Historical Aircraft

Roundel Magazine – Consolidated Index (RCAF)



The Roundel – Nov 1948  to Jun 1965


Nov 1948       Northern Sky Trails        Pt I  – History of the RCAF

Dec 1948       Northern Sky Trails        Pt II – Early Sub-Arctic Operations


Jan 1949        Northern Sky Trails        Pt III – A/C Ross and others

Feb 1949       Northern Sky Trails        Pt IV – A/C Gordon and others

Mar 1949       Northern Sky Trails        Pt V – A/C Gordon – longest trip

Apr 1949        The First Air Corps        (balloons  in France) Hitchins

Northern Sky Trails        Part VI – A/C Coleman

May 1949      Northern Sky Trails        Pt VII – Commercial in the North

Men Birds and Planets Pt I – Birds’  contribution to flight

Jun 1949        The South African Air Force Pt I

Northern Sky Trails VIII Logan.and Lawrence

Men, Birds, and Planets Pt II

Jul 1949         Northern Sky Trails LX    F/O Lewis

South African Air Force Pt II

Aug 1949     Northern Sky Trails Pt X – New Staging and Aleutian

Robert Smith Barry Editor

Sep 1949     Northern Sky Trails – Concluding article – Musk Ox

On Navigation generally

Oct 1949     Stalag Luft I – F/L Maloney

Navigation – on Chronometers

How It All Began – Balloons

Nov 1949          Stalag Luft II – F/L Maloney

Dec 1949          The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan – FN

The First of the Many of Gillnar

A Brief History of the WD.

The Civil Flying Schools

Trenton Memorial Gates


Jan 1950           History of No 400 City of Toronto Squadron

Stalag Luft III

Feb 1950          History of 426  (Thunderbird) Sqn

Stalag Luft III Pt 4

Mar 1950          Stalag Luft III Pt  5

History of Air Cadets – D.Taylor

History of 402  (Fighter)Sqn  (City of Wpg) W/C H,

Trails of “98” Part I

Apr 1950           Stalag Luft III Pt 6

Trails of “98” Part II

Lessons of the Battle of Britain

No 405 Sqn

May 1950          Stalag Luft III Pt 7

Canada’s Radar Outposts

Jun 1950           Stalag Luft III Pt 8

Jul – Aug 1950   History of No 410 (Ram) Sqn

History of No 410 (Cougar) Sqn

Sep 1950          History of No 438  (Wildcat) Sqn

Oct 1950

Nov 1950          History of No 403  (Wolf) Sqn

The Air War in Burma

Dec 1950          History of 420 (Snowy Owl) Squadron

No. 6 Group Flashbacks

Jan 51              History of 421 (Red Indian) Squadron

Jan Christian Smuts – Father of the RAF

Days of Dare and Dot Pt I

Feb 51              Historic 49th Pt I

Days of Dare and Do Pt II

Mar 51              Historic 49th Pt II

Apr  51              Ames 894 – Pt I

History of No. 418 Sqn

Ames 894 Pt II

Jul- Aug 51       Ames Pt III

History of No 442 (Caribou) Sqn

Sep 51              Ames 894 Part 4


Oct 51              Ames 894 Part 5

History of the Parachute

Nov 51              Ames 894 Part 6

Dec 51              Ames 894 Part 7

Heraldry and Badges of the Royal Air Forces



Jan 52              History of No 441 (Silver Fox) Sqn

Ames 894 Pt 8

Happy Warriors – General Arnold
Feb 52              The Big Show – Pierre Clostermann FH

Mar 52              RCAF Sport Panorama – Football AI AH

In the Beginning – Camp Borden FH

Canada’s Air Force Chiefs
Apr  52              RCAF Sport Panorama Part II Football

May 52             RCAF Sport Panorama – Rifle Shooting

Jun 52              History of 443 (Hornet) Squadron

Flight Safety – Civer H96

Jul 52               RCAF Sports Panorama – Boning 2

Jul – Aug 52       RCAF Sports Panorama – Baseball

Sep 52              RCAF Sports Panorama – Swimming

Heritage of the Radio officer

Oct 52              Notes on Canadian Military Law

Nov 52              RCAF Sports Panorama – Wrestling

Pin Points of the Past  J 04 – 1929 Equipment Course
Dec  52             Pin Points of the Past – Cormorant  and Lac du Bonnet

Strever – the Hijacker

History of 439 Squadron

Jan 53              Pin Points  in the  Past – Vedettes  – Sports Day 1924

Flight Simulators  (includes The Sawdess Teacher)

The Laws of the Many
Feb 53              Wartime Story of No. 435 (Chinthe) Sqn

Pinpoints of the Past  – Full dress 1939  – Ottawa Station 1928

Sedes angelica – the first ejection seat
Mar  53             Pinpoints in the past – Camp Borden float parade

AM CR SIemon – A brief service biography

The Long Road to Freedom – BR on RW escapes.
Jun 53               RCAF Sport Panorama – Hockey Part I

The Canadian Joint Staff Washington

History of No 430 Sqn

Pin Points in the Past – 1st Army Cooperation Course

Sep 53              RCAF Sport Panorana – Riding Skeet Badminton

The Observer Corps

Rough Hewn Tradition of the Chinthe Support Services

Pin Points in the Past – Pigeons

Oct 53               Pioneers of Peace – RAF. Lord Trenchard

Pin Points of the Past – Stan Grune – Drill Instruction ’39
Dec 53              History of No 422 (Tomahawk) Sqn

Canadian Joint Staff London

Pin Points of the Past – two 1936 shots at Dartmouth

Obituary – The last Wellington


Jan 54              History of No. 407  (Demon.) Sqn.

Pinpoints in the Past. Jericho 1st boat course 1925
Feb 54              Leapfrog 4

“I Flew for the Furher” – Heinz Knokes

Pin Points of the Past – Wpg 1932 – Burgess Dunne 1914

“Cover of Darkness” AC Chisholm
May 54            Pinpoints in the Past First Orders of the CAP

“Sailor Malan: A Biography”
Jun 54              Between the Lines – History of Flying Instructor Training
Jul-Aug 54        19 Auxiliary Wing – Vancouver
Sep 54              Sir Frank Whittle – a historical sketch

Pin Points of the Past  –  -No. 1 Sqn 1919 & variable  prop

Flight through the years
Oct 54              History of Weapons  (Characteristics)

Pin Points of the Past – 1931 Inspection at Jericho beach
Nov 54              History of No 417  (City of Windsor) Squadron
Dec 54              Aircrew Selection in the RCAF

“H” for Hallibag – History of the Halifax

They Blasted Amiens  Jail

Pin Points of the Past – History of Hudson’s Strait Expedition

Operation  “Hawk” – 426 Sqn and Korean Air Lift

Canadian Aeronautical Institute


Feb 55               Memoirs of a Canadian in the RAF – Part 1

Mar 55              Memoirs of a Canadian in the RAF – Part 2

Pin Points of the Past  –  Cornorant  Lake 1931 – GE Wailand ”

Alex” –  a  biography of Lord  Alexander

History of No 433 Sqn – Part. 1

Apr 55               History of No 433 Son – Part 2

Memoirs of a Canadian in the RAF Part 3

Le College Militaire Royal de Saint-Jean

Pin Points of the Past – Sr. NCOs at Borden 1939
May 55             Memoirs of a Canadian in the RAF Part 4
Jun 55              Memoirs of – Canadian in the RAF Part 5

Sep 55              Memoirs of a Canadian in the RAF – Part 7

Pinpoints in the Past – Ladder Lake 1929

“Down in the Drink”
Oct 55              Memoirs of a Canadian in the RAF – Part 8
Nov 55              Memoirs of a Canadian in the RAF – Part 9

Pinpoints in the Fast – Hucks starter

Airmen’s bed “Cheshire”
Dec 55              Memoirs of a Canadian in the RAF – Part 10


Mar 56              History of No 434  (Bluenose) Sqn


May 56             Canada’s Airman VCs

The History of Helicopters Part 2

The RCAFs’ Police Force

Pinpoints in the Past – PPO Course (Last) 1931

“Against The Sun” W/C Beamont
Jun 56              “The Service Triangle” Joubert

Pinpoints in the Past – Photos of Halifax 1883 and 1923

Jul-Aug 56        Pinpoints in tho Past – Photo Survey 1924 – Viking

“Flight Handbook” – A Review
Sep 56
Nov 56              History of 432 Squadron  Part 3

Bomber Command – 40 years ago

“A Picture History of Flight”

Victor Charlie 10,000
Dec  56             Pinpoints in the Past – Forest Fire Prevention – 1937




Jan-Feb 57       The Northwest Stage Route – Part 1

Badges of the RCAF –


445  Sqn

3055 Technical

Solvitur Ambulands – The RAF Escaping Society

Photo Camp Borden and TTU Graduates 1937

“L” for “Lanc” History of the Lancaster
Mar 57              Canada’s Defence Research Board

The Northwest Stage Route – Part  2

The Soviet Armed Forces and the Soviet State

A Naval Air Observer 40 years ago

Badges of the RCAF – 1 Fighter Wing

444 Sqn

Apr 57               Men in Arms – A History of Warfare

Pinpoints in the Past – Camp Borden 1927 – 3rd, 4rd,  5th Causes

History of 425, Son

The “Goonay Bird”

The Northwest Stage Route – Part  3
May 57             Arna Virunque – The Building of the USAAAF in World War II
Jun 57              Reunion in Vancouver on 57 originals

Sep 57              Badges of the RCAF – OS HQs

442 Sqn


The North West Staging Route Part 7

The Royal United Service Institution

The Dark Haven

RAF Flying Control Book Review

Lorraine Sqn

Book, Review
Oct 57              Biographies – Slemon and Campbell
Nov 57              The Ground Observer Corps

Dec 57              No. 6  WOH Course 1937

History of No 423 Sqn

Badges Of the RCAF – Stn Gander – 413 Sqn – 419 Sqn


Jan-Feb 58       RCAF Station Cold Lake

History of No 423 Sqn Part 2

How Parliament Works

“The Shipbusters” and “Modern Airmanship”
Mar 58              History of No 423 Sqn Part 3

Unef’s Air Support

DOT’S Air Services

How Parliament Works Part 2

PinPoints in the Past – A.A. McLeod VC
Apr 58               “Arctic Canada from the Air”  and “Wing Leader”

The Mid Canada Line – Part 1

History of 423 Sqn Part 4

How Parliament works –   Part 3

F/L Carswell AFC – Sgt MacPherson BEM

“They Fought for the Sky” and “Periscope Patrol”

Badges of the RCAF – 405 Sqn – 409 Sqn – Stn Torbay

May 58              Evolution of the Argus

Education for Responsibility – ROTP

Mid Canada Line Part 2

How Parliament Works – Part 4

Pinpoints in the Past – 112 Sqn Summer Camp 1936 – WAC
Jun-Jul 58         Mid Canada Line  Part 3

Badges of the RCAF – 2AC – Stn Summerside 2 (M) OTU

Pinpoints in the Past – Richthofen and Brown
“Air Dates” What, When, and Where in the air (book review)
Aug 58              History of No 412 Sqn  Part 1

Canadian Armament Rosearch and Development Establishment

Operation Deep Freeze – Building in the Yukon

Pinpoints in the Past – Siskin Fit 1934 – Borden Lacrosse (1932)
Sep 58              McKee Trophy – W/C Showier

The Siskin Aerobatic Flight

Look Seaward, Guardian – Story of Maritime Air Command

B.C.’s Unique Marine Rescue Service

Badges of the RCAF – 12 and 408 Squadron Stn Lac St.Denis
Nov 58              They make Our Aircraft at de Havillands

History of 419 (Moose) Sqn Pt. 1


The RCAF Benevolent Fund

History of 419 (Moose) Sqn Pt. 2

Jan-Feb 59       50th Anniversary of Powered Flight in Canada

The Beginning – The Canadian Aviation Corps

Bishop, Barker, and McLeod

The Mail Takes Wings

Trials and Tribulations of the Ground Crew

Start of a Saga

On Active Service

The Post War Years

The RCAF To-Day
Mar 59              Days for TAC

Apr 59               The Silver Dart Flies Again

History of 419 (Moose) Sqn Pt. 4
May 59 History of 419 (Moose) Sqn Part 5

Badges of the RCAF – Stn Sydney – 418 Sqn
Jun 59  NORAD:  International Guardian

Canadian Pioneer Airmail

The Lonely Watch – Wartime Radar

Our first CAS – AM Croil
Jul-Aug 59        Too Expensive a Luxury Pt 1 Silver Dart & Petawawa

Sep  59             Too Expensive a Luxury Pt 2 Petawawa

The Royal Air Force

Stns of the RCAF – Comox
Oct 59              CF 104

Vol  12 1960                             CONSOLIDATED INDEX

Saga of the Stars (North Star)                          Jan-Feb.
Otter Goes STOL                                             Jul-Aug

Cosmopolitan Enters Service                            Oct



Steinhardt Trophy Winners                               Mar

ADC Flexes Its Muscles                                   Jul

Calling All Camera Fans                                   Oct

Armed Forces Driving Competition                   Oct

Three in a Row (Guynemer Trophy)                  Nov


Somewhere East of Suez (UNEF)                      Mar

South Atlantic Lookout                                      Apr

Airlift Aid to Agidir                                             Apr

Air Transport in the Arctic                                  May

Golden Hawks – 1960 Edition                             June

Air Force Architecture                                        June

The Fightin’ Sixty-First                                       Jul-Aug

Canadian Aid for Chile                                       Jul-Aug

The Maple Leaf and the Maltese Cross               Sept

Auxiliary Prepares for Survival                          Sept

Operation Flame Thwarter                                 Nov

Operation Black Top                                          Nov

Moselle Control                                                 Nov

Bird Breather Helps Combat Polio                      Dec


from Digby to Downsview

., Mar

Midnight is Still Noon for Nighthawks

(No. 409 Sqn.) Two Parts                                 Jul-Aug,

First ITS Course, BCATP                                   Jul

First Pilot Course BCATP                                   Sept

First Observer Course, BCATP                          Oct

Origin of the RCAF Tartan                                 Oct

               Intruder (No. 418 Sqn.)

First Two of Five Parts                           Nov, Dec

No. Six Group Revisited                                     Oct




Care and Feeding of Flight Instructors                June

Parable of Joe                                                  Jul-Aug

A Medal for Horatius?                                        Oct

Concerning Christmas on the Station                  Dec




“A Day With” Series

Crew, Chief                                                   Jan-Feb

Station Medical Officer                                   Mar


Padres                                                          Jul-Aug

Air Force Police                                             Oct

Transport Technician                                      Nov

Three-Tour Man                                                            Jan-Feb

Airwomen Are Everywhere                                 Mar

Have Aeroplane, Will Travel                               Mar

Clubs in the Air                                                  Apr

A Tribute to GObC Volunteers                            Jun

Casey Baldwin — First Canadian to Fly              Jul-Aug.

Seeing Europe the Hard Way                             Nov.

Rockcliffe Pipe Band                                         Dec.

Our New Minister                                              Dec.

            SPACE SCIENCE

Hazards Associated with Atomic Energy             Apr.

Brickbats to Missiles                                         Apr.

Top Side Sounder                                             Jul-Aug.

The Copper Man                                               Jul-Aug.

Future Uses of Space Vehicles                          Oct.


Arctic Canada, Including:                                   May

Battle of Britain, including:                                  Sept


The Roaring Came                                            Apr.

Little NHL Playoffs                                            Apr.

Curling on the DEW Line                                    May

Service Rowling Champs                                   June

Airmen Win Rifle Shooting Honours                    Oct.

What? More BX!                                                Dec.


Camp Borden                                                    Jan-Feb

Portage la Prairie                                               Mar

A Tal

Summerside                                                      Jun

Foymount                                                         Jul-Aug

Bagotville                                                          Oct

Namao                                                              Nov

Goose Bay                                                        Dec


Twin-Engined Simulator                                     Jan-Feb

Working Their Way Through College                  Jun

Do-it-Yourself Education                                                Jul-Aug

Junior Staff School Opens                                 Sept

Recording Royal Roads                                     Sept

Parkinson* Law for Paper Work                          Oct

Vol. 13                                     CONSOLIDATED  INDEX                                              1961



Hercules in Harness                                           Mar.

Concerning the Caribou                                     May

Flying the Starfighter                                         Sept.
Checking Out the Yukon                                                Oct.

Previewing the CL-41                                         Dec.


Supporting Mutual Aid in Greece

and Turkey                                                        Jan.-Feb.

Red Wings Over Canada                                   Apr.

“No Sweat” in the Arctic                                     Apr.

One Hundred Million Miles By Air                       May

Golden Hawks On Tour Again                            May
A Year in the Congo                                          Sept       Maritime Air Command                                      Oct
Recording Biggest Non-Nuclear Explosion         Oct.

National Defence Medical Centre                       Nov.
Sure and Swift                                                  Nov.

RCAF Assists in War on Forest Fires                  Nov .

Biggest Igloo in the Arctic                                  Dec.
North of 74                                                        Dec.

Intruder (No. 418 Sqn)

Last of Three of Five Parts                    Jan-Feb, Mar, Apr

Canada’s National Aviation Museum                   Jan-Feb

No. 162 Sqn receives recognition                       Mar

What is it?                                                         Apr

What was it?                                                     Oct

The CBC is 25 years old                                    Dec


What at Happens to the Bee

When BMEWS Comes?                                    Mar

A Trip by North Star                                          Mar

Recollections of an Original Airwoman                May

Getting Over Over 40                                        Sep

One Solution to the Surplus CF-100 Problem      Oct


             “A Day in the Life” Series

Met Observer                                                 Jan.-Feb.

Foreman of Works                                         May

The Red Knight                                              Sept.      Escape and Evasion Series:

For You the War is Over                                   Mar.

It Was a Long Walk Home                                May

Tigers in the Tunnel                                         Sept.

Trail of the Comet                                            Nov.
The Day I Was Buried Alive                             Dec.

Airwomen on Active Service                               Mar.

“Inasmuch …”                                                   Ma y

Home on the Waves                                          Sept.

Gone With the Wind                                          Oct.

Do-it-Yourself Flying Machine                             Nov.

Vancouver’s Dawn Patrol                                   Nov.    Airwomen’s Anniversary Round-up                     Dec .
Au Revoir to Dockside Bon Voyage Parties         Dec .


Airmen’s Promotion Policy                                 Apr.

From Pillage to Pensions                                   Nov.

            SPECIAL ISSUES

             Air Defence Command 10th Anniversary Edition June
The RCAF 1960-61


For Curlers Only                                                Jan.-Feb.

Take Me Out to the Ball Park                             May

Grev Cup (Europe) 1961                                    Nov.

Anchors Away                                                   Nov.
Trans-Atlantic Swim                                           Nov.


Sea Island-                                                        Jan.-Feb.

Trenton (Two Parts)                                           Apr.. May

Rockcliffe                                                          Sept.
CJATC Rivers                                                   Oct.


Safe Driving in the RCAF                                   Jan.-Feb

Accidents Are Seldom Accidental                       May

Tri-Service Pilot Training                                    Dec.


VOL. 14                                    CONSOLIDATED INDEX                                  1962                

            AIRCRAFT ALBUM

Canso                                                               Mar

Lysander                                                           Apr

JN-4 Jenny                                                       May

Spitfire                                                             Jun

Anson                                                               Jul-Aug

Hurricane                                                          Sep

Bolingbroke                                                      Oct

Lancaster                                                          Nov

Tiger Moth                                                        Dec




Winnipeg Wins Telecommunications Trophy       Mar

St. Sylvestre Wins Fire Prevention Award           Mar

1961 McKee Trophy Winner                               May

Squadron Quarter-Century Club                         Jun

Highway Safety Award lo M.A.C                         Oct

RCAF Association Awards                                 Nov

RCAF Units Honoured by Night Fighters             Dec




Salvage Saga                                                   Jan-Feb

Evolution and Current Status of:

Air Transport Command                                  Mar

Air Materiel Command                                    May

Training Command                                         Jul-Aug

Golden Hawks on Tour                                      May

Stop those Decibels                                          Oct

RCAF Materiel Laboratory                                 Oct

Record Arctic Airlift                                           Dec




Overnight in Nigeria                                           Jan.-Feb.

Technical Liaison in Bonn                                  Jan.-Feb.

Fourth Allied Tactical Air Force                           Apr.

On the Threshold of a New Era                          Sept.

Co-operation at Oldenburg                                 Sept.

Our Men in the Desert                                       Oct.

RCAF in New Guinea                                         Oct.

Airlift Aid to Iran                                                 Oct.




The Captive Years                                             Jan.-Feb.

RCAF’s Flying Fortresses                                  Jan.-Feb.

Story Behind the McKee Trophy                         Jan.-Feb.

First Airmail to Labrador                                     Jan.-Feb.

The Flying Elephants — No. 436 Sqn.

History (Four Parts)                                       Mar. . Apr., May. Jul.-Aug.

Genesis of the Deterrent                                    Apr.
The Royal Rhodesian Air Force                          Jul.-Aug.

A Decade Under the NATO Flag                         Sept.

Canada’s First Air Training Plan:

(First Two of Four Parts)                                 Nov.. Dec.




Overweight Airmen                                            Jan.-Feb.
According In Methuselah                                    Mar.

Eclipse by Order                                                Apr.
Balloon Bombing Brainwave                               Apr.



Marooned in the Ice                                           Jan.-Feb .

Tigering to Tijuana                                             Jan.-Feb.

Telecom Oldtimers Club                                    Jan.-Feb.

Air Force Art                                                     Mar.

The Harvard Goes Civilian                                 Apr.

Missile Monitors                                                May

Manning the DEW Line                                      June

“A Day With” Series:

Air Traffic Control Assistant                             Jul.-Aug.

Flight Attendant                                              Oct.

Farewell to the CAS                                           Sept.

Conscientious Ejectors’ Club                              Sept.

Family Life With the RCAF in Europe                  Sept.

A Padre’s Travels in Europe                               Sept.

A Tiger for Some Tigers                                     Oct.

Stay Back and Live                                            Dec.

Sailors in Air Force Blue                                     Dec.




            SPECIAL ISSUES


North American Air Defence Command              June

No. 1 Air Division 10th Anniversary                     Sept.










Man’s Advance Into Space:

A Review of Space Research                          Mar.

Man in Space                                                 Apr.

Potential Uses of Space                                 May

Operation TIREC                                               Apr.

Find a Fallen Star                                              Jul.-Aug.

Big Eye in the Sky                                             Oct.

Alouette in Orbit                                                Nov.




Starfighter Conversion at Cold Lake                    May

Meals for the Messes                                        Jan-Feb

Teaching Teachers to Teach                              Apr

How Our NATO Aircrews Stay On Top               Sep

Tri-Service Medical Training                               Oct

Hot Aircraft at Cold Lake                                    Dec

Quizzes Are Their Specialty                               Dec





VOLUME 15                                    CONSOLIDATED INDEX                                          1963


AIRCRAFT AlBUM                                                                            

Voice from the Jungle                         May
.            The Aleutian Campaign – Part 1        May
– Part 2             Jun
First Strategic Bomber
Saga of the North-WAC Mess           Nov
“Sea Boots” and “
The Konigsberg Incident                    Nov
.      In Korean Skies – Part 1                     Dec
Origin of the BCATP                            Dec


Scouting in the Air Division                Jan-Feb
General Norstad & NATO                   Jan-Feb
Human Beings are Here to Stay        Mar
Royal Visit at Four Wing                     Mar
Angelos Angels                                    Mar
Military Credit Union and You            Apr

First Female Warrant Officer             May

CURRENT OPERATIONS – IN CANADA                                       Canadian in RAF Acrobatic Team    Jull-Aug


.            A Canadian in the USAF Academy  Oct
Scarlet and Blue                                  Oct
A Tree Crows in Thule                        Nov
This is Your Paid Up Insurance        Nov
Twas in the moon of Wintertime       Dec
Tri-Service Soccer                               Dec
Canadians in Ghana                           Dec
“A Day With” Series: Snow Blower   Mar
Missile Control Officer  Nov
ME Techs
Uplands                                                 Jul-Aug
Chatham                                               Dec


CURRENT OPERATIONS – OVERSEAS                                       SPACE TECHNOLOGY


Operation Man on the Moon              Jan-Feb
.            Meeting Potential Soviet Space Threats Jan-Feb
Probing High                                        Sep
Operation Eclipse 1963                      Oct
Pilot Training 1963                              Jan-Feb
Professional Education in the RCAF Apr
Central Officers’ School

The Wilderness is a Classroom        May

HISTORY                                                                                              Water Safety is Everyone’s Business Jul-Aug

Nigerians Train in Canada                 Oct
Search and Rescue Training             Nov
.            Cruising Down the River                     Dec

– Part 4                  Mar



Vol 16                                                   Consolidated Index                                          1964


            AIRCRAFT ALBUM


Short Sunderland                                  Jan-Feb
De Havilland Mosquito                           Mar.

North American Mustang                       Apr

Vickers Wellington                                 May

Noorduyn Norseman                             Jun

North American Mitchell                         Jul-Aug

Westland Wapiti                                    Sept

Lockheed Ventura                                 Oct

Douglas Boston                                    Nov

Grumman Goblin                                   Dec



Air Force Cross Winner                          Jan-Feb    Red Cross Salutes No. 103 Rescue Unit Jan-Feb .
Awards for Gallantry                              June.  Oct

New St.John Ambulance Awards            Sept .

Greenwood Bowling Champs                 Sept.

No. 412 Sqn. Standard                          Nov.

The Suggestion Box                              Jan-Feb. . Apr .. June.  Jul-Aug .,Oct.. Nov., Dec.




Electronic Warfare                                 Jan-Feb

Nuclear Warheads: Peril or Protection    Mar

Operation Douala                                  Mar

Farewell to the Hawks                            Apr

Operation “The Thing”                           Apr
Conserving Our Natural Heritage            Apr

B.C. Mountain Rescue                           May

Workhorse of Air Transport Command    May

Tutors Roll on Monorails at Canadair      May

Mu Sigma                                             May

On the Skids                                         Jun

Big Bang at Suffield                              Jul-Aug

What Happens to a Community

When an Air Base Closes                  Sep

Testing the Tutor                                   Sep

Transplant?                                           Sep

Faster Freight                                       Oct

Camping at Crystal City                         Nov

“Seek and Save”                                   Nov

Airports Are Not for the Birds                 Dec

Containerization                                     Dec




Around the World in 80 Hours                Jan-Feb

Candid Congo                                       Jan-Feb

RCAF Social Welfare in Europe             Mar

The Reluctant Volunteer                        Mar

Canadian Photo Eyes Over Europe        Apr

Dusseldorf Detachment                         Apr

Ode to the Sabre                                   Apr

Airlift to Cyprus                                     May

Conversion Year for Aircent                   Jun

RCAF Sends Caribou Crew to Kashmir  Jul-Aug

Caribous Go Down Under                      Jul-Aug

A Day with a Super Starfighter

Pilot in Europe                                   Oct.

The UN and the RCAF                           Dec.


In Korean Skies – Part Two                     Jan-Feb

Requiem for a Giant                              Mar

The Journey Back                                 Mar

Salute to the Auxiliary                            Apr

Memories of a Canadian Airman

Five Parts                                         May to October inclusive

Mediterranean Mission                          May
Blenheim Occasions                              Jul-Aug.

Scenes from 20 Years Ago                                  Jul-Aug.

Evolution of RCAF Telecommunications

Parts One and Two                            Nov .. Dec.

Genesis Guideposts                              Nov



The Air Force Four Jan-Feb.
Wingless Wonder Jan-Feb.
Frozen Football Jan-Feb.
Canadians at McChord Mar.
Airwomen in the RCAF Mar.
An Air Force Earl Mar.
Down Under With the CAS Apr.
Wartime Commanders’ Re-union Apr.
Mahogany Sculptor May
RCAF Diver Finds Sunken Ship June
A/M Dunlap Succeeds A/M Slemon
 at NORAD Jul-Aug.. Sept.
Unique Sports Car Jul-Aug.
Barbershopping – A Man’s
Recreation Jul-Aug.
World’s Lowest Window Jul-Aug.
To Move or Not to Move –
 Take Me Along Sept.
Missile Man Oct.
The Gift of Life Oct.
Top Guns Oct
In Flanders Fields Nov.
Royal Visit 1964 Nov
What You Think of Roundel Nov
“RCAF Report” Signs off the Air Dec
To Protect Ourselves Dec.



1   A   M. Jan-Feb.
White House of the RCAF Jan-Feb.
Fingerprinting the Forces May
Flight Feeding in the RCAF June
AMC logistics School June
Cooking at Clinton Oct.
Reflections on Fort Churchill Oct
Grostenquin Re-Visiled Dec




Test Pilot Training

Preparing for Civvy Street June
Transport Training Jul-Aug
Machines or Instructor* Sept
Ness Survival Handbook Nov.
lei. On Parle France’s Nov.
Nigerians Finish Canadian Tour Nov.



CAS Statement to All RCAF
Personnel May
Canadian Servicemen in Britain June
New Look at NDHQ Jul-Aug.
Introducing the Men at the Top Jul-Aug.
“The Old Order Changeth …” Sept.
Khaki in the Blue Oct
Canada’s Sailors Oct.
Integration Tales Shape Oct.
Canadian Coastlines Conquered Dec.









March 1962 Canso PL 8500
April Lysander RC 9144
May Jenny RE 19297-1
June Spitfire PL 20230
Jul-Aug. Anson PL 9661
September Hurricane AC 218
October Bolingbroke RE 20419-5
November Lancaster PL 44205
December Tiger Moth PL 3536
Jan-Feb 1963 Hudson RE 20765
March Hampden RE 20703
April Battle PL 2450
May Liberator REA 318-484
June Kittyhawk PL 8346
Jul-Aug Finch PL 2035
September Halifax PL 41055
October Comet PL57879
November Typhoon PL U2828
December Wright Flyer Smithsonian Institute
Jan-Feb 1964 Sunderland PL 41280
March Mosquito RE 20420-3
April Mustang PL 102919
May Wellington PL 4369
Jun Norseman PL 135258
Jul-Aug Mitchell PL 31251
Sept Wapiti PL I41828
Oct Ventura PL 24711
November Douglas Boston PL 30963
December Goblin PL 5955









ROUNDEL Squadron Histories
 Squadron               Month / Year
400 Jan 1950
401 Jun 1950
402 Mar 1950
403 Nov 1950
405 Apr 1950 Nov 1960
406 Apr 1951
407 Jan 1954
409 Jul – Aug 1960
410 Jul – Aug 1950
411 Feb – Mar 1960
412 Aug 1958, Sep 1958
414 Jul – Aug 1954
416 May 1951
417 Nov 1954
418 Nov 1960, Dec 1960 Jan-Feb 1961, Mar 1961
419 Nov 1958, Dec 1958 Jan-Feb 1959, Mar 1959, Apr 1959
420 Dec 1950
421 Jan 1951
422 Nov 1953
423 Mar 1958, Apr 1958
425 Apr 1957, May 1957, Jun 1957 Jul – Aug 1957
426 Feb 1950
430 Jun 1953
432 Sep 1956, Oct 1956, Nov 1956
433 Mar 1955, Apr 1955
434 Mar 1956
438 Sep 1950
439 Dec 1952
441 Jan 1952
442 Jul – Aug 1951
443 Jun 1952