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DAVIDSON, Robert Tremayhe Pillsbury Squadron Leader, SEE DESCRIPTION, 20465 Croix de Guerre with Gold Star RCAF Personnel Awards 1939-1949
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DAVIDSON, S/L Robert Tremayne Pillsbury, DFC (20465) - Croix de Guerre with Gold Star (France) - AFRO 485/47 dated 12 September 1947. Born in Vancouver, 10 February 1917 (information from family). Enlisted in RAF, 1937. Served with No.30 Squadron (Blenheims), 1940-1942; No.261 Squadron (Hurricanes), 1942; No.175 Squadron (Typhoons), 1943; commanded successive Typhoon wings including No.143 Wing. Shot down in May 1944, evaded and joined Maquis. Transferred to RCAF, 12 December 1944. Postwar RCAF service including Korea. See data base for postwar awards; see also "Triple Front Ace", Journal of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society, Summer 1964. Died at Manotick, Ontario, 13 December 1976. His logbook and original medals have long been sought by his family and biographers, who believe they were stolen from his home. Pilot remarquable, le Wing Commander Davidson fut abbutu au cours d'une mission sur la gare de triage de Douai ou il menait son Group. Abrite par les patriotes francais, il decida immediatement de se joindre au Maquis ou il demand a servir comme simple soldat refusant tout grade. Pendant cinq mois, cet Officier partagea le sort du mouvement de resistance, se cachant dans un trou creuse dans une etable. It prit part a toutes les actions effectuees par son detachment de la F.F.I. de la region. Wing Commander Davidson par son courage et son entrain a puissammennt aide a la reussite des operations du mouvement de resistance et a contribue a cimenter l'amitie franco-allies. TRANSLATION A remarkable pilot, Wing Commander Davidson was shot down in the course of a mission at the station of Douai where he was leading his Group. Hidden by French patriots, he immediately decided to join "Maquis" troops, he asked that he be allowed to serve as a private, refusing all rank. During five months this officer shared the fate of resistance, hiding in a hole in a stable. He took part in all actions by his Detachment of the French Forces of the Interior of the region. Wing Commander Davidson by his courage and willingness contributed to the success of the operations of the movement of resistance and help in cementing the good will between France and her Allies. External Affairs file “French Awards to Canadian Armed Forces - Particular Cases” (Library and Archives Canada, RG.25, Box 4140) has the following citation: Wing Commander Davidson served as Commanding Officer of a Fighter Squadron in the 2nd Tactical Air Force, was shot down, evaded the enemy and actually worked as a labourer in the constructing of secret German installations in France in order to obtain valuable information for the Allied cause. Volume 1 of file 45-19-15A, “Prisoners of War - Escape of - Interrogations”, National Archives of Canada, RG.24 Volume 5372 has the following statement of his activities in France including personnel he had met: After crashing, hid in wheat field for awhile, 300 yards from aircraft. Contacted French farmer at 3 p.m. and moved to a farm house at 2 a.m. next morning. Lived for three months in a tiny hole under oat bin in stable. Carried out minor sabotage in area during nights. Joined F.F.I. as ordinary soldier and supplied them with explosives obtained from Flying Bombs that had crashed but not exploded. Moved inland by motorcycles to Douai in August; continued to work with F.F.I. until September 4th, then made my way through the lines and contacted the Welsh Guards Armoured Division at St. Pol on September 5th. (Contacts) 8 May 1944 to 1 August 1944 - Raymond Bouillet, Chef de Culture, Verchin, Near Fruge, Pas de Calais - My immediate superior in the F.F.I. An excellent soldier, who on more than one occasion saved my life. 8 May 1944 to 1 August 1944 - Mme Tartare, Verchin, near Fruge, Pas de Calais - food and shelter, also tools for sabotage.
DAVIDSON, Robert Tremayne Pilsbury Wing Commander, 335th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, USAF, 20465 Air Medal (United States) CF Postwar Aviation Services
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DAVIDSON, Wing Commander Robert Tremayne Pilsbury, DFC (20465) - Air Medal (United States) - 335th Fighter Interceptor Squadron (USAF) - Awarded as per AFRO 742/53 dated 11 December 1953 and Canada Gazette dated 14 November 1953. Born in Vancouver, 10 February 1917. Enlisted in RAF, 1937. Served with No.30 Squadron (Blenheims), 1940-1942; No.261 Squadron (Hurricanes), 1942; No.175 Squadron (Typhoons), 1943; commanded successive Typhoon wings including No.143 Wing. Shot down in May 1944, evaded and joined Maquis. Transferred to RCAF, 12 December 1944. On strength of Canadian Joint Staff, Washington, 10 September to 16 December 1952 (service in Korea with 335th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, USAF, 15 September to 7 December 1952, flying 51 Sabre sorties - 65 hours 40 hours operational, one hour 15 minutes non-operational plus one non-operational T-33 sortie of one hour 40 minutes, for which he was awarded the Air Medal; ten engagements with MIGs but no claims by him). Of his Korea tour he remarked, "Got in a few good scraps with the MIGs. I made a couple of them smoke." Died 13 December 1976. See H.A. Halliday, "In Korean Skies", Roundel, December 1963 and January 1964. Wing Commander Robert T.P. Davidson distinguished himself by meritorious achievement while participating in aerial combat as a pilot of an F-86 type aircraft, 4th Fighter Interceptor Wing, Fifth Air Force, flying missions against enemies of the United Nations from 29 September to 25 October 1952. While flying combat air patrols and various other type missions deep into enemy territory, many times against a superior number of enemy aircraft, his dedication to duty and demonstrated skill were a magnificent contribution to the successful completion of the assigned mission. As a result of his fortitude and courage on these occasions he has brought credit to himself, members of the United Nations Forces, the Royal Canadian Air Force, and the Far East Air Forces.