Historical Aircraft

Awardees by Year


Grand President’s Trophy
(1963) 437 Wing Toronto
(1964) 447 Wing Hamilton

National President’s Trophy
(1963) 446 Wing Brampton
(1964) 433 Wing Renfrew

Vice President’s Trophy
(1963) J. H. Harvey 437 Wing
(1964) J. Miles 403 Wing

Wing Bulletin Trophy Class “A”
1959 — 250 Wing St. John
1961 — 306 Wing Montreal
1962 — 700 Wing Edmonton

Wing Bulletin Trophy Class “B”
1959 — 302 Wing Quebec
1961 — 802 Wing Vancouver
1962 — 444 Wing Scarborough
(1965) 404 Kitchener-Waterloo
(1965) 426 Wing Brockville
(1965) C. Lavalley 426 Wing
1963 — 404 Wing Kitchener-Waterloo
1964 — 306 Wing Montreal
1965 — 700 Wing Edmonton
1963 — 445 Wing Toronto
1964 — 150 Wing St. John’s Nfld.
1965 — 424 Wing Cornwall



Grand President’s Trophy – 404 Wing

National President’s Trophy – 426 Wing

Group Efficiency Award – Pacific Group

Wing of the Year – 433 Wing

Member of the Year – Al Goodwin, 253 Wing (Moncton)



Mynarski Trophy – CFB St. Hubert


Member of the Year – J.H. “Jack” Ferris


This year two new awards were inaugurated, supported by appropriate trophies.
(a) The Air Marshal W.A. Curtis Trophy in recognition of Air Marshal Curtis outstanding contribution to the Association since it’s inception. This trophy is accompanied by an appropriate scroll, which is retained by the winning Wing.
(b) The other new trophy was donated to the Association by 408/437 (Toronto-York) Wing, to be awarded to the Wing submitting the best annual Wing report at Group meeting time. This is a very lovely trophy and we are most grateful to the members of
408/437 Wing for their generosity. The other awards which have been in competition for a number of years are:
(a) National Presidents Trophy – awarded annually to the Wing, with less than 150 members, showing the greatest increase in membership for the year.
(b) Vice President’s Trophy — Awarded annually to the Wing member who contributes most to his Wing’s Membership Campaign.
(c) Group Efficiency Award — This award is in the form of a plaque and is presented to the Group which has shown the greatest degree of efficiency in conducting it’s Membership Campaign.
(d) Wing of the Year Award — Member of the Year Award:
The Association is proud to be the recipient of these two awards which are presented annually by the Canadian Armed Froces. These awards are very much sought after each year.
(e) There are two bulletin Trophies awarded annually:
(i) C/ass ‘A”— presented to the Wing with membership in excess of 125;
(ii) Class “B” — presented to the Wing with membership less than 125.
The two trophies this year were awarded to: (a) Class “A” — 441 (Kempenfeldt) Wing, Barrie, Ontario (b) Class “B” — 448 (Air Marshal W.A. Bishop) Wing, Owen Sound, Ont.
Mynarski Trophy – CFB Greenwood


McGregor Trophy – Major D.M. Campbell, 413 Rescue Squadron
Curtis Trophy – 410 (Ottawa District) Wing
Slemon Award –
D.M.Grant Award –
National President’s Trophy – 806 (Richmond) Wing
National Vice-President’s Trophy – Mrs. Agnes Martin, 410 Wing
Wing of the Year – 447 (City of Hamilton) Wing
Member of the Year – Mr. D.L. Cressman, 427 (London) Wing
Wing Bulletin Trophy (Class A) – 306 (Maple Leaf) Wing
Wing Bulletin Trophy (Class B) – 433 (Champlain) Wing
408/437 Trophy – 306 (Maple Leaf) Wing
Group Efficiency Award – Ontario Group
Host Wing Plaque – Mr. F.G. Brown
Joe Shkwarek Award – Gerry & Barbara Brown, 253 (Moncton) Wing


The Royal Canadian Air Force Association Distinguished Savice Award was initiated in 1974 and announcements or the first awards were made al the ational convention in Windsor during the RCAF 50th Annual Dinner and Ball on October 11th. Recipients of thc initial awards were Air Marshal Hugh Campbcll. Past Grand Presi­dcnt and Past National President. and Mr. Jack Gray. former Gencral Manager of the Association. The prcscntation lo Jack Gray was made at the convention by the National Presidcnt, Mr. W.A. Gryba. Because Air Marshal Campbell was unablc to ath:nd the convention. the pn:scntation of his award will take place at a later date.


Royal Canadian Air Force Association Gordon R. McGregor Memorial Trophy – Captain Charles H. Simpson

Royal Canadian Air Force Association Distinguished Service Award – Air Marshal Hugh Campbell and Jack Gray

Air Marshal Curtis Trophy – 412 Wing (Windsor)

National President’s Trophy – 808 Wing (Nanaimo)

National Vice-President’s Trophy – Mr. Ron McVee of 700 Wing (Edmonton)

Wing of the Year – 800 Wing (Pacific)

Wing Bulletin Trophy – 404 Wing
(Class A)

Wing Bulletin Trophy – 418 Wing
(Class B)

408 /437 Wing Trophy – 438 Wing

Annual Plaques

Member of the Year – Norman C. Bain

Group Efficiency Award – Pacific Group

Host Wing Plaque – Glen Rogers 412 (Windsor) Wing

The Joe Shkwarek Award – Glen Rogers 412 (Windsor) Wing



Air Marshal C. Roy Slemon Award – Corporal Paul Alexander Gillmore, 19 Wing Comox