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REID, Ross Frederick Squadron Leader, No.438 Squadron, J9936 Distinguished Flying Cross RCAF Personnel Awards 1939-1949
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REID, S/L Ross Frederick (J9936) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.438 Squadron - Award effective 19 February 1945 as per London Gazette dated 27 February 1945 and AFRO 625/45 dated 13 April 1945. Born 5 October 1922 in Montreal; home in Toronto; enlisted there 1 May 1941. Trained at No.1 ITS (graduated 30 August 1941), No.10 EFTS (graduated 7 October 1941) and No.1 SFTS (graduated 22 January 1942); commissioned 1942. Award presented 27 January 1946. Postwar RCAF Auxiliary (No.400 Squadron). Throughout a prolonged tour of duty this officer has consistently shown exceptional courage, skill and determination. He has led his squadron on many sorties against heavily defended bridges, ammunition dumps and a wide variety of other targets, invariably achieving outstanding success. On a recent occasion Squadron Leader Reid led an attack on an important bridge at Meijel in Holland. Despite heavy defences the target was destroyed. Again in November 1944, he delivered a telling attack on canal locks at Sneek and Gaarkuiken which were severely damaged. He has always completed his duties with outstanding initiative and courage.