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CAMPBELL, Donald Cedric Warrant Officer, No.184 Squadron, R104882/J88034 Distinguished Flying Cross RCAF Personnel Awards 1939-1949
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CAMPBELL, WO (now P/O) Donald Cedric (R104882/J88034) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.184 Squadron - Award effective 3 October 1944 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 2637/44 dated 8 December 1944. Born 18 October 1920 in Montreal; home there; enlisted there 28 May 1941 and posted to No.1 Manning Depot. To Trenton, June 1941. To No.1 ITS, 28 July 1941; graduated and promoted LAC, 1 September 1941 when posted to No.7 EFTS; graduated 25 October 1941 when posted to No.13 SFTS; graduated and promoted Sergeant, 16 January 1942. To “Y” Depot, 27 February 1942; to RAF overseas, 11 March 1942. Commissioned 1 June 1944. Award presented by the King 13 July 1945. Died in Mississauga, Ontario, 5 July 1996. Possibly "Ronald Cedric" ? Photo PL-34735 taken on his repatriation to Canada, being greeted by his parents and Captain L.B. Davis (Canadian Legion). // Warrant Officer Campbell has completed 37 Rocket Projectile and bombing attacks against land and sea targets, with the greatest determination and courage, often in the face of intense opposition. He has been operating with his squadron since they came to Normandy, and ably assisted his Squadron Commander, on July 9th and August 7th, when the Wing scored a great number of successes against enemy armour. As a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer he has on numerous occasions led his flight on operations, and has shown himself to be at all times a keen and reliable leader. He has always set a fine example to the other Non-Commissioned Officer pilots of the squadron.