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CARR, John Flight Lieutenant, No.439 Squadron, J37846 Distinguished Flying Cross RCAF Personnel Awards 1939-1949
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CARR, F/L John (J37846) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.439 Squadron - Award effective 29 March 1945 as per London Gazette dated 10 April 1945 and AFRO 802/45 dated 11 May 1945. Born December 1923 in Winchester, Ontario; home in Morrisburg, Ontario; served in Royal Canadian Artillery; enlisted in RCAF, Ottawa, 24 August 1942 and posted to No.1 Manning Depot; to No.1 Training Command, 9 October 1942; to No.6 ITS, 6 February 1943; graduated and promoted LAC, 16 April 1943 when posted to No.13 EFTS; graduated 11 June 1943 and posted next day to No.2 SFTS; graduated and commissioned 29 October 1943. To No.1 OTU, 19 November 1943. To “Y” Depot, Lachine, 22 April 1944. Promoted Flying Officer, 29 April 1944. Taken on strength of No.3 PRC, Bournemouth, 3 May 1944. Promoted Flight Lieutenant, date uncertain. Repatriated 5 August 1945. To Mountain View, 11 September 1945. Retired 24 September 1945. Presented with award 7 August 1947. RCAF photo PL-33192 (ex UK-15880 dated 17 October 1944) shows Private Vera Cartwright (CWAC) wearing pilots helmet “and tries to look operational” in Typhoon while Flying Officer J.A. Carr (Morrisburg, Ontario) supervises; waiting their turn are Sergeant Linda Tuero (Toronto) and Private Virginia Stansell (Windsor). RCAF photo PL-33193 (ex UK-15881 dated 17 October 1944) is captioned as follows: “CWACs of the First Canadian Army show got a bog thrill recently when they were shown all about a Canadian Typhoon wing in Holland and got a chance to sit in the cockpit of a powerful Typhoon. Here Flying Officer R.N. MacDonald of Glace Bay, N.S. (left) and Flying Officer Johnnie Carr of Morrisburg, Ontario show the girls the inside of their cockpit and incidentally make sure that they don’t touch the buttons which fire the cannon or release the bombs. The girls are Private Murial Stuart, Sergeant Lynda Tuero, both of Toronto, and Virginia Stansell of Windsor, Ontario. The blonde pilot is Private Vera Cartwright, also of Toronto. They all agreed that show business is more their line.” RCAF photo PL-33194 (ex UK-15882 dated 17 October 1944) is captioned as follows: “Private Vera Cartwright, a CWAC in the First Canadian Army Show tries on an oxygen mask in the cockpit of a fighter-bomber Typhoon on a recent visit to the all-Canadian wing now operating in Holland. Watching her are other members of the army show cast, Sergeant Linda Tuero and Privates Murial Stewart and Virginia Stansell. The pilots giving them the ‘gen’ are Flying Officers R.N. MacDonald of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, and Johnnie Carr of Morrisburg, Ontario.” RCAF photo PL-33195 (ex UK-15883 dated 17 October 1944 shows members of the Canadian Army Show with RCAF pilots - John Carr of Morrisburg and R.N. MacDonald of Glace Bay. In the cockpit is Private Vera Cartwright (Toronto); around the aircraft are Sergeant (Mrs) Lynda Tuero and Private Muriel Stuart (Toronto) and Private Virginia Stansell (Windsor). It may be noted that MacDonald was killed in a flying accident (Typhoon JR500_ on 3 November 1944. This officer has led his squadron on a number of occasions against heavily defended targets, achieving good results. The majority of his sorties have been against railway targets, bridges, canals and enemy troop concentrations. Many of them have been completed in the face of concentrated anti-aircraft fire. But in spite of all opposition Flight Lieutenant Carr has always pressed on with intelligence and judgement and has set an example to the squadron by his outstanding gallantry and devotion to duty.