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GLOVER, John Alexander Corporal, No.116 Squadron, R64256 Air Force Medal RCAF Personnel Awards 1939-1949
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GLOVER, Corporal John Alexander (R64256) - Air Force Medal - No.116 (BR) Squadron - Award effective 1 January 1943 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 55/43 dated 15 January 1943. Born at Winona, Ontario, 28 February 1919. Enlisted at Hamilton, 10 June 1940 as Aero Engine Mechanic. Posted to Technical Training School, St. Thomas, 31 July 1940. To No.11 (BR) Squadron, 11 December 1940. Promoted to LAC, 7 March 1941. To No.5 (BR) Squadron, 4 July 1941, but posting changed to No.116 (BR) Squadron on 5 July 1941. Promoted Corporal, 1 September 1942. Remustered for pilot training, 5 December 1942. To No.3 ITS, 5 December 1942; to No.20 EFTS, 20 February 1943; to No.36 SFTS, 22 April 1943; qualified as pilot and promoted Sergeant, 3 September 1943; to No.3 Flying Instructor School, 17 September 1943; to No.35 EFTS, 12 January 1944. Promoted to Flight Sergeant, 3 June 1944; promoted to WO2, 3 December 1944; commissioned, backdated to 7 November 1944. Back of card not microfilmed so subsequent career uncertain other than that he was granted a Permanent Commission in the RCAF Signals Branch, 23 May 1949. Corporal Glover, as Flight Engineer on Catalina aircraft, has completed 1,121 hours flying, 983 hours of which have been on actual operational coastal patrols. He is a highly qualified Flight Engineer. His cheerfulness and devotion to his duties deserve recognition. Through his efforts maximum efficiency of aircraft has at all times been achieved.