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413 (T&R) Squadron CFB Summerside PEI – 1982


From The Daily Gleaner (Fredericton, New Brunswick) Saturday, October 9, 1982

QUOTE Colonel Denny Hopping of 413 Squadron, Summerside, PEI has accepted the Mynarski Trophy awarded annually to the best search and rescue team. The presentation was made at the annual general meeting of the Royal Canadian Air Force Association. The trophy was presented by Colonel Arnie J. Bauer.

The 413 Squadron was involved in 370 SAR operations during the year. Six of the missions were major rescue operations that resulted in the saving of 79 lives. Most were conducted in poor weather and under difficult circumstances. The squadron, for example, co-operated in the rescue of 26 people from the grounded Euro Princess in a severe Atlantic storm off Sable Island.

Selection of the Mynarski Trophy winner was made by Air Command Headquarters at CFB Winnipeg. The trophy, donated by the RCAF Association is named for a Commonwealth pilot who lost his own life while he saved rear gunner in his aircraft. UNQUOTE

[RCAF Association comments: contrary to the closing words above, Pilot Officer Mynarski DID NOT save the rear gunner (Pat Brophy) at all. Mynarski was unsuccessful in a number of attempts to free Brophy in his jammed tail-gunner turret. Brophy demanded Mynarski stop his futile attempts and save himself. Conceding to Brophy’s demands, Mynarski backed off, stood as erect as possible, saluted Brophy, and jumped. Unfortunately, while attempting to free Brophy, Mynarski’s clothing had just caught fire, which began consuming his blossomed parachute in the descent. Mynarski survived the jump but died not long after from his burns. Miraculously, Brophy and his tail-gunner turret broke free from the unpiloted aircraft on crashing, and Brophy survived to tell the story of Mynarski and his valiant but futile attempts to save him.]