.

5342    Kennedy, J.C. F/L      J14568.

904      Kennett, R.E.  WO1   R102033.        From Fillmore, Saskatchewan.

Kenney, J.R.   F/O      J19024.            From Nanton, Alberta.

325      Kenwell, D.E. FS        R91128.          From Union, Ontario.

27208  Kenwood, W.F.          F/L      J15970.            From the United Kingdom.

1075    Keon, M.S.      WO2   R90710.          From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

7481    Kerr, C.G.       F/L      J17500.            From Port Credit, Ontario.

3488    Kerr, J.K.        F/O      J24523.

1594    Kerr, R.H.       F/L      J22197.            From Toronto, Ontario.

540      Kerr, W.C.      WO2   R68554.          From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

222611            Kerr, W.S.       FS        R105117.        From Marmore, Ontario.

425      Kettlewell, K.R.          WO2   R71712.          From Mimico, Ontario.

27224  Kidd, T.L.       WO2   R62088.          From Kerrobert, Saskatchewan.

4000    Kift, R.L.        F/O      J85679.

12671  Killwyn, R.G. WO2   R91238.

Kindret, A.      P/O

308      King, A.J.        P/O      J87598.

1021    King, D.          F/O      J17169.            From Aurora, Ontario.

4462    King, D.M.      F/O      J24073.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

290      King, S.G.       F/O      J7911.  From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

833      Kingdom, J.A. WO1   R82313.          From Lakefield, Ontario.

1656    Kingsley, A.    F/L      J13926.            From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

189      Kingsley, W.   WO2   R102920.        From Toronto, Ontario.

2068    Kingston, J.S.  F/O      J22365.

651      Kingwell, I.H. F/L      42349. From Trail, British Columbia.

8055    Kinnis, A.C.    F/O      J26316.            From Trail, British Columbia.

3667    Kipp, T.R.       F/L      J3514.  From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

3315    Kipp, W.M.     F/L      J20400.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

3011    Kirk, C.F.        P/O      J17740.            From Toronto, Ontario.

185      Kirk, J.N.        FS        R15830.          From Hamiota, Manitoba.

15        Kirkham, B.D. WO2   R114702.

80827  Kistler, W.W.  F/L      J10558.

5461    Kiteley, J.A.    F/L      J27568.            From Georgetown, Ontario.

3260    Kiteley, J.R.J.  F/O      J14221.            From Mimico, Ontario.

918      Klatt, H.W.     FS        R157721.

1186    Klein, W.J.      FS        R114160.        From Stratford, Ontario.

1550    Knight, D.R.   F/L      J20399.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

225680            Knight, H.J.     F/O      J38642.            From Toronto, Ontario.

269783            Knights, H.J.   P/O      J19264.            From Surrey, British Columbia.

8870    Knorr, E.M.     F/O      J26700.            From Ottawa, Ontario.

12679  Kormylo, J.     WO2   R85041.          From Regina, Saskatchewan.

270054            Krantz, H.       F/O      J86396.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

1466    Ksendz, G.E.   FS        R178698.        From Jarvis, Ontario.

711      Kydd, G.         FS        R220333.

65        La Franchise, R.A.      WO2   R60719.          From St. Albert, Alberta.

La Vasseur, J.J.           Sgt                   From Edmunston, New Brunswick.

22252  Labelle, D.M.J.                       R7755. From Ottawa, Ontario.

3449    Labarge, J.A.R.           F/O      J17674.            From Montreal, Quebec.

3261    Lacerte, R.J.    Ft L.    J16789.            From Edmonton, Alberta.

23603  Lacharite, A.R.           FS        R62734.          From Sherbrooke, Quebec.

227      Laffin, M.A.    F/O      J97252.            From New Waterford, Nova Scotia.

427      LaFortune, H.J.           WO2   R70434.          From Simcoe, Ontario.

4191    Laframboise, J.E.C.R. P/O      J89116.

3709    Lagerquist, R.H.         FL.      J20420.            From Brampton, Ontario.

983      Lago, J.           Ft L.    J16960.            From Timmins, Ontario.

552      Laidlaw, R.G.N.         F/L      J5319.  From Toronto, Ontario.

90053  Laing, K.N.     WO2   R61468.          From Chilliwack, British Columbia.

463      Laing, R.C.     P/O      J89898.

222436            Lally, J.M.       Sgt       R143209.        From Revelstoke, British Columbia.

195      Laloge, M.R.   P/O      J18027.            From St. John, New Brunswick.

269784            Lamb, W.A.    FS        R155355.

Lambert, A.     S/ L.                From St. John, New Brunswick.

1198    Lambert, J.A.  P/O      J92976.            From Ottawa, Ontario.

905      Lamontagne, J.G.G.C.            WO1   R104784.        From Quebec, Quebec.

Landers, K.W. F/O      J39400.

5976    Lane, C.H.      F/O      J88627.

1659    Lane,   Fl L.    J15834.            From Austin, Manitoba.

Lang, H.R.      WO2   R79215.          From New York, New York, U.S.A.

1777    A.H.    F/L      J8821.  From Sydney, Nova Scotia.

6882    Langlands, H.W.         F/O      J36889.

1447    Langlois, H.    F/L      J20105.            From Quebec.

7161    Langstone, C.E.          F/O      J27488.            From Toronto, Ontario.

225635            Langton, N.C. WO2   R97540.          From Kelowna, British Columbia.

906      Lanteigne, J.G.            WO2   R55933.

Lapierre, J.M.R.          P/O      J90872.

46        Lapointe, H.D.            P/O      J90238.

1502    Large, G.R.     F/L      J9688.  From Makaroff, Manitoba.

2371    Lariee, D.E.    Fl L.    J14743.            From St. John, New Brunswick.

4002    LarocheIle, A.W.        P/O      J90363.            From Ottawa, Ontario.

1778    Larson, R.B.    F/L      J5829.  From Penzance, Saskatchewan.

1320    Lasalle, K.       WO2   R117446.        From North Bay, Ontario.

1410    Laskey, D.       F/L      J22525.            From Fredericton, New Brunswick.

5469    Lauzon, L.R.   F/O      J19886.            From Toronto, Ontario.

6883    Law, G.W.      F/O      J35907.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

1150    Lawlor, J.J.      Sgt       R103379.

1998    Lawrence, M.V.          F/O      J19574.            From Regina, Saskatchewan.

Layman, T.L.  F/L      J23003.

Le Blanc, J.A. WO2   R104806.        From Montreal, Quebec.

7795    Leach, A.J.      FS        R85484.          From Calfax, Saskatchewan.

197      Leach, G.B.     FS        R93921.          From Minburn, Alberta.

Lecours, J.G.R.           WO1   R79289.          From Montreal, Quebec.

Leader, A.A,   WO1   R129032.

Lee, H.H.        F/O      J14510.            From Toronto, Ontario.

Lee, J.P.          P/O      J92158.            From Perth, Ontario.

267168            Lees, K E.       WO2   R33606.          From Port Hope, Ontario.

2434    Lehman, R.N. P/O      J88768.            From Cargall, Ontario.

2875    Lemoal, L.J.    Sgt       R182969.

5772    Lenz, K.E.       F/O      J35904.

307      Leonard, R.O. WO2   R130123.        From New Glasgow, Ontario.

4719    Lepine, J.H.C.A.         F/L      J17633.

1200    Leppington, G.W.       P/O      J91189.

8101    Leslie, D.E.     Sgt       628603.           From Vancouver, British Columbia.

1727    Leslie, J.G.      F/O      J85407.            From Branfford, Ontario.

Lesperance, J.J.P.        F/L      J222702.

1145    Levasseur, J.J. WO2   R113949.        From Edmunston, New Brunswick.

24977  Levasseur, N.W.         WO2   R83181.          From Windsor, Ontario.

37        Levere,            WO2   R82936.          From Merrickville, Ontario.

15        Levesque, J.A.O.        FL.      J15188.            Mont Joli, Quebec.

24375  Lewis, C.W.    WO2   R55366.          From Toronto, Ontario.

Lewis, J.C.      Sgt       R274162.

43348  Lewis, O.D.    FS        R55041.

1270    Lewis, T.W.    Fl L.    J16111.            From Akron, Ohio.

712      Lewis, W.E.    F/O

3785    Lewis, W.J.     F/ L.    41188. From Port Hope, Ontario.

5470    Libbey, D.E.A.           F/O      J38573.

5343    Likeness, E.C. F/L      J4738.  From London, Ontario.

1201    Limacher, A.R.           FS        R258284.

1784    Limmer, J.G.   P/O      J19071.

909      Lindsey, L.J.   WO1   R92221.          From Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

25125  Linklater, F.N. WO2   R83586.          From Toronto, Ontario.

42708  Linton, D.       F/O      J15626.            From Herun, Illinois. U.S.A.

27720  Lishman, W.G.           WO2   R106427.        From Foxwarren, Manitoba.

Little, G.B.      Sgt       R26557.

267460            Little, G.H.     Sgt       R88826.          From Petrolia, Ontario.

24773  Littlefield, ED.            WO2   R56215.          From Walpole, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

8236    Livingstone, A.F.        F/O      J29558.

24957  Locke, J.B.      WO2   R79194.          From Lennoxville, Quebec.

2624    Lockhart, I.A.L.          P/O      J18450.            From Toronto, Ontario.

Lockwood, J.W.          WO2   R196084.        From Vancouver, British Columbia.

27722  Logan, D.M.   F/O      J8929.  From St. Thomas, Ontario.

1758    Logan, L.E.     S/L      C1359. From Ottawa, Ontario.

3793    Long, H.A.      WO2   R112674.

25148  Long, J.F.        WO2   R77051.          From Westmount, Quebec.

4915    Long, R.C.D.  P/O      J92918.

5951    Longstaff, F.A.           P/O      J86808.

2186    Loomer, RE.   P/O      J84770.

24484  Lord, A.L.       FS        R64879.          From Deer Island, New Brunswick.

2671    Loree, J.F.       FL.      J7471.  From Guelph, Ontario.

83668  Lortie, J.A.M. Sgt       R79144.          From St. Agathe, Manitoba.

27533  Loughlin, C.    WO2   R86604.          From Edmonton, Alberta.

5151    Love, F.H.       F/O      J21188.

2476    Love, M.C.      F/L      J12474 From Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

6794    Low, A.A.L.   F/O      J38300.            From Hamilton, Ontario.

269787            Low, J. FS        R161452.        From Hamilton, Ontario.

1254    Low, M.G.      F/O      J85129.            From New Westminster, British Columbia.

4463    Low, R.B.       F/O      J27125.            From Owen Sound, Ontario.

1598    Lowe, J.W.      F/L      J23125.

599      Lowe, K.R.     F/O      J88084.

1332    Lowry, R.W.   F/L      J13812.            From Hamilton, Ontario.

4003    Lozo, J.L.        P/C.     J88773.

3532    Lucas, L.T.      PL.      J22145.

Luce, 0.A.       Cpl.     R84166.          From Lachine, Quebec.

8013    Ludman, H.J.  F/O      J25031.

175      Ludwig, J.A.   P/O      J90241.            From Browning, Saskatchewan.

Luetchford, Wm. G.   F/O                  From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

5838    Lundberg, S.T.            F/L      H22989.          From Elliot Lake, Ontario.

Lunny, I.C.     WO     R135251.        From Westmount, Quebec.

49        Lush, D.R.      F/L      J5825.  From Toronto, Ontario.

628      Luxton, C.       F/O      J6367.  From Westmount, Quebec.

27648  Lyall, J.M.       WO2   R97377.          From Toronto, Ontario.

6303    Lyng, J.J.         F/O      J25542.            From Westmount, Quebec.

8565    Lyttle, A.L.     F/O      J28573.

5986    L’Abbe, J.W.   PL.      J21415.            From Rimouski, Quebec.

74        Macafee, R.L. WO2   R64752.          From Millstream, New Brunswick.

MacAllan, D.H.          F/O      J6185.  From St. Thomas, Ontario.

6172    MacAloney, A.H.                   J87683.

22734  MacAuley, M. FS        R133128.

432      MacCallum, C.L.        WO2   R76293.          From Inverness County, Nova Scotia.

1078    MacCallum, G.L.        WO1   R76187.          From Grafton, Massachussets, U.S.A.

MacDonald, C.D.       P/O      J92117.

3474    MacDonald, C.G.E.    P/O      J87635.            From Ottawa, Ontario.

115      MacDonald, D.           F/L      42243. From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

940      MacDonald, D.F.        WO2   R109064.        From Banff, Alberta.

837      MacDonald, E.E.        WO2   R65412.          From Picton, Nova Scotia.

3827    MacDonald, H.F.        F/O      J27393.

3038    MacDonald, 1.R.        WO2   R137824.        From Lourdes, Nova Scotia.

MacDonald, J.M.        FS        R196166.

941      MacDonald, R.L.        WO1   R62809.

8629    MacDonald, S.M.       F/O      J35733.

3417    MacDonald, V.C.       P/O      J88649.

603      MacDonald, W.A.      P/O      J90609.

1014    MacDonald, W.A.      WO2   R76136.          From Sydney, Nova Scotia.

MacDougall, D.A.      FS        R137987.

MacDougall, R.L.       P/C      J92838.

38        MacEachern, K.          WO2   R82304.

4617    MacFayden, R.D.       F/O      J20071.

4464    MacGillivray, A.H.                 J19113.

254      MacHan, S.H. WO2   R68112.          From St. Thomas, Ontario.

254      Machan, S.H.  F/L      J38656.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

8239    Mack, J.H.       P/O      J85562.

3265    MacKay, A.H. F/L      J14515.            From North Battleford, Saskatchewan.

3612    MacKay, D.K. Ft L.    C4002.

1612    MacKay, F.E.  F/O      J17437.            From New Westminster, British Columbia.

222735            Mackay, T.O.  Sgt       R197739.        From Victoria, British Columbia.

MacKay, W.M.                                   From Calgary, Alberta.

MacKeigan, D.C.        P/O      J93463.

MacKeigan, D.C.        FS        R182378.

222619            MacKenzie, A.G. D.F.M.       WO1   R78574.          From Lucknow, Ontario.

874      MacKenzie, W.E.       WO     R65193.

MacKey, 0.0.  P/O      J91193.

3780    MacKey, W..K.           Ft L.    J4714.  From North Augusta, Ontario.

27186  Mackie, J.C.    Sgt       R58942.          From New Westminster, British Columbia.

3693    MacKinnon, M.D.       FS        R176583.        From Toronto, Ontario.

Macklin, Wm.A.         Sgt                   From Saskatchewan.

399      MacLean, D.L.           P/O      J90246.

6391    MacLennan, 1.R.        F/L      J15928.

MacLennan, J. FS        R223070.

1669    MacLeod, A.A.           F/O      J15332.            From Halifax, Nova Scotia.

5978    MacLeod, H.M.          F/O      J24949.

4065    MacLeod, J.J.W.         F/O      J28204.            From Ottawa, Ontario.

467      MacLeod, J.T. FS        R153205.

9588    MacLeod, R.B.           WO2   R62187.          From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

39670  MacMillan, D.K.G.    WO2   R421 1A.        From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

267172            MacMullin, J.D.          Sgt       R137962.        From Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

24518  MacMurray, A.W.      WO2   R64815.          From Moncton, New Brunswick.

672      MacNaught, A.R.R.    P/O      J90576.            From Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

5388    MacNeill, J.B. F/O      J28919.

537      MacNeill, J.D. WO2   R92745.          From Canada.

9620    MacNutt, P.S. WO2   R56239.          From New Westminster, British Columbia.

MacPherson, B.E.       F/L      J7236.

2574    MacPherson, M.R.      F/L      J15743.            From Toronto, Ontario.

6843    MacPherson, N.C.      F/L      J23608.

2376    MacReady, J.  F/L      J14179.

53201  MacStoker, W.J.         P/O      J86426.            From Toronto, Ontario.

24837  MacWillianri, W.R.    WO2   R73436.          From Salisbury, New Brunswick.

5379    Maddin, C.      F/L      J16776.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

4105    Maddin, C.A.  F/O      J24628.

8873    Madill, RM.    F/O      J37776.

7064    Magdalinski, W.F.      P/O      J88493.

27339  Magnus, A.L.  Sgt       R85947.          From Calgary, Alberta.

3487    Maguire, G.G. F/O      J86166.

90064  Magwood, J.P.            FS        R62630.          From Cornwall, Ontario.

1267    Maher, J.J.       P/O      J86494.            From Chatsworth, Ontario.

2276    Mahoney, J.J.E.           S/L      40182. From Ottawa, Ontario.

Mahoney, J.M.                        R144952.        From Green Valley, Ontario.

Mahoney, J.P. F/O      J35766.            From St. John, New Brunswick.

913      Maine, H.C.    P/O      J92603.            From Port Arthur, Ontario.

8719    Major, F.         F/O      J35774.

337      Makarewicz, J.J.         WO2   R97584.          From Sagina, Michegan, U.S.A.

275      Malik, S.         P/O      J88281.

90111  Mancini, V.S.  WO2   R65363.          From Centerville, Nova Scotia.

1255    Mander, J.0.    Sgt       R134856.        From

1599    Mann, N.W.    F/L      J21442.

27573  Manning, G.M.           WO2   R84918.          From St. John, New Brunswick.

379      Mapes, N.W.   F/L      J7521.  From Watson, Saskatchewan.

208      Maracle, C.     FS        R139251.        From Aldershot, Ontario.

7741    Marchildon, P.E.         F/O      J28783.            From Toronto, Ontario.

3316    March, J.J.       F/O      J18901.            From Manitou, Manitoba.

Marcille, J.L.   F/O      J39898.

73        Marcotte, J.C.A.         WO2   R75166.          From Prudhomme, Saskatchewan.

Marcou, H.F.  S/L      41350. From Westmount, Quebec.

Marion, G.E.   WO2   R143398.

Markle, A.G.               R86820.          From Carnrose, Alberta.

1781    Markowsky, W.J.        F/O      J9250.  From Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

27492  Marquand, E.R.          WO1   R71416.          From the United Kingdom.

3266    Marrion, R.O. F/L      J14187.

Marsh, L.E.     FS        K257967.

Marshall, J.A.             R119161.        From Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

310      Marshall, V.L. P/O      J91172.

1029    Martin, H.       WO2   R136325.

6284    Martin, J.H.     F/O      J24723.            From Toronto, Ontario.

2127    Martin, L.A.    Sgt       R194826.        From Lethbridge, Alberta.

270061            Martin, N.       Sgt       R188035.

24516  Martin, R.B.    F/L      J15496.            From Waterton, New York, U.S.A.

5178    Martin, R.M.   F/L      C17750.          From Riverview, New Brunswick.

6955    Martineau, W.A.         F/O      J29999.

27751  Marvel, J.E.     F/O      J16940.            From Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

470      Masdin, T.       P/O      J90296.

3496    Mason, J.McL.            F/O      J24482.            From Toronto, Ontario.

Mason, K.M.   FS        R200969.

222744            Massie, W.W. FS        R150556.

1473    Masters, R.H.  WO2   R138344.        From Victoria, British Columbia.

4796    Mather, G.S.   F/O      J24129.

4465    Matheson, D.R.           F/L      J15847.            From Edmonton, Alberta.

Mathess, W.R. P/O      J88093.            From Toronto, Ontario.

1261    Matthews, A.W.          FL.      40003. From Lethbridge, Alberta.

471      Maxwell, A.W.           FS        R206220,        From Caledon, Ontario.

939      May, F.S.        WO1   R95152.

3579    Maybee, N.W. F/O      J18934.            From Wellington, Ontario.

Mayer, J.W.                            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

986      McAdam, R.D.           Fl L.    J7622.  From Greenfield Park, Quebec.

222622            McAllister, D.R.         FS        R50497.          From Sackwell, New Brunswick.

53122  McAllister, R.B.         P/O      J92512.

1898    McAnuity, J.D.           P/O      J86436.            From Westmount, Quebec.

27205  McArthur, A.F.           FS        R78921.          From London, Ontario.

McAuley, V.C.           S/L      J4761.  From Toronto, Ontario.

2477    McAvoy, J.K. P/O      J16837.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

261458            McBride, N.    Sgt       R186497.        From Hamilton, Ontario.

829      McBride, R.F. F/L      J15547.            From Westmount, Quebec.

86        McBurney, W.R.         P/O      J86786.            From Gull Lake, Saskatchewan.

McCabe, V.W.                        R93183.          From Owen Sound, Ontario.

793      McCabon, F.J. FS        R210088.

270063            McCaghey, W.D.        P/O      J93543.            From Victoria, British Columbia.

378      MoCague, J.A.            F/L      J7435.  From Alliston, Ontario.

McCarthy, J.P.                                    From Montreal, Quebec.

3763    McCarthy, J.W.           F/L      J4528.

4916    McCartney, K.L.         P/O      J90237.

80135  McCarvey, J.F.           FS        R169176.

630      McCaw, W.D.J.          F/O      41397. From Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan.

1083    McCloskey, C.D.        PL.      J5103.  From Toronto, Ontario.

3317    McClure, C.D. F/O      J22190.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

  1. McClure, C.G. FS R150034.

269788            McConnell, J.D.          F/O      J19462.            From Windsor, Ontario.

38        McConnell, J.R.          P/O      J87052.

McCoombes, W.J.      WO1   R88234.          From Port Medway, Nova Scotia.

942      McCosham, L.J.          WO1   R62636.          From Cornwall, Ontario.

202      McCracken, L.C.        WO2   R64681.          From Fredericton, New Brunswick.

927      McCrimmon, D.J.       F/L      J16914.            From Sylvan Lake, Canada.

1376    McCullough, E.E.       PL.      J8762.  From Kemville, Manitoba.

39        McCutcheon, J.E.       P/O      J90341.

270064            McDevitt, D.R.           P/O      J92322.

McDiarmid, A.F.                                From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

3780    McDonagh, J.N.          P/O      J86604.            From Hamilton, Ontario.

McDonald, C.E.                      R67749.          From New Mexico, U.S.A.

408      McDonald, J.G.           WO2   R124747.        From Westville, Nova Scotia.

204      McDonald, J.S.           WO2   R145804.        From Hamilton, Ontario.

7482    McDonald, R.A.         F/O      J28868.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

263171            McDougall, A.A.        FS        R121711.

McDougall, J.B.          Sgt                   From Shellmouth, Manitoba.

4235    McDougall, L. F/O      J25032.            From Gore Bay, Ontario.

3599    McDougall, W.R.       P/O      J86597.

644      McDowell, M.G.         WO2   R111415.

87        McElroy, G.F.J.          FS        R169230.        From Ottawa, Ontario.

McElroy, L.R. P/O      J87223.

McFadden, S.H.          F/O      J28542.

412      McGeach, H.   WO2   R68465.          From London, Ontario.

3434    McGeer, M.G. P/O      J87691.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

3688    McGillivary, G.R.       FS        R163625.

4151    McGillivray, A.R.       F/O      J20232.            From Central Butte, Saskatchewan.

8104    McGlenaghan, J.R.     F/O      J89987.

25131  McGowan, N, E.         WO2   R86507.          From Kelsey, Alberta.

53389  McGowan, R. P/O      J83716.

140      McGraw, R.W.           WO2   R83846.          From Windsor, Ontario.

7483    McGregor, J.A.                       J27912.

5389    McGregor, W.K.         F/O      J16889.

8238    Mcllhagga, W. F/L      J7040.

6366    McIlveen, J.D. F/L      J20115.

2980    McMain, C.H. P/O      J88873.            From Belmont, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

1813    McInerney, 0.P.          F/L      J22486.            From Edmonton, Alberta.

4005    McIntosh, J.A. P/O      J19308.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

McIntyre, D.A.                                   From Montreal, Quebec.

4006    McIntyre, G.W.          FL.      C16307.          From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

27407  McKay, D.      F/O      J42489.            From Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

McKay, H.      F/O      J35102.

1083    McKay, J.A.    FS,       R123891.        From Pilot Mound, Manitoba.

263541            McKee, N.E.   WO1   R74368.          From Beansville, Ontario.

3681    McKee, W.S.J.            FS        R139478.

169      McKendy, J.S. F/L      J7231.  From Bathurst, Canada.

McKenzie, D.B.          F/O      J15436.            From Brandon, Manitoba.

1017    McKenzie, L.W.         P/O      C92946.          From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

3374    McKeown, J.L.           F/O      J22092.            From Smith’s Falls, Ontario.

398      McKibben, A. P/O      J85858.

3578    McKiel, G.      F/O      J24181.

6390    McKillop, D.T.           F/O      J35032.

867      McKim, D.W. F/O      J9776.  From Delhi, Ontario,

76        McKinley, B.J.            WO2   R64818.          From Albert, New Brunswick.

1259    McKinley, N.R.          Sgt       R126252.        From Alma, New Brunswick.

5123    McKinley, W.A.         F/O      J85011.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

329      McKinnon, A.A.         FS        R104179.

1895    McKinnon, J.B.           P/O      J86269.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

912      McKinnon, T.S.          WO2   R132284.

43271  McKinnon, W.L.         Sgt       R17950.          From Parry Sound, Ontario.

9010    McLachlan, R.D.        P/O      J89786.            From Penticton, British Columbia.

335      McLachlan, R.S.         FS        R143359.        From Summerland, British Columbia.

McLaren, D.N.           Sgt       R196937.

McLaren, R.A.            Sgt       R186787.

McLarly, D.W.           F/L      J6835.  From Argentina.

3460    McLaughlan, J.G.       F/O      J86145.            From Brandon, Manitoba.

4008    McLean, 0.D.  P/O      J86247.

McLellan, K.F.                       R87960.          From New Westminster, British Columbia.

McLennan, H.A.         F/O      J24517.

5390    McLeod, C.J.  F/O      J24029.

18        McLeod, D.N. F/O      J15128.            From Hamilton, Ontario.

928      McLeod, J.D.P.           F/L      J10589.            From Moncton, New Brunswick.

McLeod, J.R.                          From Nova Scotia.

McLeod, T.G. FS        R256282.        From Hamilton, Ontario.

336      McLeod, W.P. WO2   R142459.        From Gull Lake, Saskatchewan.

McLeod, W.R.            FS        R205632.

3418    McMahon, W. F/O      J86129.

McMahon, W.T.         WO1   R113287.

8631    McMann, V.E.            F/O      J13598.

8712    McManus, P.J.            F/L      J14558.

43154  McMaster, J.P.            F/O      J19335.            From Windsor, Ontario.

750      McMillan, R.G.          P/O      J89930.

1156    McMullen, A.E.          P/O      J90508.

3830    McNeill, A.K. P/O      J90459.

McNichol, R.W.         F/L      J6651.  From Grandview, Manitoba.

468      McNiffe, F.A. P/O      J87867.

McPhee, B.S.  P/O      J92600.

1069    McPhee, D.W. F/O      J86194.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

McPhee, 1.A.  P/O      J86911.            From Ontario.

McPhee, J.A.  Sgt       R220193.

3831    McPhee, W.D. F/O      J24235.

4009    McPherson, G.McK.   F/O      J24164.

263493            McPherson, R.E.         FS        R147791.        From Wesaca, Ontario.

1018    McQuarrie, E.A.         WO1   R102405.        From Rainy River, Ontario.

1840    McQueen, J.E. FS        R250547.

294      McRae, E.McG.          F/L      J9583.  From Whitney, Ontario.

7163    McRae, G.S.   F/O      J25517.            From Toronto, Ontario.

McRitchie, Al..           S/L      J89763.

39732  McSporran, D.H.        F/L      J38655.            From Toronto, Ontario.

McTaggart, W.J.         FS        R213975.

263494            McVicar, N.    FS        R190185.        From Portland, Maine, U.S.A.

3534    Meech, M.F.   F/O      J23746.

7352    Meek, J.           F/L      J23130.

6956    Meier, D.L.     P/O      J86655.

2100    Meldrum, V.T.            P/O      J86598.

86        Mennill, J.L.   F/L      J7216.  From Glenworth, Ontario.

76        Menzies, W.    FS        R59280.          From Melita, Manitoba.

8875    Mercer, G.F.   F/L      J17795.            From Beaverton, Ontario.

Merchant, J.F.             R104847.        From Sturgeon Falls, Ontario.

5989    Merkley, A.L. P/O      J19010.            From the United Kingdom.

Merrick, P.W. F/O      J29679.

7165    Merrill, C.L.    F/L      J12463.

1377    Meyers, A.H.  F/L      J14168.            From Toronto, Ontario.

122      Meyers, J.W.   FS        R59567.

Middlemass, J.G.        F/L      J5097.  From Wainwright, Alberta.

Middleton, D.F.          F/L      40735. From Dauphin, Manitoba.

3377    Mill, J.B.         P/O      J19284.            From Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada.

270066            Millar, W.       .P/O     J88144.            From Calgary, Alberta.

1613    Miller, B.L.     ‘ ‘P/O   J17436.            From North Bay, Ontario.

9591    Miller, E.S.     WO2   R53900.          From Castleford, Ontario.

1411    Miller, G.        F/O      J11239.

52774  Miller, R.W.    F/O      J87688.

3597    Miller, T.A.     P/O      J86248.

514      Miller, T.B.     WO     R64816.          From St. John, New Brunswick.

3436    Miller, W.C.    P/O      J89844.

3578    Miller, W.J.     Sgt       R194068.        From Beebe, Quebec.

608      Milliard, G.L. P/O      J90960.

8240    K.I.R.  F/L      J28254.

27130  Milligan, W.    WO2   R86381.          From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

3706    Mills, A.F.H.  S/L      J3729.  From Calgary, Alberta.

17        Mills, J.A.       P/O      J92947.

5839    Mills, S.A.      Ft L.    J16088.

86448  Milne, R.H.     F/O      J16142.

206      K.T.     Ft L.    39106. From Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan.

Milner, A.R.   Ft L.    J12764.

3710    Milton, J.E.     F/O      J22146.

270067            Mingay, R.M. Sgt       R137063.        From Riverside, Ontario.

1751    Mingle, S.L.    WO2   R96356.          From Bromhead, Saskatchewan.

222623            Minguy, J.T.J.J.           FS        R96906.          From Grospin, Quebec.

90        Minifie, K.C.  Sgt       R192847.

Mitchell, B.C. Sgt       R62296.

716      Mitchell, C.H. F/L      J9768.  From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

8816    Mitchell, R.     F/O      J40837.

295      Mitchell, R.McD.        F/L      J7330.  From Langham, Saskatchewan.

3676    Mitchell, S.S.  F/L      J8928.

25055  Mitchell, V.E. WO1   R56121.          From Westmount, Quebec.

2536    Mitchell, W.H.            F/O      J21571.            From London, Ontario.

250745            Moad, C.R.     Sgt       R134208.        From Clanwilliam, Manitoba.

124      Monkhouse, J.C.         F/L      J4705.  From Toronto, Ontario.

5475    Montador, R.L.           F/O      J27126.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

4576    Montague, F.A.D.       F/O      J27468.

Montgomery, L.R.      F/L      C3146. From Lachine, Quebec.

24959  Mooney, H.D. WO2   R79662.          From McCord, Saskatchewan.

3682    Mooney, H.R. F/O      J85718.

415      Moorcroft, E.  F/O      J18112.            From Trail, British Columbia.

222530            Moore, D.F.    FS        R160632.        From Calgary, Alberta.

263698            Moore, F.        Sgt       R107298.        From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

259890            Moore, L.W.   FS        R139578.        From St. John, New Brunswick.

1504    Moore, T.B.    F/L      J11804.            From Flin Flon, Manitoba.

Moran, A.                   R67676.          From Windsor, Ontario.

24853  Moran, D.O.   WO2   R61157.

275      Moran, E.S.     WO2   R74523.

Morgan, D.S.  Fl L.    J8213.  From London, Ontario.

9550    Morgan, J.H.   WO2   R63681.          From London, Ontario.

4798    Morison, J.B.  P/O      J19403.            From Hamilton, Ontario.

Morison, W.E. Sgt       R188162.

Morissey, F.I. F/O      J38175.

3268    Morlock, G.C. F/O      J24705.

611      Morneau, W.L.           FS        R168348.

Morris, A.M.   F/O                  From Westmount, Quebec.

269865            Morrisey, J.J.  F/O      J19438.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

91        Morrisey, P.P. P/O      J91170.

1151    Morrison, A.S.            WO2   R91314.          From Toronto, Ontario.

Morrison, D.A.           F/L      J15475.            From Toronto, Ontario.

27240  Morrison, G.E.            WO2   R82440.          From Pembroke, Ontario.

25121  Morrison, J.H. WO2   R76278.          From Berry’s Corner, Nova Scotia.

25666  Morrison, K.E.            WO2   R69320.          From Timmins, Ontario.

Morrow, FR.   F/O      J25700.

1204    Mosley, H.M.  P/O      J92526.

1783    Mouat, W.I.    F/O      J17034.            From Ganges, British Columbia.

772      Moul, J.           F/O      J15625.            Fromm Port Albernie, British Columbia.

8817    Mountsford, R.J.         F/O      J26677.            From Toronto, Ontario.

118704            Mowat, B.B.   LAC    R168468.

259891            Mullaney, W.J.            WO2   R129105.

679      Mullins, N.D.  F/L      J15446.            From Sawyerville, Quebec.

18334  Mullins, W.E. FS        R54981.          From Ottawa, Ontario.

2194    Mullock, D.G. F/L      J85379.

2115    Mulvaney, J.J. F/O      J86599.

222750            Mulvey, F.W.  P/O      J18365.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

1158    Munro, B.G.   P/O      J92474.

Munro, E.G.    WO1   R2174.

Munro, G.J.     FS        631784.           From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

2426    Munro, L.H.    F/O      J86125.

43239  Munson, C.R.  WO2   R116469.        From Clanwilliam, Manitoba.

270068            Murdoch, A.H.           Sgt       R170678.

4720    Murphy, A.H. F/O      J25067.            From Victoria, British Columbia.

1433    Murphy, C.W. F/L      J5711.  From Halifax, Nova Scotia.

77        Murphy, J.D.   WO2   R68191.          From Sarnia, Ontario.

773      Murphy, J.W.  F/O      J9664.  From Newdale, Manitoba.

Murphy, N.P.  P/O      J35736.

3638    Murphy, P.J.   WO1   R109696.

6503    Murphy, V.J.   F/O      J29839.            From Calgary, Alberta.

2480    Murphy, W.L. F/L      J15166.            From Wingston, Ontario.

6884    Murray, H.C.  P/O      J90425.

526      Murray, J.B.    F/O      J88114.            From Sarnia, Ontario.

Murray, J.S.    WO     R62045.          From Thornburn, Nova Scotia.

26846  Myers, R.A.    FS        R65987.          From Toronto, Ontario.

Mylchreest, W.E.        P/O      J90872.

342      Nagy, A.S.      WO1   R68629.          From Windsor, Ontario.

565      Nathanson, N.E.          Sgt       R225323.        From Westmount, Quebec.

340      Neale, G.V.     FS        R122559.        From Hamilton, Ontario.

Neal, R.C.       Cpl.     R76883.          From Edmonton, Alberta.

1784    Needham, J.J.  F/L      J13275.            From Mountainview. California, U.S.A.

27113  Needham, T.F.            WO2   R87182.

85880  Neil, J.W.        F/O      J16635.

27201  Nelan, N.         WO2   R79214.          From Greenfield Park, Quebec.

2977    Nelson, D.R.   WO1   R114213.        From New York, U.S.A.

25163  Nelson, 0.M.               R86268.          From Neepawa, Manitoba.

Nelson, RE.     P/O      J92397.            From Edmonton, Alberta.

3833    Nelson, R.J.H. F/O      J26307.

694      Nerland, P.M. WO2   R86914.          From Vancouver, British Columbia.

3497    Nesbitt, E.D.   F/O      J15481.

1262    Neumann, G.F.D.       WO2   R125302.

217      Neumann, W.V.          F/O      J18152.            From Arnprior, Ontario.

1349    Newby, H.W.  F/O      J20835.            From Wetaskawin, Alberta.

Newman, D.A.                        J6641.  From Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A.

3834    Newman, J.M. P/O      J86354.            From Parma, Ohio, U.S.A.

Nicholls, W.F.             J89450.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

7484    Nicholson, D.S.          F/O      J20249.

8567    Nicholson, W. F/L      J14223.

3012    Nicoll, G.D.    P/O      J18137.            From Three Rivers, Quebec.

4154    Nielsen, C.M.  F/O      J85080.

477      Niven, W.M.   P/O      C90054.

27151  Nobles, T.T.C. WO2   R84059.          From Vancouver, British Columbia.

Noble, C.D.     F/O      J15080.            From Durham, Ontario.

52714  Noble, G.A.    WO2   R147801.        From Moosomin, Saskatchewan.

92        Noel, J.H.        Sgt       R171310.

5154    Norris, A.W.   F/O      J20921.

7354    Norris, K.        F/O      J35227.

43394  Norris, W.W.  F/O      J85570.            From London, Ontario.

222835            Northcliffe, L. Sgt       R95265.          From Transcona, Manitoba.

1154    Norton, C.B.   FS        R95595.          From Ottawa, Ontario.

52605  Novak, A.       F/O      J23496.

Nozzolillo, L.N.          FS

345      Nugent, J.A.    WO2   R85778.          From Lindsay, Ontario.

1271    Nurse, EP.       Fl L.    C11767.          From St. John’s, Newfoundland.

6286    Oates, R.J.       F/L      C16981.          From Barrie, Ontario.

8877    Ogg, J.B.         P/O      J89480.

1409    Ogilvie, A.K.  F/O      42872. From Ottawa, Ontario.

270069            Oglivie, W.J.   WO2   R106784.        From Vancouver, British Columbia.

220      Olding, J.G.McD.       F/O      J17622.            From Victoria, British Columbia.

222532            Oliver, N.F.     P/O      J90276.            From Ottawa, Ontario.

318      Olivier, J.E.     P/O      J87447.            From Coniston, Ontario.

1333    Olivier, W.G.M.          FL.      J11715.            From Sherbrooke, Quebec.

225643            Olmstead, J.E. WO2   R85092.          From Robsart, Saskatchewan.

542      Olsen, H.         WO2   R59688.          From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

581      Olsson, C.L.    S/ L.    37635. From Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

Osborn, K.A.  WO     755111.           From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

1025    Ostaficiuk, W. WO2   R140353.        From Grantham, Quebec.

2856    Ostlund, W.H.E.         F/O      J85829.

1036    Ostrom, N.I.E. P/C.     J186256.

Often, J.F.       WO2   R52808.          From Kingston, Ontario.

Owen, P.         F/O

Oxendale, W.J.                        R75128.          From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

519      O’Brien, H.E.  WO2   R142252.        From Regina, Saskatchewan.

716      O’Farrell, J.E.E.          Sgt       R178953.

1994    O’Hara, J.B.    F/O      J23156.

181      O’Leary, L.S.  FS        R174641.        From Fredericton, New Brunswick.

4918    O’Leary, M.B. F/O      J87886.

1087    O’Neill, F.R.    WO2   R7808. From Sudbury, Ontario.

222625            O’Neill, P.J.     WO2   11164698.       From Wetsmount, Quebec.

7075    O’Reilly, E.N. P/O      J88091.            From Sydney, Nova Scotia.

343      Page, C.R.       WO2   R114415.        From St. Catharines, Ontario.

1205    Page, R.B.       P/O      J90895.

43350  Paisley, F.N.   FS        R181549.        From Nipawin, Saskatchewan.

616      Pallett, C.G.    P/O      J89288.

Palmer, 0.0.     FS        11264720.       From St. John’s, Newfoundland.

893      Pambrun, J.R.A.         WO2   R119711.        From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Pankratz, H.    P/O      J91673.            From Ottawa, Ontario.

263502            Pappas, J.        FS        R160484         From Toronto, Ontario.

803      Paquette, R.A. P/O      J90258.

1077    Pare, J.L.M.    P/O      C92953.

24826  Parker, W.C.   WO2   R60366.          From Midnapore, Alberta.

3548    Parke-Taylor, M.D.    F/O      J86009.            From St. John, New Brunswick.

2280    Parkinson, G.M.          F/L      J13820.            From Toronto, Ontario.

1079    Parkin, W.       P/O      J89384,

27146  Parr, A.E.        WO2   R104771.        From Kingston, Ontario.

555      Parr, J.F.          Fl L.    J5487.  From Toronto, Ontario.

261      Parr, W.R.       F/O      J42486.            From Toronto, Ontario.

3799    Parry, E.T.       WO2   R123623.

7071    Parry, R.A.      F/O      J24618.

1602    Passant, B.N.  F/O      J11294.

844      Paton, A.M.    WO2   R93174.          From Toronto, Ontario.

262      Paton, J.H.      Ft L.    J38443.            From Toronto, Ontario.

24824  Paton, J.P.       WO2   R56314.          From Westmount, Quebec.

1085    Paton, W.E.     F/L      J22562 From Toronto, Ontario.

Patrick, E.R.    P/O      J15261.            From Fairville, New Brunswick.

7486    Patterson, B.L.            F/O      J29695.            From Windsor, Ontario.

24993  Patterson, D.B.           WO2   R71614.          From Owen Sound, Ontario.

22627  Patterson, G.W.          Sgt       R62847.          From Campbellton, New Brunswick.

25670  Patterson, J.R. WO2   R67344.          From Petrolia, Ontario.

1207    Patterson, J.T. P/O      J90,166.

618      Patterson, LE. Sgt       R18-1464.

265      Paul, K.H.       WO2   R74266.          From Ottawa, Ontario.

3382    Pawliuk, A.     F/O      J20073.            From Alberta, Canada.

520      Payne, T.A.     WO2   R108854.        From Guelph, Ontario.

619      Pearce, C.F.R. P/O      J89902.

39630  Pearce, F.J.S.  WO2   R78258.          From Barrie, Ontario.

Pearce, R.E.    FS        R817626v.      From Toronto, Ontario.

27309  Pearce, W.D.   P/O      J90052.            From Toronto, Ontario.

5791    Pearcey, J.       F/O      J20972.

2482    Pearson, G.T.  S/L      J4780.  From Toronto, Ontario.

5296    Pearson, W.E. M.        J21611.

3779    Peat, W.J.        FL.      J4696.  From Port Arthur, Ontario.

1155    Peck, J.L         WO2   R120248.        From Wilmington, North Carolina, U.S.A.

224      Pegg, R.S.       WO1   R85414.          From Oxbow, Saskatchewan.

380      Pengelly, A.Z. FL.      41459. From Islington, Ontario.

2538    Pepper, M.B.   FL.      J7765.  From Vernon, British Columbia.

5990    Peppier, C.E.   FL.      J10230.            From Toronto, Ontario.

1208    Perini, E.E.      P/O      J92925.

621      Perry, J.F.L.    P/O      J92513.            From Tignish, Prince Edward Island.

1032    Perry, K.0       WO1   R87712.          From Vancouver, British Columbia.

1195    Perry, W.J.H.  WO2   R110347.        From Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Peters, F.G.     FS        R207965.

52464  Peters, L.G.     P/O      J86323.

9630    Peterson, L.E. F/O      J42490.            From Seattle, Washingtom, U.S.A.

403      Pett, J.T.          P/O      J92349.

1074    Pettigrew, J.K WO1   R142440.        From Edmonton, ALberta.

2381    Philipsen, A.P.            S/L      39752. From Victoria, British Columbia.

Phillips, J.R.    FS        R231657.

Phillips, S.                               From Westmount, Quebec.

Philpot, 0.L.    F/L      77131. From Vancouver, British Columbia.

529      Phipps, L.H.    P/O      J87563.

1033    Phipps, W.W.  WO2   R54222.          From Ottawa, Ontario.

1812    Pickavance, G.            F/O      J22587.

1196    Pickens, W.G. F/O      J17387.            From San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

Pickthorne, E.B.          F/O      J18787.

222837            Pickup, J.A.    FS        R156743.        From Hamilton, Ontario.

3794    Pictou, W.F.    WO2   R152375.

25110  Pierce, J.          WO2   R100591.        From Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

845      Piercy, W.R.   WO2   R95339.          From Stonewall, Manitoba.

3822    Pigeon, L.E.    P/O      J90384,

915      Pike, G.C.       FS        R151601.        From Vancouver, British Columbia.

604      Pilgrim, G.B.  F/O      J7496.  From St. Stephen, British West Indies.

1624    Pine, P.R.I.     F/L      J3705.  From New York, U.S.A.

227      Pingle, W.T.    WO2   R146605.        From Toronto, Ontario.

27155  Piper, K.S.      WO2   R74851.          From Radner, British Columbia.

83674  Piper, S.H.      FS        R157639.        From Radner, British Columbia.

3754    Pires, S.R.       WO2   R110645.        From Valley Falls, Rhode Island, U.S.A.

423      Pixley, A.N.    WO2   R125451.        From Snowden, Saskatchewan.

1126    Plant, J.           F/L      40258. From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

3596    Plante, J.J.W.L.           P/O      J86132.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

39246  Platz,   FS        R70760.          From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

222760            Plenderleith, J. FS        R131001.        From Grimsby, Ontario.

424      Plowman, W.H.          WO2   R127844.        From Toronto, Ontario.

1900    Pluta, J.           WO2   R115610.

Plyley, D.C.    WO1   R108647.        From Rodney, Ontario.

80833  Pollock, F.H.   F/L      J9277.  From Toronto, Ontario.

Poole, W.C.    F/O      J23472.

Popadiuk, J.    FS        R270205.

Poppa, V.        P/O      J88965.

Porter, C.J.                  J6067.

543      Porter, G.B.     WO2   R51849.          From Agincourt, Ontario.

270073            Potter, M.A.    FS        R188018.        From Workworth.

222537            Poudner, J.R.R.           WO2   R62473.          From Victoriaville, Quebec.

Poudrier, R.J.  Sgt                   From Victoriaville, Quebec.

2193    Poure, E.L.                  J86947.

23609  Powell, C.J.     FS        R54104.          From Smith Falls, Ontario.

3385    Power, L.H.    FL.      J20163.            From Sydney, Nova Scotia.

1334    Pozer, S.M.N. F/O      J15702.            From Duck Lake, Saskatchewan.

2116    Pratt, R.H.M.  P/O      J89330.

222763            Prause, W.J.    FS        R150975.        From Edmonton, Alberta.

4919    Preece, L.G.    F/O      J86903.            From Agincourt, Ontario.

39916  Price, J.H.       WO2   R677I8.

Pridham, E.G. P/O      J17718.            From St. John, New Brunswick.

1265    Prieur, J.L.      Sgt       R108161.        From Montreal, Quebec.

176      Pringle, J.E.C. WO2   R78361.          From Toronto, Ontario.

1614    Prior, A.O.      WO2   R85446.          From Indian Head, Saskatchewan.

4708    Pritchard, L.T. F/L      J14783.

933      Probed, J.S.     F/O      J16627.            From Westmount, Quebec.

3500    Proskurniak, H.J.        F/O      J22191.            From Timberton, Manitoba.

Prowse, V.E.   F/O                  From Claremont, Ontario.

8063    Prudham, J.E.  F/O      J29527,            From Scarboro Bluffs, Ontario.

2923    Pryde, W.        F/O      J20889.            From Toronto, Ontario.

261193            Purdy, R.F.      WO2   R107252.        From Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

4237    Purvis, H.F.     P/O      JI9593. From Holland, Manitoba.

261526            Putman, S.G.   WO1   R1 1642t         From Norwood Grove, Manitoba.

3756    Quayle, D.B.   F/L      J14188.

3836    Quinlan, R.C.  F/O      J92945.

250756            Quinn, B.M.    Sgt       R182365.        From Orillia, Ontario.

Quinn, H.C.    FS        R150272.

175      Quinn, LB.      FS        R56295.          From Vancouver, British Columbia.

3614    Rabinovitch,    F/O      J17963.            From Medicine Hat, Alberta.

3584    Radford, J.A.  F/O      J14217.            From Brockville, Ontario.

4723    Raetzen, A.I.   F/O      J25024.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

3386    Rainville, B.H.            F/L      J1 575t From Port Perry, Ontario.

24999  Ralston, J.W.   WO2   R12138.          From St. Stephen, New Brunswick.

830      Ramage, P.R.  F/L      J15446.            From Brantford, Ontario.

83675  Ramsay, W.E. Sgt       R121350.        From Calgary, Alberta.

1332    Ramsden, S.S. WO2   R8793a            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

Randall, R.W. F/O      J27130.            From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

8635    Randall, W.B. Fl L.    J155/t

4468    Ransom, W.V. F/O      J22438.

Ratcliffe, A.F. FS        R78363.          From Toronto, Ontario.

1158    Rath, F.           F/O      JI7379. From Windsor, Ontario.

897      Rathburn, A.L.            WO2   R142360.        From Masefield, Saskatchewan.

1264    Rawliuk, L.W. P/O      J86123.

230      Rayment, A.F. WO2   RI 21901.

1747    Raymond, W.aN.        P/O      J87043.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

250754            Raynard, R.R. Sgt       R17685.          From Ohio, Nova Scotia.

934      Rea, H.D.        F/O      J16582.            From Toronto, Ontario.

367      Reaume, B.A. ,P/O     J92347.

2116    Redman, N.G. P/O      J87042.

5185    Redmond, S.S.            F/O      J28367.

2879    Reed, W.         FS        R18520t          From Lansing, Ontario.

Rees, H.G.      Sgt       RI24488.         From Kelwood, Manitoba.

27735  Reid, A.M.      WO2   R93534.          From Maymont, Saskatchewan.

85894  Reid, D.           F/O      J25533.

27118  Reid, H.           WO2   R77480.          From Westmount, Quebec.

222766            Reid, K.N.       FS        R124013.        From Arborg, Manitoba.

1268    Reid, W.M.     Sgt       RI05495.         From WrightvilleQuebec.

1082    J.J.       P/O      J90163.

1277    Reilly, R.M.    F/O      J16628.            From Westmount, Quebec.

3840    Renaud, J.E.R. F/O      J26505.

1131    Renison, R.J.B.           F/L      40591. From Iroquois Falls, Ontario.

898      Renkiewicz, F.            WO1   R84125.          From Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

3051    Renneberg, R.J.           FO.      J86275.            From Dudmore, Saskatchewan.

1178    Rennie, J.D.    P/O      J83702.            From Abbey, Sakatchewan.

3360    Renwick, G.    F/O      J86331.

27153  Restive, A.      WO2   R10004.          From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

42829  Rey, A.E.        WO2   R93319.          From Toronto, Ontario.

8571    Rey, J.J.           F/O      J24014.

3537    Reynolds, G.W.          F/O      J24536.            From Toronto, Ontario.

27737  Reynolds, H.G.           WO1   R82514.          From Pembroke, Ontario.

4620    Reynolds, W.B.           F/O      J29384.

250758            Reynoldson, J. F/O      J19007.            From Chamberlain, Saskatchewan.

85045  Rhodes, W,H. F/O      J25141.

27526  Riach, A.C.     F/O      J16993.            From Regina, Saskatchewan.

222635            Rice, C.L.        Sgt       R93361.          From Bowmanville, Ontario.

4017    Rice, H.W.      F/O      J21369.            From Regina, Saskatchewan.

222545            Richard, J.J.    P/O      J90274.            From Ottawa, Ontario.

1035    Richards, H.N.            WO1   R113122.        From Oakville, Ontario.

407      Richards, H.W.           WO2   R150920.

3585    Richards, R.A. F/O      J25697.

Richardson, G.S.         F/O                  From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

2024    Richardson, W.G.J.     F/O      J17693.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

2924    Riley, E.L.      Ft L.    J14789.            From Mount Denson, New Brunswick.

1227    Riley, J.M.      Fl L.    J15290.            From Bell River, Prince Edward Island.

Roach, A.J.     FS        R198169.

27232  Roach, W.C.   WO2   R83352.          From Leamington, Ontario.

27217  Roan, J.G.       WO2   R79310.          From Maplewood, New Jersey, U.S.A.

327      Roberts, A.C.  FL.      40140. From Vernon, British Columbia.

848      Roberts, A.E.  WO1   R77564.

27401  Roberts, C.W. WO1   R68325.          From London, Ontario.

42704  Roberts, F.A.  WO1   R91407.          From North Bay, Ontario.

409      Roberts, J.E.    Sgt       R69557.          From Toronto, Ontario.

348      Roberts, T.L.   FS        R140303.        From Elnora, Alberta.

121      Robertson, A.B.A.      FS        R53811.          From Woodroffe, Ontario.

Robertson, A.G.          F/O      J28663.

831      Robertson, A.M.H.     F/O      J15534.            From Tara, Ontario.

120      Robertson, D.I.           F/O      J16393.            From Cornwall, Ontario.

Robertson, ED.           F/O                  From Toronto, Ontario.

3532    Robertson, G.D.          P/O      J88625.            From Toronto, Ontario.

487      Robertson, J.A.           F/L      J90249.            From Kincaid, Saskatchewan.

6469    Robertson, J.C.           FS        R161677.

259903            Robertson, W. Sgt       R180891.        From Ottawa, Ontario.

866      Robins, L.W.   P/O      J90395.

5864    Robinson, C.J. F/O      J35108.

814      Robinson, C.L.            FS        R195309.

225530            Robinson, G.L.           F/O      J17888.            From Aldershot, Ontario.

1901    Robinson, G.S.H.        Sgt       R185842.

86        Robinson, G.W.          WO2   R50464.          From Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Robinson, R.C.           FS        R127013.

814      Robison, C.L.  P/O      J92951.

Roche, C.M.    P/O      J92203.

1032    Rodgers, A.L. WO1   R95924.          From Toronto, Ontario.

1087    Rodin, N.W.    F/L      J10716.            From Cloverdale, British Columbia.

90167  Rodney, G.R.              R82919.          From Smith’s Falls, Ontario.

271      Roe, J.R.         F/L      J15341.            From Kitchener, Ontario.

7745    Rogers, R.E.    F/O      J85312.

3538    Roiux, D.J.      F/O      J24064.            From Toronto, Ontario.

259905            Rollack, A.      F/O      J19821.            From Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

8714    Roman, R.A.   F/O      J37830.

605      Rondeau, J.A.O.         F/O      J9064.  From Ottawa, Ontario.

2987    Roper, P.K.     F/L      J5101.  From Toronto, Ontario.

3388    Rosenthal, D.  P/O      J186/2. From Calgary, Alberta.

1653    Ross, D.S.       FL.      J16483.            From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

6961    Ross, J.W.       Ft L.    J22382.            From Westfield, Nova Scotia.

1785    Ross, W.D.F.  F/O      J23524.            From Calgary, Alberta.

90098  Rousseau, C.O.R.       WO2   R55372.          From Three Pistols, Quebec.

263618            Rowbotham, W.E.      FS        R94737.          From Lensford, Saskatchewan.

222791            Rownley, R.G.            FS        R125497.        From Toronto, Ontario.

8242    Roy, A.M.       F/O      J85842.

Roy, G.A.       W/C.    C1362.

263619            Roy, J.A.A.     FS        R164537.        From Verdun, Quebec.

5505    Rudd, R.B.      F/L      J20248.

1034    Rudd, R.G.     WO2   R130665.

1607    Ruff, G.M.      PL.      J12073.            From Desplaine, Illinois, U.S.A.

1269    Runciman, I.R.A.       F/O      J17588.            From Regina, Saskatchewan.

270079            Rusk, C.H.      Sgt       R173729.

1705    Russell, J.C.B. F/L      J22511.            From Toronto, Ontario.

43190  Saffran, R.A.   FS        R150665.

3602    Salmon, E.A.  FS        R188012.

470      Sampson, J.A. WO2   R80016.          From Sovereign, Saskatchewan.

222420            Sandell, E.H.   F/O      147587.           From Westmount, Quebec.

263620            Sandford, J.W.            FS        R169992.

659      Sangster, E.M. F/L      J5079.  From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Sansom, D.H. F/O      J26701.

3390    Saprunoff, S.   F/O      J19732.            From Trail, British Columbia.

243      Sargent, A.McA.         FS        937481.           From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

263621            Saunders, G.N.                       R190567.

9582    Saunders, J.S.  F/L      J38648.            From Toronto, Ontario.

682      Saunders, J.V. F/L      J4778.  From Oshawa, Ontario.

1608    Savage, R.       F/O      J11332.            From Toronto, Ontario.

80833  Scambler, J.W.            F/L      J8359.

1336    Scarie, M.E.    WO2   R143441.        From San Fransisco, California, U.S.A.

4255    Schachter, G.  F/L      J22694.

222772            Scharf, B.W.   WO2   R116902.

4019    Schell, C.McC.           F/O      J19919.

2282    Schmehl, W.R.            F/L      J14196.

327      Schott, R.        F/O      J88038.            From Miami, Manitoba.

Schryer, J.A.R.           WO1   R111904.

263713            Scotchmer, T.H.          FS        R90034.

263532            Scott, E.J.        WO1   R92563.          From Kimberley, British Columbia.

2634    Scott, F.N.       P/O      J18739.            From Hespeter, Ontario.

276501            Scott, H.K.      FS        R121944.        Edmonton, Alberta.

Scott, J.J.         FS        R207973.

3277    Scott, J.M.       F/L      J20898.

267476            Scott, J.P.        F/O      J19382.

6179    Scott, W.F.                  J8167.

1177    Scott, W.T.      WO2   R130179.

27657  Scowen, D.D. WO2   R87300.          From Nipawin, Saskatchewan.

4156    Scrivener, J.V. F/L      J22058.            From Victoria, British Columbia.

8065    Scullion, P.      F/O      J25051.            From Hamilton, Ontario.

Seabolt, E.I.    WO2   R121828.        From Cloverdale, Ontario.

222553            Seaborn, R.G. P/O      J42275.            From Campleford, Ontario.

1120    Sealey, C.A.R. P/O      C90966.

3055    Searles, H.B.   RIO.    J88961.

1094    Sebastian, C.J. Sgt       R64004.          From Timmins, Ontario.

4724    Seibel, A.A.    F/O      J25532.

411      Seller, A.E.     P/O      J88527.            From Langley, British Columbia.

1483    Selman, J.F.    WO2   R92596.          From Calgary, Alberta.

1036    Sendail, G.E.               R128566.        From Vancouver, Bitish Columbia.

1762    Shannon, J.B.  F/L      J14226.            From The Pas, Manitoba.

103      Shapiro, S.S.   FS        R71779.          From Toronto, Ontario.

1043    Shame, A.G.   P/O      J87236.

53100  Shame, G.W.  P/O      J86557.

27135  Shaver, W.J.    F/L      J83168.

3616    Shaw, J.R.       F/L      J23637.            From Toronto, Ontario.

4021    Shea, J.T.         F/O      J25543.

8066    Shepherd, E.G.           F/O      J23363.            From Toronto, Ontario.

3207    Shepherd, N.C.           WO2   R149169.

5072    Shepphard, W.R.        F/O      J26349.

907      Sheridan, J.J.   WO2   R101343.        From Langeley Prairie, British Columbia.

Shark, R.J.                   J15237.            From Stevensville, Ontario.

280      Shetler, L.M.   P/O      J86643.

1556    Shield, R.K.    F/L      J10428.            From Redditt, Ontario.

6392    Shierlaw, A.C. F/O      J19859.

6729    Shipman, C.L. F/O      J40063.

222774            Shnier, N.        P/O      J18392.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

3740    Shorrock, F.W.           F/L      J4873.

24772  Shorrock, W.H.           WO2   R58090.          From Edmonton, Alberta.

26988  Shouter, J.J.     WO2   R107824.        From Regina, Saskatchewan.

24987  Shrybman, H.  WO2   R77439.          From Outremont, Quebec.

39657  Shuman, R.D. F/O      J15358.            From Statesboro, Georgia, U.S.A.

2285    Sibalis, J.         F/L      J14518.            From Westmount, Quebec.

4256    Siddall, B.S.    F/L      J16174.            From Forest, Ontario.

24747  Sikal, M.F.      WO2   R61024.          From Edmonton, Alberta.

527      Silver, L.A.     F/L      J17558.            From Montreal, Quebec.

3841    Sine, R.C.       P/O      J89472.

27182  Simonson, C.O.          FS        R93786.          From Kingman, Alberta.

3606    Simpson, A.J.  WO2   6107A. From Westmount, Quebec.

532      Simpson, M.J. Sgt       R184155.

Simpson, T.W.            F/O                  From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Simpson, W.J. F/O      J17787.

7166    Sinclair, D.      F/L      J12784.            From Toronto, Ontario.

Sinclair, G.L.  F/L                  From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

3705    Sinclair, J.E.    Sgt       R199326.

3617    Sinclair, S.A.  F/L      J21169.

7491    Sisson, A.B.    F/L      J21421.            From Elm Creek, Manitoba.

3412    Sjoquist, H.E. P/O      J89045.

2119    Skerik, W.R.   P/O      J89883.

Skidmore, J.G.            P/O      J92884.

Skousell, J.                  J23636.            From Kelowna, British Columbia.

7327    Skuce, E.B.     WO1   R74182.          From Britannia Heights, Ontario.

Slack, K.E.C.  Sgt       R123313.

671      Sleeman, W.L.            WO     R68749.          From Sleeman, Ontario.

6308    Slimmon, J.A. F/O      J25049.

Slipp, E.W.                 J13274.            From Woodstock, New Brunswick.

Sloan, D.M.    F/O      J40528.

5776    Sloan, W.        F/O      J29716.

4157    Small, A.         F/L      J21192.

636      Small, D.F.      WO2   R130163.        From Copper Cliff, Ontario.

Small, J.G.      P/O      J93464.            From Calgary, Alberta.

3712    Small, R.L.      P/O      J90918.            From Calgary, Alberta.

8375    Smart, F.L.      F/L      J12037.            From Kinsella, Alberta.

270082            Smart, L.C.     FS        R130552.

369      Smart, R.S.      Sgt       R170560.

2541    Smiley, J.B.     F/O      42156. From Wolseley, Saskatchewan.

2171    Smiley, W.B.  F/O      J26137.            From Midland, Ontario.

4114    Smith, A.P.     F/L      J10025.

261188            Smith, C.R.     FS        R134311.        From Aurora, Ontario.

Smith, D.E.     F/O      J27902.            From Hampton Station, New Brunswick.

2982    Smith, D.M.    WO1   R106305.        From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

190      Smith, D.S.     WO2   R148505.

2541    Smith, D.W.M.           W/C.    41483. From Preston, Ontario.

5187    Smith, E.H.     F/O      J29574.

Smith, E.W.    PL.      C3554. From Toronto, Ontario.

6452    Smith, G.B.     Ft L.    J18103.            From St. Catharines, Ontario.

Smith, J.A.      WO2               From Winnpeg, Manitoba.

681      Smith, J.G.      F/L      J6460.  From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

357      Smith, J.H.      WO2   R1466152.      From Sakatoon, Saskatchewan.

8067    Smith, J.S.       F/O      J29387.            From Belleville, Ontario.

4115    Smith, J.T.       F/O      J24217.

27165  Smith, K.C.     WO1   R79751.          From Indian Head, Saskatchewan.

263626            Smith, L.E.      FS        R128215.        From Star City, Saskatchewan.

935      Smith, R.R.     F/L      40952. From London, Ontario.

344      Smith, W.L.    WO1   R70871.          From Cupar, Saskatchewan.

15165  Smyth, K.C.    FL.      J16744.

7167    Smyth, R.V.    Ft L.    J204/4

3325    Snowsell, J.     F/O      J23636.

434      Sobkowicz, M.E.        WO2   R82529.          From Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

1649    Sochowski, A.J.          F/L      J20161.            From Woolsely, Saskatchewan.

8636    Soderlund, H.W.         F/O      J23244.

370      Solberg, B.A.J.           P/O      J89289.

6797    Soles, C.W.     P/O      J89784.

3279    Somers, H.L.   P/O      J93035.

39668  Somers, L.J.    F/O      J15302.            From Simcoe, Ontario.

8930    Sonshine, J.     P/O      J80256.            From Toronto, Ontario.

93        Soper, G.H.     F/L      J15452.            From Englehart, Ontario.

27058  Soper, L.J.       FS        R116639.        From Napa, California, U.S.A.

1088    Sorensen, C.F. F/O      J15811.            From Kingston, Ontario.

3326    Souchen, D.W.            Ft L.    J14782.

2387    Soulliere, E.R. Ft L.    J22473.            From Roseland, Ontario.

253      Sovereign, C.F.           FS        R52211.          From Lucan, Ontario.

5867    Sovran, A.       F/O      J86156.

1339    Spackrnan, D.N.         WO2   R92754.          From Calgary, Alberta.

1081    Spark, J.B.       WO2   R157607.        From Victoria, British Columbia.

7891    Sparks, C.H.   P/O      J84482.

3327    Sparks, G.       F/O      J18782.

254      Sparling, C.W.A.        WO2   R51866.          From Kirkland Lake, Ontario.

263510            Spears, J.K.E. FS        R146685.        From Peterborough, Ontario.

4238    Speers, G.A.   F/O      J26691.

529      Speer, R.N.     F/L      J15453.            From Ottawa, Ontario.

Speller, R.H.   Sgt                   From Sussex, New Brunswick.

352      Speller, R.H.   F/O      J18183.            From Sussex, New Brunswick.

255      Spencer, J.A.   WO2   R60309.          From Medicine Hat, Alberta.

4024    Spencer, L.C.P.           F/O      J86834.

1200    Spiece, G.T.    WO2   R141385.        From Toronto, Ontario.

Spilsbury, L.G.           FS                    From London, Ontario.

Spofford, G.E. F/O      J11590.            From Toronto, Ontario.

711      Sprague, H.A. F/O      C1365. From Port Nelson, Ontario.

24944  Spratt, H.F.     WO2   R71491.          From Kelwood, Manitoba.

3458    Sproule, G.G.  F/O      J22918.            From Ottawa, Ontario.

24395  Sproule, W.H. FS        R74142.          From Brampton, Ontario.

5360    Stacey, R.E.    P/O      J88497.

Staley, A.L.     F/O      J41701.            From Toronto, Ontario.

  1. Stanley, H.A.D. FS R69657.          From Sanford, Florida, U.S.A.

6289    Stanley, L.O.   F/L      J16144 From Toronto, Ontario.

27241  Stansell, J.J.    WO2   R86311.          From Hartney, Manitoba.

6081    Stansel, E.H.   F/O      J18272.

Stapelford,      F/O      J38170.            From Watford, Ontario.

267481            Staples, A.L.   Sgt       R194653.        From Calgary, Alberta.

53425  Starr, J.M.       P/O      J92649.

263710            Steele, J.G.      WO1   R112780.

6731    Steeves, A.E.  Ft L.    J8658.

5073    Steeves, M.B.  F/O      J17473.

3509    Stephens, F.I.  F/L      J20245.            From Toronto, Ontario.

Stephens, R.W.           F/L      186874.           From Toronto, Ontario.

24396  Stephenson, J.B.         FS        R65625.          From Toronto, Ontario.

Stephenson, J.G.         W/C.    860.

256      Stephenson, L.A.        FS        R139994.        From Calgary, Alberta.

2600    Stephenson, W.H.       F/L      J15783.            From Belleville, Ontario.

3510    Stevens, L.      F/L      J22483.            From Rosser, Manitoba.

27012  Stevenson, A.  WO2   R79068.          From Ottawa, Ontario.

757      Stevenson, L.H.          Sgt       R171883.

57        Stewart, D.A.  P/O      J86835.

3479    Stewart, D.S.   F/O      J86918.            From Edmonton, Alberta.

Stewart, D.T.   F/O      J27165.            From Toronto, Ontario.

3608    Stewart, J.S.    P/O      J92,194.

83694  Stewart, L.F.C.           Sgt       R109240.        From Calgary, Alberta.

263511            Stewart, R.G.  Sgt       R162463.        From Roland, Manitoba.

748      Stewart, T.W.  F/O      J9528.  From The United Kingdom.

Stewart, W.F.  P/O                  From Oxbow, Saskatchewan.

23602  Stickles, J.T.    F/L      J38647.            From Ridgeway, Ontario.

3196    Stinson, R.T.   P/O      J91092.            From Toronto, Ontario.

27229  Stocks, J.P.      WO2   R106583.        From Penticton, British Columbia.

4968    Stodart, D.S.   F/O      J85736.

8243    Stohlberg, W.A.          F/O      J35118.

11349  Stone, K.J.      LAC    900633.           From Toronto, Ontario.

439      Stone, R.M.     Sgt       1315722.         From St. Johns, Newfoundland.

4159    Storen, F.R.     F/O      J21568.            From Oakville, Ontario.

2359    Stowell, C.H.  F/O      J87662.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

4801    Stoyko, J.        F/L      J14513.            From ltuna, Saskatchewan.

3114    Strauss, E.W.  F/O      J85982.            From Entwistle, Alberta.

Stringer, R.J.   FS        R251449.

6634    Stringham, E.W.         F/O      J86072.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

6310    Stubbs, D.       F/O      J27390.

3280    Studholme, A.E.         F/L      J7904.  From Toronto, Ontario.

3854    Studnik, W.B. F/O      J87618.

8646    St. Afnaud, J.E.           F/O      J28698.            From Lucerne, Quebec.

3368    St. Jacques, J.P.           F/L      J20922.            From Montreal, Quebec.

222521            St. Jean, E.      Sgt       R115726.        From Biggar, Saskatchewan.

267483            St. Pierre, A.J. FS        R147474.        From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

114      Sugden, D.F.   FS        R58101.          From Armstrong, British Columbia.

Sulek, O.H.     P/O      J93465.

745      Sullivan, H.E. F/O      H7897. Englehart, Ontario.

1089    Sullivan, J.G.  F/L      J16257.            From South Nelson, New Brunswick.

Summerville, J.                       R67665.          From Barrie, Ontario.

52671  Sutcliffe, J.      F/O      J28275.

1084    Sutherland, E.B.          FS        R116554.        From Beachville, Ontario.

1728    Sutherland, R.C.         F/L      J14571.            From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

1042    Sutton, R.T.     WO2   R102739.        From Toronto, Ontario.

936      Sweanor, G.J.  F/L      J11114.            From the United Kingdom.

269882            Sweetzir, S.R. Sgt       R183705.

164      Switzer, D.A.  FS        R54097.          From Ottawa, Ontario.

260      Sylvester, J.G. WO2   R108414.        From Westrnount, Quebec.

4027    Symington, L.E.          F/O      J27692.            From the United Kingdom.

1278    Sythes, F.H.    F/L      129339.           from Toronto, Ontario.

Taggart, H.F.  WO2   R78497.          From Oshawa, Ontario.

1507    Tallman, G.F.  F/L      J10712.            From Tabor, Alberta.

2172    Tames, J.S.      F/O      J86781.

3584    Tanner, G.R.   P/O      J90757.            From Ontario.

446      Tate, H.L.       WO2   R98078.          From Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

759      Tate, K.           WO2   124433.           From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

18        Tatham, W.N. Sgt       R70700.          From Kelliher, Saskatchewan.

Taverner, H.G.            F/O                  From Victoria, British Columbia.

Tayler, J.E.      5/ L.     40958. From Edmonton, Alberta.

42733  Taylor, A.H.   WO1   R97354.          From Westmount, Quebec.

262      Taylor, H.A.   FS        R127922.        From Toronto, Ontario.

1040    Taylor, J.E.     WO2   R105872.        From Edmonton, Alberta.

2544    Taylor, J.McG.            F/L      J3501.  From the United Kingdom.

62        Taylor, K.G.   P/O      J90126.

261      Taylor, R.J.     F/L      J22518.

696      Teillet, R.J.     F/L      J7218.  From St. Boniface, Manitoba.

1638    Temple, D.L.  P/O      J88335.

Temple, T.S.   WO2   R117084.        From Port Carling, Ontario.

270088            Terry, R.E.      FS        R146630.        From Mushika, Ontario.

8637    Teskey, J.M.    F/L      J24481.

5840    Thatcher, R.W.           F/O      J15837.

Thom, D.S.     F/L      39606. From Edmonton, Alberta.

27551  Thom, G.         P/O      J87281.

27551  Thom, G.         WO2   R60360.          From Calgary, Alberta.

3473    Thom, W.V.    F/O      J21028.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

3395    Thomas, D.F.  P/O      J19117.            From Merritton, Ontario.

3588    Thomas, I.S.J.B.         F/O      J25074.

1414    Thomas, I.W.  F/L      122751.           From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Thomas, J.       WO2   R173863.        From Blenheim, Ontario.

59        Thompson, A.B.         F/L      39585. from Penetang, Ontario.

1336    Thompson, A.W.        F/L      J12987.            From London, Ontario.

Thompson, C.W.         FS        R180068.

5304    Thompson, D.N.         P/O      J26496.            From Toronto, Ontario.

Thompson, D.R.         F/L                  From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Thompson, D.R.         WO2   R103431.        From Cornwall, Ontario.

Thompson, M.L.         F/L      J86464.

2829    Thompson, R.A.         F/O      J20250.            From Cobourg, Ontario.

Thompson, RD.          P/O      J91162.

269800            Thompson, R.L.          Pb.O    J19520.            From Edmonton, Alberta.

500      Thompson, T.A.          FS        R177512.        From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

42807  Thompson, W.M.        WO2   R72183.          From Willow Beach, Ontario.

1273    Thomson, D.E.            Sgt       R79019.          From Westrnount, Quebec.

2676    Thomson, D.R.           F/O      C3555. From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

25645  Thomson, G.C.           WO2   R91859.          From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

27487  Thomson, R.   WO2   R120190.        From Lebanon, Tennessee, U.S.A.

5506    Thornton, C.P. El L.    J4256.

2673    Thorpe, C.R.   F/O      J15127.            From Calgary, Alberta.

4921    Thorvardson, S.          Sgt       R191491.

1509    Thurston, W.A.           P/O      J17163.            From Toronto, Ontario.

27191  Tice, H.F.        WO2   R74242.          From Grimsby Beach, Ontario.

42677  Tierney, F.O.  WO2   R82760.          From Toronto, Ontario.

Tingswell, H.A.                                  From Trail, British Columbia.

533      Tobias, C.H.   WO2   R80099.          From Morden, Manitoba.

250765            Todd, WO       Sgt       R62718.          From Ormstown, Quebec.

131      Toft, P.C.        Ft L.    J5825.  From St. Stephen, New Brunswick.

27308  Tolmie, J.R.    WO1   R86917.          From Brandon, Manitoba.

2120    Tomlin, J.D.    WO2   R144249.

1047    Tonner, P.B.    P/O      J89757.            From St. John, New Brunswick.

683      Toomey, R.G.E.          P/O      C90314.

4028    Topplin, M.     F/O      J20255.            From Toronto, Ontario.

4164    Torget, C.M.   F/O      J26005.

269885            Tome, L.P.      WO2   R113285.

27521  Torrance, W.R.L.        F/O      J16612.            From Elrose, Saskatchewan.

912      Towers, A.H.  WO2   R124365.        From Brandon, Manitoba.

6182    Trainor, H.C.  S/L      C1697. From Gunningville, New Brunswick.

672      Trask, N.B.     F/L      J15001.            From Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

358      Trask, W.P.     P/O      J89257.            From Carston, Nova Scotia.

853      Treanor, M.H. WO2   R92103.          From New York, New York, U.S.A.

158      Trites, A.G.     F/O      J38646.            From Sackville, Nova Scotia.

7629    Trotter, E.J.     Fl L.    J19643.

2352    Trumpour, L.G.          WO1   R115327.

5305    Tucker, K.M.  F/O      J29710.

2929    Tully, R.W.     F/O      J18180.            From Chemainus, British Columbia.

3015    Turcotte, J.F.E.           F/ L.    J14224.            From Kapuskasing, Ontario.

3848    Turgeon, H.E.G.         F/O      J86190.

27384  Turner, A.F.    WO1   R92602.          From Calgary, Alberta.

Turner, El        Sgt       R69647.          From Calgary, Alberta.

Turner, J.L.                             From Outremont, Quebec.

1105    Turner, L.E.    Sgt       R85035.          From Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

722      Turner, N.H.   F/O      J15376.            From Toronto, Ontario.

3849    Turner, R.A.   F/O      J86064.

Tumquist, D.E.           P/O      J89355.

3589    Turton, A.G.   F/O      J23342.

1337    Tweddell, LW.            F/L      J10424.            From Canada.

43235  Tysowski, A.T.           WO2   R-106227.       From Verigin, Saskatchewan.

684      Umscheid, J.L.            P/O      C88014.

Urquhart, A.J. F/O      J37125.

1352    Usher, L.E.      F/L      J14135.            From De Mossville, Kentucky, U.S.A.

1284    Vaillancourt, C.J.L.    F/L      J12563.            From Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

3429    Valachos, P.J. F/L      41225. From Brantford, Ontario.

1189    Valastin, J.      F/O      J85006.            From Broderick, Saskatchewan.

25682  Valensky, S.    WO2   R90544.          From Sudbury, Ontario.

8245    Valentine, V.G.B.       F/O      J88051.

Vallieres, S.K. P/O      J87610.

27386  Vallis, K.G.     WO2   R107531.        From Regina, Saskatchewan.

261488            Vance, R.H.    WO2   R143193.        From Vancouver, British Columbia.

222652            Vanzant, M.    FS        R119105.        From Collingwood, Ontario.

222651            Van-Toever, B.           FS        R134408.        From Bissett, Manitoba.

Vaugban, W.E.           F/O      J24199.            From Toronto, Ontario.

25142  Veasey, D.J.    WO2   R77350.          From Sherbrooke, Quebec.

5129    Venables, G.W.H.      F/O      J24233.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

27665  Vey, H.E.        WO2   R106554.        From Atlin, British Columbia.

6183    Vickers, A.H.  F/L      J21585.

H.K.    F/O      J2520.  From Hnausa, Manitoba.

23616  Vilandre, J.B.M.         FS        R74035.          From Montreal, Quebec.

7360    Vinet, J.P.       F/L      J14646.            From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

52644  Vinish, H.A.   F/O      J29843.            From Calgary, Alberta.

908      Vinsberg, M.M.          WO1   R77244.          From Windsor, Ontario.

1415    Vogel, C.A.     F/L      J11862.            From Burnaby, British Columbia.

Voynick, L.                 R63697.          From Galt, Ontario.

3812    Waddell, D.A. P/O      J85918.            From Sperling, Manitoba.

27238  Wagner, J.F.    WO2   R87054.          From Turtleford, Saskatchewan.

1046    Wagner, W.A.             R126495.        From Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.

24946  Wagstaff, R.W.           WO2   R71717.          From the United Kingdom.

27482  Waite, F.         WO1   R87439.          From Vancouver, British Columbia.

Waldon, D.     F/L                  From Toronto, Ontario.

8110    Waldram, WA.           P/O      J90395 From New Liskeard, Ontario.

3331    Wales, C.V.    PL.      J6174.  From Portage La Prairie, Manitoba.

3619    Walker, A.      P/O      J27114.

Walker, B.D.   F/O      J18652.

140693            Walker, E.       WO1   R83072.          From Windsor, Ontario.

1009    Walker, F.W.  FS        R214688.

1120    Walker, G.E.   PL.      39803.

3786    Walker, H.      Sgt       18/21A.

60        Walker, J.A.    FS        R56262.          From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

263517            Walker, J.B.    FS        R139840.

637      Walker, R.G.   P/O      J88494.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

198      Wady, J.J.        FS        R166166.

638      Wall, 1.1.        P/O      J87808.

3541    Wall, R.T.       F/O      J23508.            From Medicine Hat, Alberta.

1338    Wallace, A.R. PL.      J14982.            From Toronto, Ontario.

11909  Wallace, C.J.   LAC    535109.           From Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

7494    Wallace, E.B.  F/L      J15526.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

3285    Wallace, R.     F/O      J18278.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

374      Wallis, Gordon L.    P/O      J87360. From Armley, Saskatchewan. Shot down on 13 June 1944, over Cambrai, France (Information provided by his son, Darryl Wallis)

27311  Walmsley, S.W.          WO1   R87948.          From Vancouver, British Columbia.

269889            Walters, E.A.  WO2   R102128.        From Verigin, Saskatchewan.

5778    Walter, R.W.   F/O      J29945.

3016    Wanless, W.W.A.       P/O      J17336.            From Edmonton, Alberta.

Ward, H.B.     F/O                  From Humber Bay, Ontario.

222852            Ward, H.K.     FS        R178388.        From Vancouver, British Columbia.

270099            Ward, S.G.      FS        R101922.

1048    Wardlaw, J.W.            WO1   R91481.          From Toronto, Ontario.

1205    Warner, E.E.   Sgt       R133151.        From Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

Warren, J.H.    P/O      J93467.

1049    Warren, J.L.    WO2   R107238.        From Shellbrook, Saskatchewan.

263635            Warren, J.L.N. Sgt       R136975.        From Point de Pic, Quebec.

25140  Warren, W.C.  WO2   R95200.          From Portage La Prairie, Manitoba.

3332    Waterman, P.F.           F/O      J15923.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

27239  Waterworth, W.F.       WO2   R92606.          From Banff, Alberta.

1092    Watson, AM.  PL.      J7085.  From Premier, British Columbia.

263518            Watson, D.E.  WO2   R129726.        From London, Ontario.

8072    Watson, E.G.  F/O      J28858.            From Toronto, Ontario.

Watson, J.H.   WO2   R57542.          From Chilliwack, British Columbia.

535      Watson, J.K.   PL.      J40356.            From Chilliwack, British Columbia.

6733    Watson, R.A.  F/O      J37779.

1087    Watt, E.T.        WO2   R143266.

837      Watt, T.M.       F/O      J10022.            From Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A.

281      Waugh, A.E.   WO2   R104788.

1042    Waugh, N.C.   WO1   R58818.          From the United Kingdom.

Way, F.S.                    R95152.          From Whytewold, Manitoba.

Weaver, C.                  R83374.          From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

25632  Weaver, J.B.T.            WO2   R72493.          From Leaside, Ontario.

26902  Webb, F.H.     WO2   R139545.        From Carman, Manitoba.

283      Webb, M.G.    Sgt       R101741.        From Geralton, Ontario.

455      Webber, W.B. FS        R117635.        From Westmount, Quebec.

688      Webster, D.A. F/L      J5308.. From Winter Park, Florida, U.S.A.

Weeks, W.G.  F/L                  From Medicine Hat, Alberta.

5075    Weepers, D.J.  F/O      J28845.

1559    Weicker, C.M. FA..     J20397.            From Regina, Saskatchewan.

26863  Weighhill,        WO2   R87391.          From Davidson, Saskatchewan.

1110    Weiler, N.H.   F/O      J18604.

715      Weir, J.G.                    C1650. From Toronto, Ontario.

3555    Weir, L.S.       WO2   R148836.

642      Wellein, J.C.   P/O      J89060.

1924    Wells, J.R.       P/O      J19624.            From High River, Alberta.

909      Wellwood, N.J.           WO2   R90177.          From Whitechurch, Ontario.

222541            Welters, R.S.   FS        R122109.        From New Westminster, British Columbia.

25164  West, D.E.      PL.      J15732.            From Edmonton, Alberta.

225507            Westbrook, K. WO2   R70530.          From Rouleay, Saskatchewan.

1111    Westerman, J.F.          WO2   R66448.          From Narberth, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Weston, J.M.   F/L      J7758.

Westwood, J.A.                      R105057.        From Toronto, Ontario.

Wetheral,         FS        R160570.

2291    Wetter, A.H.S. F/L      J21826.            From Sebeka, Manitoba.

4117    Wey, E.G.       F/O      J24034.

2932    Whalley, M.G.            F/L      J9748.  From Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Wheatley, K.M.          F/L                  From Banff, Alberta.

263636            Wheatley, L.M.           FS        R166032.        From Barwick, Ontario.

5109    Wheatley, R.J.A.         F/L      J16134.            From Russell, Manitoba.

1559    Wheeler, J.E.   F/O      J23640.            From Cardston, Alberta.

24520  Whitcher, C.   F/O      J15497.

259921            White, D.H.    Sgt       R85132.          From Antler, Saskatchewan.

301      White, E.A.     PL.      J5685.  From Masonville, Quebec.

784      White, E.F.      F/L      J7916.  From Midland, Ontario.

861      White, H.R.     WO1   R70056.          From Stoney Creek, Ontario.

4167    White, J.G.      F/L      J16348.            From Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

1050    White, T.H.     WO1   R100561.        From Toronto, Ontario.

102      White, T.S.      Sgt       R190507.

1707    White, V.M.    F/O      J22537.            From Port Hope, Ontario.

24447  Whitson, B.F.  WO2   R60724.

42702  Whittall, H.R. WO1   R77343.

1052    Whitteron, A.  Sgt       R66720.          From Westmount, Quebec.

2126    Wideman, K.   Sgt       R178702.

1045    Wiggett, RT.   P/O      J90359.            From Glenboro, Manitoba.

24514  Wiggins, T.V.S.          WO2   R64757.          From Windsor, Nova Scotia.

26844  Wik, H.           WO2   R60583.          From Kimberley, British Columbia.

Wilcox, W.G.                          From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

6800    Wilkinson, C.W.         F/O      J26210.            From Waterford, Ontario.

911      Wilkinson, H.E.          WO1   R77192.          From Lachine, Quebec.

918      Wilkinson, J.L FS        R152849.        From Canora, Saskatchewan.

1088    Williamson, C.F.        P/O      J92205.

205      Williamson, H.           F/L      J7823.  From Gladwin, Michigan, U.S.A.

222800            Williamson, W.A.       P/O      J18458.            From London, Ontario.

1053    Williams, G.E.            WO2   R129379.        From Toronto, Ontario.

263637            Williams, K.H.           Sgt       R186646.        From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Williams, M.A.           WO2   R113236.        From Calgary, Alberta.

4258    Willis, C.A.     W/C.    C836.  From Ottawa, Ontario.

8073    Willis, C.E.     F/O      J25541.            From Ottawa, Ontario.

86487  Willis, J.R.      F/O      J19484.            From Calabogie, Ontario.

108      Willis, R.A.G. F/L      41766. From Aylmer, Quebec.

447      Willis, W.G.    WO2   R157014.        From Flin Flon, Manitoba.

261494            Williston, R.O.           FS        R76596.          From Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.

4924    Willson, J.J.    P/O:     J89457.

927      Wilson, A.M.  WO2   R167346.        From Toronto, Ontario.

52465  Wilson, F.       F/O      J28693.

Wilson, G.P.   P/O      J8374.  From Ann Farbor, Michigan, U.S.A.

286      Wilson, G.W.  FS        R143388.

27382  Wilson, J.        WO1   R89658.          From Youngstown, Illinois, U.S.A.

225710            J.B.D.  FA..     J38653.

3289    Wilson, J.L.     P/O      J19069.            From Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

864      Wilson, J.P.     WO2   R91278.          From Georgetown, Ontario.

653      Wilson, L.A.   Sgt       R79708.          From Regina, Saskatchewan.

3402    Wilson, M.C.  PL.      J7748.  From Petrolia, Ontario.

3851    Wilson, R.D.   P/O      J88875.

8572    Wilson, R.S.    F/O      J25388.

6636    Wilson, W.A.  F/L      J22078.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

Winchester, R.G.        FS        R217851.

8717    Winchester, S.A.         F/L      J10019.

366      Winkler, E.A. WO2   R71755.          From Hanover, Ontario.

827      Winskill,          WO2   R119411.        From Sarnia, Ontario.

538      Wintemute, J.D.          P/O      J90309.

27008  Winton, A.G.  WO2   R73439.          From Jacquet River, New Brunswick.

3268    Wirth, E.         P/O      J88606.            From Westmount, Quebec.

106      Wiseman, W.  P/O      J40353.            From Westmount, Quebec.

Witcher, C.     F/O                  From Brandon, Manitoba.

7751    Witwer, H.D.  F/O      J86988.            From Brandon, Manitoba.

4969    Wolstencroft, G.A.     F/O      J19990.

4725    Wood, D.G.    P/O      J23989.

Wood, E.E.     Sgt       R118348.        From Vancouver, British Columbia.

4120    Wood, G.L.     F/O      J17697.

1512    Wood, R.         F/L      J22561.            From Toronto, Ontario.

176      Wood, R.T.     FS        R67594.          From Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

222542            Wood, W.S.E. P/O      J90277.            From Rosetown, Saskatchewan.

15786  Woods, G.C.   P/O      J92529.

Woods, R.C.   FS        R262395.        From Toronto, Ontario.

1214    Woods, W.A.  Sgt       R97192.

6185    Wooley, S.K.  F/L      J21021.

24456  Woolley, H.E. WO2   R56114.          From Lachine, Quebec.

1114    Woonton, H.T.            WO1   R60901.          From Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.

Woychuk, R.M.          P/O      J86709.

938      Wraith, D.H.   F/L      J12632.            From Vancouver, British Columbia.

3712    Wray, L. E.     GIG.    C127.

259929            Wright, G.G.   FS        R133887.        From Bracebridge, Ontario.

Wright, J.A.    Sgt       R87125.          From St. Walbrug, Saskatchewan.

500      Wright, S.D.    P/O      J88504.

3854    Wright, W.A.  FA..     J20253.

539      Wulff, E.R.     P/O      J90074.

1353    Wyatt, FIB.     FS        R122024.        From Lacrosse, Washington, U.S.A.

69        Wynn, C.K.     Sgt       R190166.

2440    Wynveen, W.R.          Sgt       R187677.        From Leamington, Ontario.

1208    Yarnold, 0.P. – WO2   R80882.          From Haliburton, Ontario,

5130    Yatemick, E.   F/O      425760:           From Ottawa, Ontario.

240100            Yeager, F.F.    WO2   R141676.        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Yeardye, W.    Cpl.     629893.           From Victoria, British Columbia.

26815  Young, A.E.    WO2   R84664.          From St. Stephen, New Brunswick.

218      Young, A.T.A.            F/L      J5339.  From Westmount, Quebec.

8879    Young, F.B.    F/O      J39819.

1048    Young, H.S.    WO1   R77401.          From Westmount, Quebec.

2548    Young, I.A.     F/L      48722. From Sudbury, Ontario.

3336    Young, J.E.M. F/L      J21367.

Young, R.J.P.  WO2   R174426.

5394    Younger, A.    F/O      487151.           From Vancouver, British Columbia.

8820    Younger, D.W.           F/O      436558..

425      Zado, A.F.       FS        R74971.

Zayets, S.        Sgt                   From Winnipeg, Manitoba.