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ROSENBAUM, Eli Maximillian Pilot Officer, No.168 Squadron (Canada), J27043 Air Force Cross RCAF Personnel Awards 1939-1949
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ROSENBAUM, P/O (now F/O) Eli Maximillian (J27043) - Air Force Cross - No.168 Squadron (Canada) - Award effective 5 May 1944 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 1133/44 dated 26 May 1944. Lengthy obituary in Winnipeg Free Press, 17 February 2001 gives much of the following. Born 25 July 1914 in Winnipeg, son of David and Anna Rosenbaum, and raised in the rich Jewish culture of Winnipeg’s North End. Began delivering newspapers at age 12. Self educated after high school, he was an omnivorouss reader of classics, history, philosophy, mythology, humour and current events. With work hard to find in 1930s Winnipeg, he went to Flin Flon where he held a variety of low-wage jobs from clerking to construction. Enlisted in Winnipeg, 9 July 1941 and posted to No.2 Manning Depot. To No.2 ITS, 20 August 1941; graduated and promoted LAC, 8 October 1941 when posted to No.8 EFTS; to No.7 SFTS, 6 December 1941; graduated and promoted Sergeant, 10 April 1942. To Halifax, 11 April 1942. Promoted Flight Sergeant, 10 October 1942. Commissioned 6 April 1943. To Rockcliffe, 6 May 1943. To No.124 (Ferry) Squadron, 15 May 1943. Promoted Flying Officer, 6 October 1943. To Station Rockcliffe, 1 November 1943. To No.168 (Heavy Transport) Squadron, 18 November 1943. To No.165 (Transport) Squadron, 28 August 1944. To No.5 Release Centre, 8 August 1945. Retired 10 August 1945. After the war he returned to Flin Flon and opened a business with his brothers, (Ross’ Style Shop). He lived there until 1966, active in Glee Club and stage productions such as The Music Man. In 1966 he moved to Winnipeg and joined Investors Group, with which company he remained employed until 1999, when he was 84. He either changed his name to “Ross” or largely used it as the Free Press obituary gave both names. Died 12 February 2001 in Winnipeg as per Royal Canadian Legion “Last Post” website and Legion Magazine of November/December 2001, both of which give name as “Ross”. AFC incident occurred 3 January 1944; see also F/O H.B. Hillcoat, F/O F.B. Labrish, F/O C.A. Dickson and Corporal A. De Marco. RCAF photo PL-25146 taken at Government House investiture. // This officer was the second pilot of a Fortress which, while on a routine flight recently from Great Britain to Gibraltar, had a violent collision with an unidentified aircraft. At the moment of impact this officer retained a remarkably cool attitude, advising his captain of the damage done, as much as he could estimate, and then proceeding with the utmost despatch to prepare the aircraft for ditching. This necessitated the jettisoning of cargo and all other loose equipment. Assisted only by the crewman, this was accomplished in the space of approximately four minutes - a remarkable feat in view of the conditions in which the aircraft was at the time. He then returned to his duties as second pilot and proved of great assistance in maintaining flight.