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Great War – Canadians in British Flying Services


bishop-medalsFIRST WORLD WAR HONOURS AND AWARDS TO CANADIANS IN BRITISH FLYING SERVICES. H.A. Halliday, 1594 Delia Crescent, Orleans, Ontario, K4A 1W9, (613) 830-6366, 1997. Acknowledgement: This data base has been prepared with generous assistance from Surgeon Commander (ex F/O) John Blatherwick, CM, CD, MD, New Westminster, British Columbia. NOTES: This data base is drawn primarily from a card file now held by the Directorate of History and Heritage, Canadian Forces Headquarters. It includes some awards for services in Russia following the First World War. Certain British personnel are incorporated by virtue of service with the RAF Training Program conducted in Canada and Texas, 1917-1918 (see, for example, Colin Goss Coleridge). Because Canadian citizenship was not defined by statute until 1947, the card file (and hence this data base) includes many people who have had only fleeting associations with Canada. In the interests of providing as much information as possible, all decorated personnel from the cards are included, but many are flagged with an asterix (*) denoting “Canadian Association” rather than “Canadian”. Lists of decorated Canadian airmen have been published in books such as The Brave Young Wings (R.V. Dodds); in some instances they include names which cannot, at this date, be substantiated as being Canadian or having Canadian associations. These people are included in the data base, flagged with a double asterix (**) and a cautionary note explaining the source and the reason for questioning the “Canadian content” of these individuals. Appended to the end of this data base is a list of civilians honoured for work associated with the RFC/RAF Training Scheme in Canada, 1917-1918.