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LAMBROS, Andrew Flight Lieutenant, No.438 Squadron, J16020 Distinguished Flying Cross RCAF Personnel Awards 1939-1949
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LAMBROS, F/L Andrew (J16020) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.438 Squadron - Award effective 6 February 1945 as per London Gazette dated 13 February 1945 and AFRO 508/45 dated 23 March 1945. Born 26 December 1918. Home in Wiarton, Ontario; enlisted in Ottawa, 18 December 1940 and posted to No.1 Manning Depot that date. To No.1A Manning Depot, 6 January 1941. To “E”, 27 January 1941. To No.1 ITS, 10 April 1941; graduated and promoted LAC, 14 May 1941; posted that date to No.19 EFTS; may have graduated 15 July 1941 but not posted to No.11 SFTS until 26 July 1941; graduated and promoted Sergeant on 10 October 1941. To Embarkation Depot, 11 October 1941. To RAF overseas, 2 November 1941. Commissioned 23 December 1942; promoted Flying Officer, 23 June 1943; promoted Flight Lieutenant, 24 May 1944. Repatriated to Canada, 7 February 1945. To “Y” Depot again, 22 March 1945; to United Kingdom, 13 April 1945. Released, date uncertain; rejoined 15 October 1951. See PL-36295 for good photograph. Served in Korea with RCAF, attached to USAF, and awarded US Air Medal, AFRO 742/53. Retired 7 April 1964. Died in Oakville, Ontario, 2002. Throughout many operational sorties this officer by his fine fighting spirit and coolness in action has materially contributed to the successes achieved. He has participated in low level attacks against heavily defended targets including important enemy bridges and the Dortmund-Ems canal locks. In October 1944, Flight Lieutenant Lambros led his squadron on a mission deep into Germany and despite accurate anti-aircraft fire and being constantly harassed by German jet-propelled fighters en route to the target he successfully completed his allotted task and cut the railway line. Both in the air and on the ground this flight commander has set a high standard of efficiency and devotion to duty. NOTE: Public Records Office Air 2/9048 has recommendation (not dated but circa 16 December 1944) when he had flown 93 or 94 sorties - form uses 94, text 93 (total of 97 hours ten minutes operational time). This officer has completed 93 sorties against the enemy, consisting of fighter sweeps, armed reconnaissances and dive bombing attacks against NOBALL targets, bridges, radar installations and enemy troop concentrations. On June 29th, this pilot participated in an attack on a vitally important bridge at Amaye-sur-Orne and, despite heavy and light, intense, accurate flak, pressed home the attack and scored direct hits. During the Falaise Gap period, Flight Lieutenant Lambros logged many MET [mechanical enemy transport] flamers and smokers to his credit. This officer participated in low level attacks on the Dortmund Ems Canal Locks and on canal locks near Sneek and Gaarkuiken, Holland. In October, while leading the squadron on a rail interdiction mission deep into Germany, Flight Lieutenant Lambros successfully cut the rail despite intense, light, accurate flak and being constantly harassed by German jet fighters on the way in to the target and back. On many armed reconnaissances, in cooperation with our rail cutting programme, this officer has led in the destruction of a great number of locomotives and trucks, including two fully loaded ammunition trains. Throughout his operational tour, Flight Lieutenant Lambros has shown above average ability in leadership both in the air and on the ground. As a Flight Commander he has set an example for all those working with him to follow. His coolness and aggressiveness under every trying circumstance has contributed a great deal to the success of this squadron.