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PATRICK, Kenneth Roland Wing Commander, No.1 Wireless School (now No.5 Radio School), C1412 Order of the British Empire RCAF Personnel Awards 1939-1949
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PATRICK, W/C Kenneth Roland (C1412) - No.1 Wireless School (now No.5 Radio School) -Officer, Order of the British Empire - Award effective 1 January 1944 as per Canada Gazette of that date and AFRO 113/44 dated 21 January 1944. Born in Saint John, New Brunswick, 15 June 1915 (birth date from RCAF Press Release 2659 announcing award) or 12 June 1915 (obituary notice). Enlisted there 15 September 1939. To No.1 WS, 14 February 1940. Promoted Flight Lieutenant, 1 March 1940; Squadron Leader, 1 June 1941; Wing Commander 1 December 1942; in postwar RCAF he reverted to Flight Lieutenant, 28 October, 1946; Squadron Leader, 1 June 1948; Wing Commander, 1 January 1949; Group Captain, 1 September 1950. CO of No.1 WS, he later commanded No.5 Radar and Communications School, Clinton, a joint US-UK-Canada development and training unit. Recommended for OBE, 10 October 1943 by G/C W.G. Webber. Medal presented 9 April 1945. Remained active in RCAF Auxiliary after the war, assisting in formation of two Montreal squadrons plus Aircraft Control and Warning Squadrons at Quebec City, Montreal, Sherbrooke and Ottawa. In 1951 he was appointed CO of the Radar and Communications Unit, Montreal, and seconded to the Regular Force for five weeks to study Communist radar systems for the Canadian and American governments. Advisory Committee, Defence Research Board, 1946-1951. Awarded Queen's Coronation Medal, 23 October 1953 while a Group Captain with No.12 Group (Auxiliary). Regular lecturer at the R.C.A.F. Staff College, Toronto; fully-trained R.C.A.F. pilot; honorary Colonel 27th Field Artillery Regiment. His postwar business enterprises included Manager, Acme Sound Systems, Southbridge, Massachussetts; General Manager, RCA Victor, Montreal; founding member and President, Canadian Aviation Electronics, Montreal (founded in 1947 and eventually manufacturing flight simulators); Chairman of the Board, Canadian Vertol Aircraft Ltd. President, Marigot Investments Ltd., Montreal. President, Patrick Consultants Inc. Director, Boeing of Canada Ltd.; founder and President, Avcorp Industries Inc. Member Board of Governors, Sir George Williams University. Advisory Committee, Defence Research Board, Ottawa, 1946-51, and Ryerson Institute (Advisory Committee), Toronto, 1946-51. Author of several technical publications for the R.C.A.F. between 1939 and 1945. Died in Victoria, 1 June 2002. This officer has distinguished himself by his outstanding contributions to the advancement of Wireless and Radio in the RCAF. He has been employed at this school since its inception and, since September 1941, has been Chief Instructor. He has spared no effort to further service interests and through his unusual diligence and keen leadership has built up an enviable record of achievement and high standard of technical training. NOTE: In 1967 he was awarded the United Nation Service Medal for Korea. Between 1 and 7 December 1951 with 343rd Squadron, USAF, based at Yukota, Japan, flew on five operational sorties over enemy territory in North Korea he was radar officer operating equipment to analyze enemy radar and radar counter-measures. He also flew in a T-6 as pilot over the front, 40 min, sometime between 1-12 December 1951. It took him ten years to get it ! PATRICK, W/C Kenneth Roland, OBE (C1412) - Officer, Legion of Merit (United States) - Overseas - Award effective 21 December 1945 as per Canada Gazette dated 4 May 1946 and AFRO 473/46 dated 10 May 1946. An RCAF press release, February 1960, says this award was for "services in research and development of guided missiles". Presented Friday, 8 February 1946 by U.S. Consul General in Montreal; the following supplied by the Americans. Wing Commander Kenneth R. Patrick, Royal Canadian Air Force, rendered outstanding service from October 1943 to September 1945, as Commanding Officer of Royal Canadian Air Force, No.5 Radio School. He displayed outstanding interest, industry and conscientiousness in the training of United States Army Air Force personnel in electronics. His efforts to build a great understanding between the service personnel of the United States and Canada in training at his station were eminently successful in cementing the close relationship between the two peoples and in turning out highly skilled and competent students. [Wing] Commander Patrick's work made a material contribution to the success of the Allied forces and reflect great credit upon himself and the Royal Canadian Air Force.