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Centennial Committee Navigators


RCAF 100 Centenary Navigators

Navigators serve as the conduit and ambassador, helping their Wings and other RCAF Association members in their region by keeping everyone informed of RCAF Centenary activities, plans, events and ideas.

Navigators share the RCAF Centenary “Task-list” with interested members, choosing which of the many ideas they might like to pursue.

These ideas are generated by members of the RCAF Association, and by many of our association’s stakeholders, including the serving personnel in the RCAF, members of the Canadian Forces, colleagues and comrades from other similar organizations (NCVA, RCL, ANAVETS, CDA, etc…) and from various government departments with a vested interest in the 100th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force, including the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the Department of National Defence.

The Special Advisor to the Commander RCAF, Brigadier-General (Ret) Scott Howden, OMM, CD, is part of a committee that includes the National Executive Council of the RCAF Association represented by the Executive Director. It is at this level that ideas are considered, created and collected, and shared with our members and stakeholders, for their input.

If you would like to join the team – simply e-mail  director at airforce.ca

Centennial Committee Projects can be found here, at this link.

Thank you to our Navigators who have already volunteered

Bill Sergeant (441)

Serge Wong (394)

Alana Wollan (808)

Randy Ward (433)

Cynthia Starchuk (602)

Kennet Robert Benoit-Hutchins (200)

David Haire (MAL – Alta Vista)

Russ Hellberg (888)