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BLANCHARD, Morrison Sutherland Pilot Officer, No.22 PTC (AFRO gives unit only as \"Overseas\"; not certain what \"PTC\" signifies), J16663 Mention in Despatches RCAF Personnel Awards 1939-1949
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BLANCHARD, P/O Morrison Sutherland (J16663) - Mention in Despatches - No.22 Personnel Transit Centre (AFRO gives unit only as \"Overseas\") - Award effective 14 January 1944 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 874/44 dated 21 April 1944. Born in St. Andrews, Manitoba, 29 April 1914. Home in Garson, Manitoba; educated there and University of Manitoba (premedical, 1930-1932, education, 1932-1933, accountancy, 1938-1940). Taught school in Manitoba, 1933-1938 but found pay too low and switched to being an accountant in Winnipeg. Enlisted Winnipeg 10 August 1940 and posted to No.2 Manning Depot, Brandon. To No.11 Equipment Depot, Calgary, 8 October 1940. To No.2 ITS, Regina, 8 November 1940; graduated and promoted LAC, 11 December 1940); posted next day to No.3 AOS, Regina; graduated 3 March 1941 when posted to No.2 BGS, Mossbank; graduated 14 April 1941 when promoted Sergeant; posted next day to No.1 ANS, Rivers; graduated 12 May 1941. To Halifax, 14 May 1941. To RAF overseas, 18 June 1941. Taken on strength of No.3 PRC, Bournemouth, 1 July 1941. To No.13 OTU, 9 July 1941. To No.226 Squadron, 11 September 1941. Promoted Flight Sergeant, 1 December 1941. To No.223 Squadron, 9 January 1942. Promoted WO2, 1 June 1942. Commissioned 25 January 1943. To No.205 Group, 6 June 1943; to No.216 Group, 20 June 1943. To No.22 PTC, 3 July 1943. To Defence Headquarters, Pretoria, South Africa, 22 July 1943; appears to have had at least one attachment to Egypt while on strength of Pretoria. Promoted Flying Officer, 25 July 1943. To No.21 PTC, 17 May 1944. Returned to No.22 PTC, 4 July 1944. To Defence Headquarters, Pretoria, 22 July 1944. Promoted Flight Lieutenant, 25 January 1945. To England, 6 May 1945. One assessment dated 17 May 1945 indicates that he had been on instructional staff of No.48 Air School, South Africa, and had flown 505 hours. Repatriated 18 July 1945. Retired to Ottawa, 26 September 1945. Rejoined RCAF as an Accounts Officer, 6 December 1953, serving to 1 May 1958; all service with RCAF Auxiliary, including No.402 Squadron, Winnipeg, (to 1 May 1954) and No.17 Wing Headquarters thereafter. Died in Burnaby, British Columbia, 22 October 1987. Note: Application for Operational Wing dated 1 March 1944 states that his first tour was with No.107 Squadron, Malta, on Blenheim IV (21 October 1941 to 9 January 1942, 21 sorties, 92 hours 50 minutes) and second tour with No.223 Squadron, Mediterranean on Baltimores, 24 June 1942 to 11 May 1943 (33 sorties, 58 hours 30 minutes). No other document links him to No.107 Squadron; posting lists have him going directly from No.226 to No.223 Squadron. Training: When interviewed on 18 June 1940 he was described as “Good clean, clear, straight, quite personable and gentlemanly. Good education and experience. Officer calibre, was asking for air gunner because he thought it would give him earlier action.” . At No.2 ITS, course was 9 November to 6 December 1940. He was placed in an Observer Class and graduated 13th in a group of 44. Courses and marks were Mathematics (91/100), Armament, practical and oral (71/100), Drill (69/100) and Law and Discipline (93/100). Course at No.3 AOS was 9 December 1940 to 3 March 1941. Flew in Anson aircraft (22.10 day as first navigator, 20.25 day as second navigator, 6.30 night as first navigator, 4.50 night as second navigator, total 53 hours 55 minutes. Air instructor wrote, “This airman was not too sure of himself at the start, but has shown marked improvement.” Ground school consisted of DR Plotting (133/150), DR Written (109/150), Compasses and Instruments (122/150), DF/WT (72/100), Signals (37/50), Maps and Charts (75/100), Meteorology (81/100),, Photography (91/100) and Reconnaissance (77/100). “This student is keen, intelligent and had no difficulty is passing the classroom subjects.” Placed seventh in a class of 42. At No.2 BGS course was 3 March to 14 April 1941. Flew in Battle aircraft (16.10 on bombing, 4.25 on gunnery). Placed 16th in a class of 36. “This man possesses a very good knowledge of armament. Has studied considerably. Is above average in theory and practical” (G/C A.J. Ashton, 17 April 1941.) Advanced Navigation Course at No.1 ANS was 14 April to 12 May 1941 on Anson aircraft *6.35 as first navigator by day, 6.50 as second navigator by day, 6.35 as first navigator by night, 12.10 as second navigator by night). “Considerably above average in day navigation. Average at night.. Placed 35th in a class of 73.