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Captain R.D. Tyler – 2011


Capt Tyler, 403 Helicopter Operational Training Squadron, Gagetown New Brunswick, has been the Aviation Tactics Flight firepower subject matter expert for 2008-2011. Throughout this time he has demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedication to his Unit and the CF. Capt Tyler has been heavily involved in tactics and courseware development. His work has been the basis for which operational units employ themselves in support to the Army as well as support to operations in Afghanistan. He has set the standard in areas such as the provision of fire support to the land force, and tactical aviation procedures. A gifted tactical aviator and instructor, Capt Tyler’s many flying qualifications coupled with his instructional expertise, and strong operational focus have allowed him to initiate and spearhead ATF’s efforts in developing doctrine for the provision of fire support to the land force. He was the lead on developing close combat attack and aerial door gunning training plans, synthesizing allied tactics and then harmonizing them with existing Canadian doctrine. These training plans formed the basis of provision of fire support to ground forces and were critical in facilitating 1 Wing’s deployment into a combat environment. As a member of ATF, Capt Tyler continuously strives to ensure that his own tactical acumen remains at a high standard by always keeping tactical aviation relevant compared to the contemporary operating environment. His work in fire support has enhanced the relationship between 1 Wing and the Army. His leadership, work ethic and tactical expertise contributed to the ability of 1 Wing units to deploy into a combat environment.