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2014 – Sergeant Scott MacDonald


Air Marshal C. Roy Slemon Award—Sergeant MacDonald, 409Tactical Fighter Squadron

Sgt Scott MacDonald is a singularly valued member of 409 Tactical Fighter Squadron (Tac F Sqn). His leadership, experience and motivation were instrumental during the rebuilding of the squadron’s airworthiness accreditation starting in July 2013, and continuing to the present. The squadron’s success during its evaluation in April 2014, and in ongoing operations is a testament to the character that Sgt Scott MacDonald possesses.
Throughout 2013 and 2014, Sgt MacDonald continually led and mentored the squadron maintenance teams. His passion for his work is tangible, in that his diligent effort and patience with journeymen technicians markedly improved the professionalism and knowledge levels exhibited in the recent DTAES audit. The foundation that Sgt MacDonald laid will allow the squadron to continue to fulfill all of its operational missions, including the NORAD mission, while growing a strong airworthiness culture. His excellence was recognised and rewarded with challenging assignments within the squadron. These tasks included his assignment as the Maintenance I/C for the squadron’s participation in Exercise VIGILANT EAGLE in Elmendorf Alaska. This joint NORAD and Russian Federation Air Force exercise in August 2013, was considered by Canadian NORAD Region as a no-fail event with respect to its CF188 participation. Sgt MacDonaId’s experience and resourcefulness ensured that 409 Tac F Sqn successfully achieved 100% of its assigned missions. `Later in November 2013, the squadron deployed to France to take part Exercise SERPENTEX, a multinational, joint exercise. Operating out of an austere location, with limited resources, Sgt MacDonald continued to lead the technicians as the senior maintenance mentor, contributing to another 100% success rate in tasked missions.
Throughout the year, whether deployed, at home, or on NORAD alert, Sgt MacDonald has always accepted challenging tasks and excelled. Sgt MacDonald’s outstanding dedication to the mission of 409 Tac F Sqn and the Royal Canadian Air Force serves as an exceptional example to his peers and fellow technicians. His dedication to excellence in CF188 aircraft maintenance and his unrivaled professionalism truly embody the spirit of the Air Marshall C. Roy Slemon Award. His character and demeanor distinguish him from his colleagues.